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SS Brandenburg Passenger List - 3 November 1910

Front Cover of a Cabin Passenger List for the SS Brandenburg of the North German Lloyd, Departing 3 November 1910 from Bremen to Philadelphia

Front Cover of a Cabin Passenger List for the SS Brandenburg of the North German Lloyd, Departing 3 November 1910 from Bremen to Philadelphia, Commanded by Captain H. Morgenstern. GGA Image ID # 13ce9de96a

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Commander: Captain H. Morgenstern
  2. First Officer: C. Praesent
  3. Third Officer: A. Fulfs
  4. Second Officer: M. v. Linstow
  5. Fourth Officer: H. Pschunder
  6. Physician: Dr. Micheel
  7. Physician: Dr. Braunert
  8. Chief Engineer: A. Mia
  9. Purser: J. Hespe
  10. Chief Steward: H. Diesenberg
  11. Chief Cook: H. Wacker

List of Cabin Passengers

  1. Mrs. Rosina Binsherger
  2. Miss Marianna Binsherger
  3. Miss Josefa Binsberger
  4. Miss Maria Binsberger
  5. Rosina Binsberger
  6. Nikolaus Binsberger
  7. Mr. Joseph W. Berniser
  8. Mr. Ernst Durst
  9. Mrs. Anna Durst
  10. Bela Durst
  11. Ernst Durst
  12. Luise Durst
  13. Ida Durst
  14. Mrs. Rosalia Friss
  15. Moses Friss
  16. Mrs. Marg. Fischer
  17. Luise Fischer
  18. Vilma Fischer
  19. Mr. Isaak Grossmann
  20. Mr. Andrzey Grochal
  21. Mrs. Barbara Grochal
  22. Eugenius Grochal
  23. Silsestra Grochal
  24. Mr. M. F. Hofstetten
  25. Miss Bertha Hron
  26. Miss Emilie Hetmonek
  27. Miss Milda Hausmann
  28. Mrs. Anna Hlavatch
  29. Ilona Hlavatch
  30. Miss Auguste Jungmann
  31. Mrs. Anna Jost
  32. Mr. Ignite Jamnik
  33. Mr. Hermann Klages
  34. Mrs. Emma Klages
  35. Marie Klages
  36. Ella Klages
  37. Wilma Klages
  38. Bertha Klages
  39. Miss Bronislawa Kulhawa
  40. Mr. Kurt Klockenthor
  41. Miss Elisabeth Kelch
  42. Mr. Henrik Laske
  43. Mrs. Franziska Lewinska
  44. Jannia Lewinska
  45. Bronislaw Lewinska
  46. Sabine Lewinska
  47. Stefania Lewinska
  48. Richard Lewinska
  49. Jermina Lewinska
  50. Mr. Schaje Lipschitz
  51. Mr. Feliks Niewolkiewicz
  52. Mr. Stefan Paulowitz
  53. Mrs. Amalie Paulowitz
  54. Emil Paulowitz
  55. Mrs. Lina Pimel
  56. Julie Pimel
  57. Hans Pimel
  58. Magda Pima
  59. Mr. Selig Puppko
  60. Mr. Jacob Quick
  61. Miss Edda Rosenblatt
  62. Miss Jolanka Roy
  63. Mrs. Sophie Sauerwald
  64. Marie Sauerwald
  65. Wilhelm Sauerwald
  66. Miss Martha Strunk
  67. Mr. Constantin Teleszko
  68. Mrs. Josefine Teleszko
  69. Mr. Antonin Vinaricky
  70. Mrs. Marie Vinaricky
  71. Arnold Vinaricky
  72. Miss Roche! Winokur
  73. Miss Josefa Zielinska

American Agencies of the North German Lloyd :

  • Philadelphia: Louis H. Meyer, 1016 Walnut Street. New York: Oelrichs & Co., 5 Broadway
  • Baltimore: A. Schumacher & Co., 7 South Gay Street. Galveston, Tex.: Alfred Holt
  • Chicago, H Claussenius & Co., 95 Dearborn Street
  • San Francisco: Rob ert Capelle, 250 Powell Street
  • Washington, DC: North German Lloyd, 715 Fourteenth Street

Publication S. 6847 (2./11. 10.) 625.

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