SS Resolute Passenger List - 16 August 1927

Front Cover of a First and Second Cabin Passenger List for the SS Resolute of the Hamburg America Line, Departing 16 August 1927 from Hamburg to New York via Southampton and Cherbourg

Front Cover of a First and Second Cabin Passenger List for the SS Resolute of the Hamburg America Line, Departing 16 August 1927 from Hamburg to New York via Southampton and Cherbourg, Commanded by Captain F. Kruse. GGA Image ID # 1784f758ff

The Triple-Screw Steamer “Resolute” 20,000 Gross Register Tons • Length: 623 Ft. • Beam: 12 Ft. Builders: A.-G. Weser Yard, Bremen.

The triple-screw steamer “RESOLUTE", of the Hamburg-Amerika Linie, was named in 1922 by her previous owners, the United American Lines, after the celebrated American yacht that had just won the America’s Cup-—a valuable challenge prize offered to yachts. The competition for this cup has been one of the most keenly contested events in international sports since 1857.

Numerous nations join in it and enter their yachts for the prescribed three races. The prize is secured by the vessel winning two out of the three races. The yacht “Resolute” which proved the winner of the competitions held on July 21, 23, and 27, 1920, had been built in 1914, to the order of several members of the New York Yacht Club, by the well known yacht builder Herreshoff.

The materials used were steel and bronze. Her capacity was 99 tons, her length-over-all 106.3 feet, and the area covered by her sails was 8,661 square feet. Charles Francis Adams, a member of the New York Yacht Club, was in charge of her when she won the prize referred to.

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Commander: Captain F. Kruse
  2. First Officer: F. Fuhr
  3. Second Officer: W. Arfsten
  4. Second Officer: A. Sohst
  5. Second Officer: H. Frömke
  6. Third Officer: F. Fricke
  7. Fourth Officer: W. Schmidt
  8. Fourth Officer: R. Höpfner
  9. First Radio Officer: F. Schröder
  10. Second Radio Officer: Th. Säger
  11. Third Radio Officer: H. Schöning
  12. Chief Engineer: F. Petersen
  13. Second Engineer: H. Kasten
  14. Second Engineer: H. Buhr
  15. Second Engineer: B. Huwald
  16. Third Engineer: C. Kollwitz
  17. Third Engineer: A. Müller
  18. Third Engineer: M. Meyer
  19. Third Engineer: W. Heuer
  20. Third Engineer: W. Wiese
  21. Third Engineer: J. Hildebrandt
  22. Third Engineer: M. Petersen
  23. Fourth Engineer: W. Haase
  24. Fourth Engineer: J. Gosewisch
  25. Fourth Engineer: C. Holster
  26. Fourth Engineer: J. Berndt
  27. Chief Electrician: B. Ficus
  28. Electrician: H. Ußkereit
  29. Electrician: A. Wolfsdorf
  30. First Physician: Dr. St. Mayers-Classen
  31. Second Physician: Dr. M. Sabersky-Müssigbrodt
  32. Purser: H. Schnoor
  33. Second Purser: Ferdinand Müller
  34. Assistant Purser: F. Rambond
  35. Assistant Purser: J. Kleis
  36. Assistant Purser: R. Bergmann
  37. Luggage Master: R. de Vries
  38. Game Master (Cruise Director): H. von Loeper
  39. First Chief Steward, First Class: M. Oesterheld
  40. Second Chief Steward, First Class: H. Trantofski
  41. Grill Room Chef: A. Blanck
  42. Assistant Chief Steward, First Class: F. Hamann
  43. Chief Steward, Second Class: A. Specht
  44. Assistant Chief Steward, Second Class: H. Werdier
  45. Head Chef: M. Wolff
  46. Choir Director: H. Fenske
  47. Music Director: H. Schlanze

First Cabin Passengers

To New York:

