SS Batavia Passenger List - 1 June 1907

Front Cover of a Second Cabin Passenger List for the SS Batavia of the Hamburg America Line, Departing 1 June 1907 from New York to Hamburg

Front Cover of a Second Cabin Passenger List for the SS Batavia of the Hamburg America Line, Departing 1 June 1907 from New York to Hamburg, Commanded by Captain G. Bachman. GGA Image ID # 176e16f027

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: G. BACHMAN, Commander
  2. First Officer: P. WAGNER
  3. Second Officer: P. VOLKMANN
  4. Second Officer: E. v. d. VRING
  5. Third Officer: W. HEYDORN
  6. Fourth Officer: P. LEWALD
  7. First Engineer: O. ZIEGLER
  8. Second Engineer: H. SPERLING
  9. Third Engineer: F. KÜNTZEL
  10. Fourth Engineer: F. KÄCKE
  11. Fourth Engineer: A. KUNSTMANN
  12. Electrician: G. SHÜTZ
  13. First Physician: DR. M. JACOBSON
  14. Second Physician: DR. W. HÜTTNER
  15. Purser: H. OPPERMANN
  16. Assistant Purser: E. FISCHER
  17. Assistant Purser: A. MILDEBRATH
  18. Chief Cook: TH. FISCHER
  19. Chief Steward: C. PETERSEN

List of Second Cabin Passengers (note 1)