  1. Mrs. Berta Adams
  2. Miss Isabella P. Adams
  3. Mr. Albert Adler
  4. Mrs. Albert Adler
  5. Mr. Herrmann Angermüller
  6. Mr. Konsul H. J. Auslinger
  7. Mr. Sigmund Baar
  8. Mrs. Sigmund Baar
  9. Mrs. George Bachmann
  10. Miss Norma Bachmann
  11. Miss Roselle Bastian
  12. Mr. Joseph Becker
  13. Mrs. Eva Bell
  14. Mr. Fritz Bendix
  15. Mr. Arthur Binswanger
  16. Mr. Charles A. Blanchard
  17. Mr. William Bloom
  18. Mrs. William Bloom
  19. Mrs. Lisbeth Böses
  20. Mrs. Lily Brand
  21. Professor Dr.dng. Josef C. Breinl
  22. Mr. William H. Briggs
  23. Mrs. William H. Briggs
  24. Miss Isabel Briggs
  25. Mrs. Elsa J. Brill
  26. Mrs. Anna Christiani
  27. Dr. Max Clouth
  28. Mrs. Max Clouth
  29. Mr. Fred Cockrell
  30. Mrs. Fred Cockrell
  31. Mr. Julius Coester
  32. Mrs. G. Cohen with Staff
  33. Mr. Doak Conn
  34. Mr. Fred W. Crempien
  35. Captain Robert C. Linton Cronbach
  36. Mr. Alexander Dahl
  37. Mrs. M. S. Davis
  38. Miss Isabelle Davis
  39. Mr. Carl J. Derenberg
  40. Mr. William Didden
  41. Mr. George Didden
  42. Mr. Geheimrat Friedr. Wilhelm Dodel
  43. Mrs. Friedr. Wilhelm Dodel
  44. Mrs. Anna Doerr
  45. Mr. Bruno Donner
  46. Mr. William S. Edwards
  47. Mrs. A. Engelke
  48. Miss M. Engelke
  49. Mr. Gustave Erda
  50. Miss Virginia Fagney
  51. Mr. Harry Faye
  52. Mr. Geheimrat Prof. Dr. Caspar Freudenthal
  53. Mr. Leo Freuder
  54. Mrs. Leo Freuder
  55. Dr. Ossip Friedlieb
  56. Mrs. Franziska Friedmann
  57. Mr. Herman Fuld
  58. Mrs. Herman Fuld
  59. Mrs. E. E. Gallert
  60. Mr. Joachim Ginzberg
  61. Mrs. Joachim Ginzberg
  62. Miss Sonja Ginzberg
  63. Mr. Arthur W. Glass
  64. Mrs. Artur W. Glass
  65. Miss Julia Glass
  66. Mr. Conrad Gminder
  67. Mr. R. Goepel
  68. Mrs. R. Goepel
  69. Miss Dorothy Goepel
  70. Mr. C. T. Goepel
  71. Mr. George H. Goldenberg
  72. Mr. Milton M. Goldsmith
  73. Mrs. Milton M. Goldsmith
  74. Mr. Albert H. Golgrove
  75. Mrs. Albert H. Golgrove
  76. Mrs. Sofia Gorscaia
  77. Mr. Harry Green
  78. Mrs. Harry Green
  79. Mr. Theodore L. Green
  80. Mr. William Greite
  81. Mrs. William Greite
  82. Mr. Allen Grover
  83. Mr. Adolph Güldener
  84. Mr. Adolph Güldener
  85. Mrs. Lillian Gutierrez
  86. Dr. Reinhold Halben
  87. Miss Emma M. Hallock
  88. Mr. Simon Hamburger
  89. Mrs. Simon Hamburger
  90. Mr. Francis C. Harrington
  91. Mrs. Francis C. Harrington
  92. Mr. William S. Harrington
  93. Mrs. J. M. Harris
  94. Miss Berenice Harris
  95. Miss Alice M. Haumer
  96. Dr. Walter Heerdt
  97. Mr. Louis Heiland
  98. Mrs. Emilie Heilman
  99. Mr. Henry Heiman
  100. Mrs. Henry Heiman
  101. Mr. Samuel H. Herman
  102. Mr. John Herrmann
  103. Mrs. John Herrmann
  104. Mr. Joseph L. Herschmann
  105. Mrs. Joseph L. Herschmann
  106. Mr. Theodore Hess
  107. Mrs. Theodore Hess
  108. Mr. Theodore Hess
  109. Mr. Robert Hess
  110. Mr. Richard Hess