  1. Mrs. Johanna Arndt
  2. Miss Hedwig Arndt
  3. Miss F. Anderson
  4. Mr. G. Albert
  5. Mr. Heinrich Adam
  6. Mr. J. Adams
  7. Mr. I. Altmann
  8. Mr. L. Boronda
  9. Mr. Wm. Behrens
  10. Mrs. Wm. Behrens
  11. Mrs. A. R. Broglie
  12. Mrs. A. Burkhardt
  13. Master H. Burkhardt
  14. Mr. P. Berman
  15. Mrs. P. Berman
  16. Mr. I. P. Berman
  17. Mr. George Bosch
  18. Miss Mathilde Buenze
  19. Mr. H. W. Binderman
  20. Mrs. H, W. Binderman
  21. Miss Christine Binderman
  22. Miss Pauline Binderman
  23. Mrs. E. O. Bachmann
  24. Mrs. S. Bramin
  25. Mr. Leo Brager
  26. Mrs. Leo Brager
  27. Mrs. Olga Beyer
  28. Mr. Hugo Beyer
  29. Miss Ida Beyer
  30. Mr. Harry Craulet
  31. Mrs. Olga Craulet
  32. Mr. Howard Church
  33. Miss H. Cortlang
  34. Prof. W. O. Carver
  35. Mrs. W. O. Carver
  36. Miss Ruth Carver
  37. Master Wm. Carver
  38. Master James Carver
  39. Master George Carver
  40. Dr. Crapsen
  41. Mr. E. Determann
  42. Mrs. E. Determann
  43. Mr. Ludwig Domine
  44. Miss Maybelle Domine
  45. Mrs. J. Dolansky
  46. Dr. Harvey Davis
  47. Rev. C. Edmund
  48. Mrs. C. Edmund
  49. Miss Kath. Edmund
  50. Master Edgar Edmund
  51. Mr. Wm. Engelmann
  52. Mrs. Wm. Engelmann
  53. Miss E. Engelmann
  54. Master W. Engelmann
  55. Mrs. M. Esserman
  56. Miss Lillian Esserman
  57. Miss M. Erdt
  58. Miss M. Elsing
  59. Mrs. D. Franko and children
  60. Mr. Herman Fiebrandt
  61. Mr. Herman Finck
  62. Mrs. Herman Finck
  63. Mrs. Elizabeth Franz
  64. Mrs. Herman Faber
  65. Mrs. Henry Fick and children
  66. Mr. C. Geertsen
  67. Mrs. M. Golinska
  68. Mr. Julius Gerlach
  69. Mr. Ernst A. Grosse
  70. Mr. Andrew Gross
  71. Mr. Henry Gulan
  72. Mrs. Anna Glawatz
  73. Mrs. Benjamin Gattle
  74. Mrs. E. Goeller
  75. Master F. Goeller
  76. Mrs. S. V. Graham
  77. Mrs. N, Gable
  78. Mrs. K. Galschneider
  79. Mr. C. G. George
  80. Mr. Fred Hermann
  81. Mrs. Mary Huber
  82. Mrs. H. Heller
  83. Mr. George Hough
  84. Mrs. George Hough and children
  85. Mr Aug. Hahnewald
  86. Mr. Otto Hesselbach
  87. Mrs. Otto Hesselbach
  88. Mr. Gustave Hinrichs
  89. Mr. Stephan Hörnow
  90. Mr. Herman Herrlich
  91. Mrs. L. Herrlich and infant
  92. Mr. M. P. Hansen
  93. Mrs. M. P. Hansen
  94. Miss Martha Harders
  95. Miss Frieda Hadlich
  96. Mr. Louis Henze
  97. Mrs. Louis Henze
  98. Mr. Himmelmann
  99. Miss Himmelmann
  100. Mr. John Hormann
  101. Mr. Louis Jorgensen
  102. Mrs. Louis Jorgensen and children
  103. Mr. C. Jorgensen
  104. Mrs. C. Jorgensen and daughter
  105. Miss Martha Jess
  106. Mrs. C. Johnson
  107. Mrs. Marie Jensen
  108. Mr. Victor Johnson
  109. Mrs. Oscar Johnson
  110. Rev. Christian Jensen
  111. Miss Alma Keim
  112. Mrs. Pearce Kintzing
  113. Mr. Carl Koedel
  114. Mr. Alex Krauss
  115. Mrs. Alex Krauss
  116. Miss C. Kretschmer
  117. Miss Frieda Koemer
  118. Mrs. L. Kleingunther
  119. Miss L. Kleingunther
  120. Mr. John Kern
  121. Mr. George Koller
  122. Mr. A. Kopankiewicz
  123. Mrs. A. Kopankiewicz
  124. Miss V. Kopankiewicz
  125. Miss Anna Koerner
  126. Mr. W. C. Lowe
  127. Mr. Henry Lotze
  128. Mrs. Henry Lotze
  129. Mr. Benno Lasch
  130. Mrs. Benno Lasch and child
  131. Mr. Theo Leistner
  132. Mrs. Theo Leistner
  133. Miss Tillie Leistner
  134. Miss Bertha Leistner
  135. Mr. Christian Luckey
  136. Mrs. Christian Luckey
  137. Miss Helen Luckey
  138. Mr. V. Lindeman
  139. Mrs. V Lindeman
  140. Dr. E. P. Lyons
  141. Mrs. E. P. Lyons
  142. Mr. M. Lohver
  143. Mrs. M. Lohver
  144. Mr. Adolph Lotz
  145. Mrs. Adolph Lotz
  146. Mr. Samuel Levin
  147. Mr. M. H. Linsch
  148. Mrs. Augusta Linsch
  149. Miss Emma Lutz