  111. Mrs. Minnie Hetzel
  112. Miss Wilma Hetzel
  113. Mr. Donald M. Hill
  114. Mrs. Donald M. Hill
  115. Mr. Donald M. Hill Jr.
  116. Mr. Calvin A. Hill
  117. Mrs. Carl Hillmann
  118. Mr. Alfred Hirschman
  119. Mr. Helmut Hoffmann
  120. Miss Mary Horne
  121. Mr. Charles Howard
  122. Mrs. Charles Howard
  123. Miss Constance Howard
  124. Mrs. Sally Imerblum
  125. Mr. Hugo Jaburg
  126. Mrs. Hugo Jaburg
  127. Miss Anna Jensen
  128. Mr. J ohn J uhasz
  129. Mrs. Emma D. Kaesche
  130. Professor Yunosuke Kagaya
  131. Mrs. Yunosuke Kagaya
  132. Miss Martha Kahn
  133. Mr. Hugo Kaulen
  134. Mr. Hugo Kaulen Jr.
  135. Mr. Gustav Kehr
  136. Mrs. Gustav Kehr
  137. Miss Anna T. Kehr
  138. Mr. Howard G. Kelley
  139. Mrs. Howard G. Kelley
  140. Mr. H. W. Kern
  141. Mrs. H. W. Kern
  142. Mrs. Rebecca Keyser
  143. Mrs. Robert Keyser
  144. Mrs. Beatrice Keyser
  145. Miss Ann J. Keyser
  146. Mr. Carl Khern
  147. Mr. Ernest Knewitz
  148. Mr. Frederick A. Koch
  149. Mr. Frank C. Kolb
  150. Mrs. Frank C. Kolb
  151. Mr. Benjamin Kraemer
  152. Mrs. Benjamin Kraemer
  153. Mrs. Paula Krafft
  154. Miss Mildred G. Krafft
  155. Mr. A. A. Krasner
  156. Mr. Richard Krautheim
  157. Mr. Direktor Kurt Rüdiger Krüger
  158. Mrs. Kurt Rüdiger Krüger
  159. Mr. Alexander Lambert
  160. Mr. Gottlieb von Langen
  161. Mrs. Emma C. Lanning
  162. Dr. Leon Lascoff
  163. Mrs. Leon Lascoff
  164. Mr. Martin W. Lavy
  165. Mrs. Martin W. Lavy
  166. Mr. Sidney Lazarus
  167. Mrs. Bella Levi
  168. Mr. Alexander Levine
  169. Mr. Joseph Levy
  170. Mrs. Joseph Levy
  171. Miss Selma Levy
  172. Miss Paula Levy
  173. Mr. Carl Lindemann
  174. Mrs. Carl Lindemann
  175. Mr. Elliotte Little
  176. Mrs. Elliotte Little
  177. Mr. Elliotte R. Little
  178. Mrs. Elliotte R. Little
  179. Mr. Major von Loeper
  180. Mr. Peter H. Loeper
  181. Mrs. Peter H. Loeper
  182. Mr. John A. Lovett
  183. Mrs. Arthur Ludwig
  184. Mrs. Jacob Maine
  185. Mr. Jacob Markus
  186. Mrs. Jacob Markus
  187. Mrs. Marie Maurer
  188. Mr. Frank Meng
  189. Mrs. Frank Meng
  190. Mrs. Hilda Menkes
  191. Mr. Walter Meyer
  192. Mr. Geo C. Miller
  193. Mrs. Geo C. Miller
  194. Miss Marion Miller
  195. Mr. P. Compton Miller
  196. Mrs. P. Compton Miller
  197. Mr. P. Compton Miller
  198. Mr. Frank Miller
  199. Mrs. Frank Miller
  200. Mrs. Frank Miller
  201. Miss Mary Louise Miller
  202. Mr. William Mills
  203. Mrs. William Mills
  204. Mrs. Marguerite Mitler
  205. Mr. Ernest Mitler
  206. Miss Constance Mitler
  207. Mr. Anton Morgenthaler
  208. Mrs. Anton Morgenthaler
  209. Mrs. Irma Moses
  210. Miss Janice Moses
  211. Mr. Otto C. Mueller
  212. Mr. Franz Mühe
  213. Mrs. Annie Naswit
  214. Mrs. Marie O. Nebel
  215. Mr. Gaston A. Neuhut
  216. Mrs. Gaston A. Neuhut
  217. Miss Elisabeth Neuhut
  218. Mr. John P. Neuhut
  219. Mr. John Nieder
  220. Mr. David Oakes
  221. Mrs. David Oakes
  222. Mr. Thomas Oakes
  223. Miss Eleanor M. Oakes
  224. Miss Juliet G. Oakes
  225. Miss Jean D. Oakes
  226. Mr. Siegfried Ollendorff
  227. Dr. Valentin Orban
  228. Mrs. Minna Ostendorf
  229. Mr. G. H. Pape
  230. Mrs. G. H. Pape with Staff
  231. Miss Hedwig Peetz
  232. Mr. Aage Quistgaard Petersen
  233. Mrs. Aage Quistgaard Petersen
  234. Mr. Norten Petersen
  235. Mrs. Maria Pra
  236. Mr. Ernst Premke
  237. Mrs. Nettie Quittner
  238. Miss Annie Margarete Redmann
  239. Mr. Günther Redmann
  240. Mr. Johannes Redmann
  241. Mrs. Johannes Redmann
  242. Mr. Kurt Reiss
  243. Dr. Meyer L. Rhein
  244. Mrs. Helen Richards
  245. Mr. Generaldirektor Carl August Riebe
  246. Mrs. Carl August Riebe
  247. Mrs. Birdie Rosenthal
  248. Mr. Erich M. Roucka
  249. Mr. Gustav Rumpf
  250. Mrs. Gustav Rumpf
  251. Mrs. Clara Sättig
  252. Dr. Louis W. Sauer
  253. Mrs. Louis W. Sauer
  254. Miss Miralotte Sauer
  255. Mr. Paul Sauer
  256. Miss Gisela Sauer
  257. Mrs. Lilly Schebera
  258. Mr. Carl Schick
  259. Mr. Hermann Schick Jr.
  260. Mrs. Emma Schick
  261. Miss Katherine Schick
  262. Mrs. Louis H. Schmidt
  263. Miss Anna R. Schrottky
  264. Mr. Henry Schultheiss
  265. Mrs. Henry Schultheiss
  266. Mr. Rudolph Schulze
  267. Mrs. Rudolph Schulze
  268. Mr. Carl Schulze
  269. Mr. Hermann Schulze
  270. Miss Hella Schulze
  271. Miss Althea Schulze
  272. Mr. Rudolph Schulze Jr.
  273. Mrs. Guta Seligman with Staff
  274. Mr. James Sheridan
  275. Col. A. P. Shirley
  276. Mrs. A. Ritter Shumway with Staff
  277. Miss Helen Shumway with Staff
  278. Mr. Nathaniel Singer
  279. Mrs. Nathaniel Singer
  280. Mr. Martin Singer
  281. Miss Helen Smith
  282. Mr. Ernst Souza
  283. Mr. Adolph Sperling
  284. Mrs. Adolph Sperling
  285. Mr. Joseph Spero
  286. Mrs. Joseph Spero
  287. Mr. Julius Steiner
  288. Mr. Salomon Steinhardt
  289. Dr. Nathan Stern
  290. Mrs. Caroline Stiebel
  291. Mr. Franz Stier
  292. Mr. Konrad Teufel
  293. Mr. Ernst Thielicke
  294. Mrs. Hope G. Weil
  295. Miss Hope Weil
  296. Miss Faith Weil
  297. Mrs. W. B. White
  298. Miss Cornelia White
  299. Mr. W. B. White
  300. Mr. Henry W. Wilde
  301. Mrs. Henry W. Wilde
  302. Mr. Henry D. Williams
  303. Miss Edith G. Williams
  304. Mr. Frank Al. Wilmot
  305. Mrs. Frank M. Wilmot
  306. Mrs. Walter B. Winstock
  307. Mr. Wilhelm Winterhalter
  308. Mr. Louis Wirthwein
  309. Mr. Carl J. Wirthwein
  310. Mr. Ignatz Wit
  311. Mrs. Ignatz Wit
  312. Mr. Direktor Ernst Wolf
  313. Mrs. Amalie Wolffram
  314. Miss Adeline Wolffram
  315. Mrs. Jeanette Wollner
  316. Miss Annie Wood
  317. Mr. Louis Wormser
  318. Mrs. Louis Wormser
  319. Mr. Regierungsrat Dr. Kurt F. P. Wyszomirski
  320. Mrs. Kurt F. P. Wyszomirski
  321. Mr. Isidore Zacharias
  322. Mrs. Isidore Zacharias
  323. Mrs. Mark Zemanski
  324. Miss Elisabeth Zwiebel