  150. Miss Cecilie Lunel
  151. Mr. H. Lapham
  152. Mrs. A. Munster
  153. Mr. Christian Metz
  154. Mr. Tycho Mansfeld
  155. Mrs. Tycho Mansfeld
  156. Mr. August Mansfeld
  157. Miss Christine Mansfeld
  158. Mrs. Frederick Meyer
  159. Miss Else Meyer
  160. Miss Hilda Meyer
  161. Miss Dora Marquardt
  162. Miss Rosa Marquardt
  163. Mrs. Charlotte Mattick
  164. Rev. H. I. Messing
  165. Mrs. H. I. Messing
  166. Mr. Henry Meyer
  167. Mr. A. Maisach
  168. Mrs. A. Maisach
  169. Mrs. H. Marcussen
  170. Miss H. Marcussen
  171. Mr. W. Mordhorst
  172. Mr. A. Marckhoff
  173. Mr. H. Marckhoff
  174. Master J. Markhoff
  175. Mr. Paul Monroe
  176. Mrs. Paul Monroe
  177. Miss Juliet Monroe
  178. Miss Ellis Monroe
  179. Miss Jannette Monroe
  180. Mr. John Meyer
  181. Mrs. Anna Metz
  182. Master George Metz
  183. Mrs. J. H. Merrill
  184. Master S. J. Merrill
  185. Mrs. M. H. Mygatt
  186. Miss T. D. Mygatt
  187. Miss E. Mohrmann
  188. Mr. James Nelson
  189. Mr. Oie Nelson
  190. Mrs. George A. Nicoll
  191. Miss Mary Nicoll
  192. Miss Caroline Nicoll
  193. Miss N. Nielebeck
  194. Mr. Olof Nelson
  195. Miss Esther Nelson
  196. Miss Mabel Nelson
  197. Miss Jennie Norden
  198. Miss Minnie Norden
  199. Miss Ally Narjes
  200. Mr. Johan Nitzer
  201. Mrs. Johan Nitzer
  202. Mrs. Emma Nussler
  203. Miss Elise Nasshau
  204. Mr. K. Noedling
  205. Mrs. Gera Ohlsen
  206. Mr. J. Ollendorff
  207. Mr. Carl Ohm
  208. Mrs. Carl Ohm
  209. Mr. J. H. Patjens
  210. Mrs. J. H. Patjens
  211. Master Wm. Patjens
  212. Miss Edith Patjens
  213. Mrs. Amelia Pierson
  214. Master Charles Pierson
  215. Mr. L. Rosenfield
  216. Mr. Henry Rauch
  217. Mrs. Henry Rauch
  218. Mrs. H. Rixmann and children
  219. Mrs. Ida Rieder
  220. Master Franz Rieder
  221. Miss Anna Rotert
  222. Miss M. Raab
  223. Mr. Karl Richter
  224. Mr. G. W. Richter
  225. Mrs. G. W. Richter
  226. Master Reginald Richter
  227. Miss Leslie Richter
  228. Mr. Peter Schwan
  229. Mrs. Peter Schwan
  230. Mrs. S. Sale
  231. Mrs. Agnes Simon
  232. Miss Julia Stern
  233. Miss Emma Stern
  234. Mrs. Thecla Steinman
  235. Mr. Carl Schulz
  236. Mrs. Carl Schulz
  237. Mr. John Simonsen
  238. Mrs. John Simonsen
  239. Mrs. Elisabeth Scaglia
  240. Miss Margarethe Scaglia
  241. Miss E. F. Suchy
  242. Mr. O. Stöckert
  243. Mrs. Martha Schmidt
  244. Mrs. Louise Schwerdtfeger
  245. Dr. A. P. Sawyer
  246. Master Harold Sawyer
  247. Master Edward Sawyer
  248. Miss Emma Strassmann
  249. Miss Antonie Schulz
  250. Mrs. M. Swenson
  251. Miss Isabella Sturm
  252. Mr. H. Stackman
  253. Mrs. H. Stackman
  254. Mr. B. Strack
  255. Mr. C. R. Schmirke
  256. Mrs. C. R. Schmirke
  257. Rev. Oscar Samuel
  258. Mr. Carl Samuel
  259. Mr. I. E. Thomas
  260. Mr. F. Tutschulte
  261. Mrs. F. Tutschulte
  262. Mr. Frank Tuchy
  263. Mr. G. A. Thurner
  264. Mrs. G. A. Thurner
  265. Mr. George Thurner
  266. Miss Frieda Thurner
  267. Master George Thurner
  268. Mr. Jos. Thone
  269. Mrs. Jos. Thone
  270. Master Wm. Thone
  271. Master Jos. Thone
  272. Mr. E. Kamp Todsen
  273. Mrs. J. Unterberger
  274. Miss R. Unterberger
  275. Mrs. Anna Werner
  276. Master Henry Werner
  277. Mr. Josef Warhanik
  278. Mr. Fred. Wissel
  279. Mr. W. J. Walz
  280. Miss Anna Wrage
  281. Mr. Henry Wulff
  282. Mr. Paul Weber
  283. Mrs. Paul Weber
  284. Miss Beatrice Weber
  285. Mr. Ernst Wulff
  286. Mrs. Ernst Wulff
  287. Miss Katharina Winter
  288. Mrs. H. S. Weusthoff
  289. Miss Anna Weusthoff
  290. Mr. B. Weiderkoff
  291. Mrs. Catherine Weber
  292. Miss Theresa Wolgest
  293. Miss Betty Wiora
  294. Mr. John Zeller