To Southampton

  1. Mr. John S. Arndt
  2. Mrs. John S. Arndt
  3. Mr. N. D. Bajoria
  4. Mr. John Beckmann
  5. Mrs. John Beckmann
  6. Mr. William Benson
  7. Mr. Harold Frederick Berdinner
  8. Mrs. Harold Frederick Berdinner
  9. Mrs. Anne Bertram
  10. Mr. G. D. Birla
  11. Mr. Christian C. Clarke
  12. Mrs. Christian C. Clarke
  13. Mr. Werner Curth
  14. Mr. Hampton Cutter
  15. Mrs. Hampton Cutter
  16. Mr. Max Dehn
  17. Mrs. Max Dehn
  18. Mr. Präsident Fritz Dreyse
  19. Mrs. Fritz Dreyse
  20. Mr. Otto H. Droege
  21. Mrs. Otto H. Droege
  22. Miss Josephine Droege
  23. Mr. Carl Ellerbrock
  24. Mr. Paul von Estorff
  25. Mrs. Paul von Estorff
  26. Miss Hedwig Fehling
  27. Mr. Kurt Franz
  28. Mr. John Frazer
  29. Mrs. Alexandra von Goguel
  30. Mr. Harry Greayer
  31. Mrs. Charlotte Griswold
  32. Mr. Solomon Gubbay
  33. Mr. Arthur Haastrup
  34. Mr. Lüder Haeslop
  35. Miss Gertrud Hörlein
  36. Dr. jur. Ludwig Kayser
  37. Mrs. Ludwig Kayser
  38. Dr. Max Landsberg
  39. Mrs. Max Landsberg
  40. Mr. J ohn Albert Leney
  41. Mr. Joseph Read Patterson
  42. Mr. Oscar Phillips
  43. Mrs. Rita Neumann Redelsheimer
  44. Mr. Hans Rehbock
  45. Miss Ilse Reinecke
  46. Mr. Siegfried Schlomer
  47. Dr. Gotthard Schubert
  48. Mrs. Gotthard Schubert
  49. Mr. P. N. Sinha
  50. Mr. Leonard A. Stagg
  51. Mr. Werner E. Steinfeld
  52. Mr. Heinrich Thams
  53. Dr. Ludwig Wunder
  54. Mrs. Ludwig Wunder

To Cherbourg

  1. Professor Fritz Arndt
  2. Mr. Konsul Wilhelm Bielmann
  3. Mrs. Wilhelm Bielmann
  4. Miss Anna Dorothea Bielmann
  5. Mr. Heinz Bielmann
  6. Mr. Friedrich Hening
  7. Mr. Karl Emil Horn
  8. Mr. Hermann Kniepkamp
  9. Mr. Otto Levin
  10. Mrs. Otto Levin
  11. Dr. Helmut Margoninsky
  12. Miss Hilda Neumann

Second Cabin Passengers

To New York:

  1. Mr. Peter Assenmacher
  2. Mrs. Peter Assenmacher
  3. Mrs. Editha Bac
  4. Mr. John Bamberger
  5. Mrs. John Bamberger
  6. Mrs. Katharine Bartel
  7. Gertrud Bartel
  8. Katharine Bartel
  9. Mr. William Barth
  10. Mrs. Frieda Benkeser
  11. Miss Julia Benkeser
  12. Mr. Isidore Berger
  13. Mr. Carl Beuchelt
  14. Mrs. Carl Beuchelt
  15. Miss Hilda Binder
  16. Mr. Ernst Bitter
  17. Mr. Joseph Blank
  18. Mr. Franz Blunk
  19. Mrs. Franz Blunk
  20. Mr. Karl Bockisch
  21. Mr. Rudolf Bognar
  22. Mr. Nicholas Bottok
  23. Mrs. Nicholas Bottok
  24. Steve Bottok
  25. Mrs. W. M. Boyton
  26. Mr. John Breiner
  27. Mrs. John Breiner
  28. Miss Franziska Breiner
  29. Gladys Breiner
  30. Mr. Adolf Breinossl
  31. Mrs. Lina Brogle
  32. Mr. August Burkhardt
  33. Mrs. August Burkhardt
  34. Miss Lena Burkhardt
  35. Mrs. Minnie Church
  36. Miss May Dunlevy
  37. Mr. Everett Edes
  38. Mrs. Mathilde Eichhorst
  39. Mr. Hermann Farkas
  40. Mr. Charles Fayer
  41. Mrs. Ida Feavel
  42. Mr. Pfarrer Franz Feinler
  43. Miss Frances Feinler
  44. Miss Marry Feinler
  45. Mr. Albert Frese
  46. Mr. August Gaiser
  47. Miss Marie Gehringer
  48. Mr. Leander Goebel
  49. Miss Gertrud Göhre
  50. Mr. Ötto Gollard
  51. Mrs. Otto Gollard
  52. Mrs. Leo Greilsheimer
  53. Gottfried Greilsheimer
  54. Mrs. Carrie Grobe
  55. Mrs. Katherine Groth
  56. Miss Gertrude Harder
  57. Miss Florence Heron
  58. Miss Brunhilde Hoffstetter
  59. Mr. Chas. Hohmann
  60. Mrs. Chas. Hohmann
  61. Miss Hedwig Jacob
  62. Mrs. Luise Jacob
  63. Margot Jacob
  64. Mr. Pater Benvenut Jaszay
  65. Mr. Harry Johnson
  66. Mr. Karl Kapp
  67. Mr. Reinhold Katz
  68. Mr. Otto Kaufmann
  69. Mr. Peter Keller
  70. Mr. Joseph Klar
  71. Miss Rose Klar
  72. Miss Anita Kleeberg
  73. Mr. Kurt Kleemeyer
  74. Mr. Oskar Klein
  75. Mrs. Oskar Klein
  76. Mr. Helmut Kluge
  77. Mr. Stefan Kosztics
  78. Mrs. Stefan Kosztics
  79. Ludwig Kosztics
  80. Stefan Kosztics
  81. Mr. Roman Kotzian
  82. Mr. Henry Kragle
  83. Mrs. Ray Krohnberg
  84. Mr. Herbert Kube
  85. Miss Anna Kuhn
  86. Mr. Gustav Langbein
  87. Mrs. Gertrud Laufenberg
  88. Mr. Adolf Leckebusch
  89. Miss Maria Lendak
  90. Mrs. Anna Letsch
  91. Charles Letsch
  92. Hans Letsch
  93. Mrs. Rudolph Letsch
  94. Rudolph Letsch Jr.
  95. Mr. Meyer Levine
  96. Mr. Harry Levine
  97. Mr. Kurt Lion
  98. Mr. George Lodes
  99. Mrs. George Lodes
  100. Dorothy Lodes
  101. Miss Hilda Loewenstein
  102. Miss Margaret Loverman
  103. Miss Luise Luz
  104. Mr. Pfarrer Walter Magnien