Note 1: The “Batavia” carries only second cabin and steerage passengers to Hamburg direct.

Information for Passengers

Meals. Breakfast is served at 8:00 am, lunch at 12 noon, dinner at 6:00 pm

A menu is printed for each meal. Seats at table are allotted by the Chief Steward. A bugle call will be sounded 15 minutes before each meal, and a second signal at the beginning of the meal.

Stewards. The Stewards have strict instructions to attend to the wants of passengers in a prompt and courteous manner. Passengers are requested to bring any inattention to the notice of the Chief Steward, and if the complaint made is not properly investigated, to report it to the Captain.

Baggage. As only small pieces of baggage can be taken into the cabins all large pieces will be stored in the hold. In good weather access may be had to the hold and passengers desirous of getting at their large baggage should apply to their Room Steward.

Hot or Cold Baths. A number of comfortable bathrooms are provided aboard. The Bathroom Steward or Stewardess will attend to the bath upon the passenger’s request. No charge is made for baths. The water used is sea-water.

Smoking Saloon. Smoking is allowed only on deck and in the Smoking Room; it is positively prohibited in the cabins and below deck. Lights in the Smoking Room are extinguished at midnight.

Valuables. The Company is not responsible for theft if valuables are kept in the staterooms. A safe is provided in the office of the Purser, to whom money , jewelry, etc., may be handed for safe-keeping, but with out guarantee of the Company.

Library. The books in the Library, which may be obtained upon application to the Library Steward, are at the disposal of passengers, free of charge. A catalogue of the English, French and German books in the ship’s library can be had from the Library Steward.

Writing Paper, Envelopes and Telegraph Forms will be supplied by the Saloon Steward.

Foreign Money. The Purser is prepared to exchange foreign money

For Mail Inquire At Chief Steward’s Office. For the convenience of passengers an Information Office has been established in the waiting room at Cuxhaven. Passengers on incoming or outgoing steamers are requested to call here for mail or telegrams.

Souvenir Postal Cards will be furnished to passengers free of charge by the Purser or Chief Steward.



London.—Passengers by all steamers land at Plymouth by steam tender, and after a cursory examination of their baggage are carried to London by special train of the Great Western Railway (provided there are not less than twenty-flve first class passengers). When the special train is not provided, railway carriages will be ready at the Docks and run direct from there and are attached to the regular train at the Plymouth Station. Time, Plymouth to London (Paddington Station), about 4 1/2 hours.

Paris.—The same steamers which call at Plymouth also stop at Cherbourg, where passengers bound for Paris are landed by the Company's harbor steamer Ariadne. Only the hand-baggage is inspected here, while the larger pieces are placed on the special train to be inspected upon arrival in Paris (Gare St. Lazare).

The Hamburg America Line’s special train, consisting of vestibuled compartment corridor cars, fitted with lavatories and toilets, conveys passengers from Cherbourg to Paris in about 6U hours. When the number of passengers booked to Paris does not warrant dispatching a special train passengers are carried to Paris by the regular trains which leave at convenient intervals, and all the baggage in this event is examined at Cherbourg. Hamburg.—From Cherbourg the steamers proceed direct to Cuxhaven (Hamburg) which is reached in from twenty to thirty hours.

The new, large waiting-rooms at Cuxhaven, where all baggage is inspected, are equipped with every convenience, a restaurant and a telegraph office. The special train for Hamburg consists of vestibuled compartment corridor cars, provided with lavatories and toilets, and leaves from the waiting-rooms directly after the examination of the baggage. The run to Hamburg is made in 2 hours.


From Hamburg.—On the day of sailing of steamers special trains will be dispatched from the Hanover Station (Venloer Bahnhof) for Cuxhaven at 8.00 A. M. for second cabin passengers, and 8.65 A. m. for first cabin passengers. The steamer will sail upon arrival of these trains and immediately following the embarkation of passengers and their baggage.

From London.—A special train will leave the Waterloo Station (London) for Southampton on day of departure of the steamers DEUTSCHLAND, KAISERIN Auguste VICTORIA, AMERIKA and BLUECHER. From London.—Passengers for steamers PENNSYLVANIA, PATRICIA, PRETORIA, GRAF WALDERSEE, PRESIDENT LINCOLN and PRESIDENT GRANT will leave the Paddington Station on day before departure of steamers from Plymouth.

From Paris.—A special train leaves for Cherbourg (Gare St. Lazare) on day of departure of Steamship “DEUTSCHLAND ” at 9.45 A. M. On day of departure of Steamships Kaiserin Auguste Victoria, Amerika and BLUECHER at 1.63 P. m. TO Boulogne s/m (from Paris Gare du Nord) for Steamships Pennsylvania, PATRICIA, PRETORIA, GRAF WALDERSEE, PRESIDENT LINCOLN and PRESIDENT GRANT, at 8.25 a. m.

Twin-Screw Express and Passenger Steamship Services

Maintained By The Twin-Screw Express And Mail Steamers
Deutschland, Amerika, Kaiserin Auguste Victoria and Bluecher,
And The Twin-Screw Steamships President Lincoln and President Grant,
And The Well-Known Twin-Screw Steamships Patricia, Pennsylvania, Pretoria, Graf Waldersee, Batavia, Silvia and Badenia Offer Convenient arid Short Route To and From England and the Continent

NOTE—All steamers Eastbound to Hamburg touch at Plymouth and Cherbourg, except the steamers Batavia, Badenia and Silvia which sail to Hamburg direct.

  • The “Bluecher” is a twin-screw steamer of 12,331 tons and 16 knots speed
  • The "Amerika" Is a new twin-screw steamer of 23,000 tons, about 18 knots average speed, ocean crossing about 7 days
  • The “Kaiserin Auguste Victoria" is a new twin-screw steamer of 25,000 tons, about 18 knots average speed, ocean crossing about 7 days
  • The “Batavia” carries second cabin and steerage passengers to Hamburg direct
  • The “Badenia” and “Silvia” carry steerage passengers only to Hamburg direct
  • The “President Lincoln" and "President Grant" are twin-screw steamers, 615 feet long,
    18,000 tons

Hamburg America Line Mediterranean Service

From New York To Gibraltar, Naples and Genoa and From Genoa and Naples to New York
Regular Sailings by the New Twin-Screw Steamers Moltke, Hamburg, President Lincoln, Bulgaria and Batavia.

  • The “Hamburg” is a new twin-screw steamer of 10,600 tons and 16 knots average speed
  • The “ Moltke” is a new twin-screw steamer of 12,300 tons and 16 knots speed
  • The “Batavia” carries second cabin and steerage passengers only
  • The “Bulgaria” carries steerage passengers only
  • The “President Lincoln” is a new twin-screw steamer, 615 feet long, 18,000 tons

Back Cover of a Cabin Passenger List for the SS Batavia of the Hamburg-American Line Dated 1 June 1907.

Back Cover of a Cabin Passenger List for the SS Batavia of the Hamburg-American Line Dated 1 June 1907. GGA Image ID # 176e17f9a6

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