  105. Mr. Erwin Marquardt
  106. Mr. William Maudrich
  107. Mrs. William Maudrich
  108. Professor Matazo Masugi
  109. Mrs. Annilie Mayer
  110. Miss Lavone McReynolds
  111. Miss Fridel Merz
  112. Mrs. Therese Meyer
  113. Susanne Meyer
  114. Mr. Viteslav Mohyla
  115. Mr. Willy Moritz
  116. Mrs. Stanley Morse
  117. Mrs. Emilie Mueller
  118. Dr. Tetsusabubo Muta
  119. Mr. Ludwig Naumann
  120. Mr. Alfred Necker
  121. Mrs. Alfred Necker
  122. Mr. Willy Neumann
  123. Mrs. Gertrude Neumann
  124. Miss Louise Niese
  125. Miss Helene Otte
  126. Miss Adele Parsmann
  127. Mr. Robert Pierson
  128. Mrs. Robert Pierson
  129. Dr. Viktor Pietschmann
  130. Mrs. Albertina Pruesser
  131. Mr. Oskar Redlich
  132. Mr. Hermann Reiffenrath
  133. Mrs. Albine Riplinger
  134. Mr. Hermann Rosebrock
  135. Mr. Daniel Rosenthal
  136. Mrs. Helen Roy
  137. Olga Roy
  138. Joseph Roy
  139. Mr. Ludwig Saloshin
  140. Miss Helene Sawatzki
  141. Mrs. Elisabeth Schaefer
  142. Mr. John Schetter
  143. Mrs. John Schetter
  144. Mr. Richard Schmid
  145. Mrs. Richard Schmid
  146. Miss Viola Schmid
  147. Mrs. Elsie Schmidt
  148. Miss Luise Schmidt
  149. Mrs. Sophie Schmidt
  150. Mrs. Elisabeth Schmitt
  151. Miss Edna Schmitt
  152. Miss Bernhardine Schmitz
  153. Mrs. Hertha Schröder
  154. Mr. Karl Schuch
  155. Mrs. Sofie Seiden
  156. Mrs. Minna Sieber
  157. Mr. Paul Sievers
  158. Mrs. Paul Sievers
  159. Miss Lina Sonnemann
  160. Dr. Karl Staib
  161. Mr. Ludwig Staltmayer
  162. Mrs. Anna Staltmayer
  163. Miss Eleonore Stichweh
  164. Miss Irma Strauß
  165. Mr. Engelbert Svekla
  166. Mrs. Martha Tarasevich
  167. Mr. Louis Tasnady
  168. Miss Margareta Thiem
  169. Mr. Ferdinand Timm
  170. Mrs. Maude Turner
  171. Mr. Friedr. Willi. Vach
  172. Mrs. Friedr. Wilh. Vach
  173. Mr. Josef Veisen
  174. Mr. Adolf Visel
  175. Mrs. Adolf Visel
  176. Miss Helen Visel
  177. Mr. Carl Voith
  178. Mr. Adolf Waffler
  179. Mrs. Hedwig Waffler
  180. Mr. Johann Wawrzenetz
  181. Mrs. Johann Wawrzenetz
  182. Mrs. Golda Weber
  183. Rose Weber
  184. Joseph Weber
  185. Mr. John Weimer
  186. Mrs. John Weimer
  187. Mr. Samuel Weismann
  188. Mrs. Charlotte Weissberger
  189. Mr. Emil Weissenstein
  190. Mr. Sigfried Weitzenberg
  191. Mr. John Welce
  192. Mr. Myron K. Well
  193. Mr. Fritz Wendler
  194. Mrs. Anita Wilson
  195. George Wilson
  196. Mrs. Eugenie Wirtz
  197. Miss Eugenie Louise Wirtz
  198. Mr. Edward Wotava
  199. Mrs. Edward Wotava
  200. Miss Katherine Zeig
  201. Miss Louise Zimmermann
  202. Mr. Robert Zinn

To Southampton

  1. Mr. Hermann Alberts
  2. Professor Paul Arndt
  3. Mrs. Margarete Arndt
  4. Miss Barbara Arndt
  5. Mr. Henry Baasch
  6. Mrs. Elisabeth Baasch
  7. Miss Margarete Bümmer
  8. Mr. H. A. Reimer
  9. Professor August Schindewolf
  10. Miss Ellen A. Stone
  11. Mr. P. W. Suhr
  12. Mrs. P. W. Suhr

To Cherbourg:

  1. Mr. Rudolf Kaufmann
  2. Dr. Erwin Wittkowski

United States Head Tax

All passengers intending to proceed to the United States, including non-American citizens resident in the United States, are required to pay, previous to their departure, the head tax of eight dollars U. S. currency imposed by the United States Government.

This tax is not payable by:

  1. American citizens capable of producing an American passport as evidence of their nationality;
  2. children below 16 accompanied by their parents or one of them;
  3. diplomatic or consular representatives and other duly authorized government officials, including their suites and families, irrespective of the purpose for which they desire to proceed to the United States, but only if they can produce; a diplomatic passport;
  4. passengers intending to proceed to Canada via the United States, provided that, upon their landing in the United States, they are in possession of a railroad ticket entitling them to travel to some Canadian destination.

Non-American women married to American citizens subsequent to September 21, 1922, are required to pay the tax. Non-Americans proceeding to the United States on a visit or for business purposes, who do not intend to stay for more than 59 days, are also required to pay the tax, but may have the amount refunded to them upon application, provided that

  1. they enter, upon their departure for New York, the words: “No longer than 59 days" in reply to question No. 24 of the questionnaire to be filled in by non-American passengers, and that
  2. they advise the immigration officer in New York, upon arriving there, of their intention not to stay for more than 59 days, and that they obtain from said official a so-called transit certificate, form No. 514.

Such transit certificate, however, is only valid if the period of 59 days is not exceeded, and if the purser or captain (or his representative) of the steamer by which the passenger returns or continues his voyage, has entered a note stating the name of the steamer and the date of her departure from the United States, adding his signature as well. Persons continuing their voyage from the United States to other countries by rail, are required to produce said certificate to the conductor who will enter the date and the train number when crossing the United States frontier.

The transit certificate must be returned to the Immigration Authorities, in Washington, within 120 days of the date of the passenger’s arrival in New York.

This must be effected through the intermediary of the shipping company whose steamer the passenger used for his voyage to the United States. Applications for refunding the head tax are disregarded if this period is exceeded. The amount | of the tax, however, may also be refunded to the passenger against his returning .

The transit certificate to the office of the Hamburg-Amerika Linie at the place of embarkment in New York previous to his departure from New York, or, during I his return from America to Europe, to the purser on board, or, upon arriving in Hamburg, to the office of the Hamburg-Amerika Linie, Abteilung Personenverkehr, Alsterdamm 25, Hamburg.

THE Hapag World Cruise 1928 Of The Triple-Screw De Luxe Steamer “Resolute”

The fifth world Cruise of this steamer will commence at New York on January 7,1928 and will be completed at New York on May 26, 1928.

European passengers may join the steamer, at their option, at Madeira on January 14,
„ Gibraltar on January 16,
„ Algiers on January 18,
„ Villefranche on January 20, or „ Naples on January 22.

They must pay their own fare to the port of embarkation selected. European members of the cruise will be granted free return passages from New York to some European port of call on board one of the Company’s steamers as advertised in the sailing lists, and their accommodation during the return voyage will be as nearly as possible similar to that provided during the cruise. The program of this, the most beautiful of all world cruises has been arranged with the greatest care and includes visits to countries and cities to know which is not only of particular interest to the general traveller, but also to the scientist and the lover of nature generally.

The itinerary includes: Madeira, Gibraltar, Algiers, the French Riviera, Italy, Greece, Palestine, Egypt, French Somali Land, India, Ceylon, Burmah, Sumatra, Java, the Malay States, Siam, Borneo, Mindanao, the Philippines,Southern China, Formosa, Northern China, Korea, Japan, the Hawaiin Islands, California, the Panama Canal, the Republic of Panama, and Cuba. The cruise will last 140 days and a total distance of 37,511 miles will be covered. No less than 76 cities in 30 different countries will be visited.

The fare is $ 2000 and upward inclusive of a number of shore excursions and numerous overland trips.

Only first-class passengers are carried on the above cruise.

For Information of the Hapag Pleasure Cruises please apply to:
Hamburg-Amerika Linie, Hamburg 1
Pleasure Cruise Department, or any of their Agents.

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