SS New York Passenger List - 21 May 1931

Front Cover of a Third Class Passenger List for the SS New York of the Hamburg America Line, Departing 21 May 1931 from Hamburg to New York via Southampton and Cherbourg

Front Cover of a Tourist and Third Class Passenger List for the SS New York of the Hamburg America Line, Departing 21 May 1931 from Hamburg to New York via Southampton and Cherbourg, Commanded by Captain Graalfs. GGA Image ID # 177d87d6cc

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain Graalfs, Commander
  2. First Officer Carl Steincke
  3. Second Officer Johann Heins
  4. Second Officer Werner Witt
  5. Second Officer Hans Westphal
  6. Third Officer Hans Mickeleit
  7. Fourth Officer Gerhard Rose
  8. Fourth Officer Fritz Nolte
  9. First Radio Officer Heinrich Stoldt
  10. Second Radio Officer Alfred Kfister
  11. Third Radio Officer Heinz Holtschmit
  12. Fourth Radio Officer Hans-Jürgen Holm
  13. Chief Engineer William Mitchell
  14. Second Engineer Theodor Vanselow
  15. Second Engineer Erich Schneider
  16. Third Engineer Wilhelm Schlichting
  17. Third Engineer Fritz Meyer
  18. Third Engineer Lorenz Momsen
  19. Third Engineer Paul Ahlswede
  20. Third Engineer Max Stoltenberg
  21. Fourth Engineer Karl Starke
  22. Fourth Engineer August Welteke
  23. Fourth Engineer Gustav Mittelmeyer
  24. Fourth Engineer Willy Petry
  25. First Electrician Albert Bublitz
  26. Second Electrician Karl Liitgens
  27. Projectionist Herbert Traugott
  28. Physician Dr. Carl Ludwig Schmidt
  29. Sister Maria Duregger
  30. Purser Otto Hofel
  31. Under Purser Franz Smeikal
  32. Assistant Purser Hans Hermann
  33. Assistant Purser Rolf Aust
  34. Assistant Purser Harro Moller
  35. Luggage Master Walter Henke
  36. Chief Steward First Class Franz Schoenewald
  37. Assistant Chief Steward, First Class Paul Baum
  38. Assistant Chief Steward, First Class Gustav Mewes
  39. Assistant Chief Steward and Grill Chef TONY
  40. Chief Steward, Second Class u. 3. Kl. f. Touristen August Martiensen
  41. Assistant Chief Steward, Second Class u. 3. Kl. f. Touristen Alfred Hofmann
  42. Chief Steward, Third Class Peter Bremer
  43. Assistant Chief Steward, Third Class Ernst Wiese
  44. Kitchen Master Karl Schneider
  45. Director of Chapel Artists Harald Reimers
  46. Choir Leader August Kaminsky

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Note: This passenger list did not state which class of passengers were listed. We believe there were two classes involved, most likely Tourist and the Third Class.

List of Tourist Class Passengers

To New York:

  1. Mr. Claude Barber
  2. Mrs. Karoline Bartelt
  3. Miss Franziska Bast
  4. Miss Gladys Helen Black
  5. Mr. Stephen Butter
  6. Mr. Elliot Chess
  7. Mr. Orville L. Davis
  8. Mrs. Orville L. Davis
  9. Elizabeth Davis
  10. Mr. Otto Duhn
  11. Mr. Oscar Eckl
  12. Mr. Otto Egner
  13. Mr. Andrew Elflein
  14. Mr. Franz Fuchs
  15. Mr. Sig Hamburger
  16. Mr. Willard Hardie
  17. Mr. Albert Herb
  18. Mr. Hans Hubatsch
  19. Mrs. Gertrud Kuschelbauer
  20. Mr. Peter Joh. Krahtz
  21. Mrs. Peter Joh. Krahtz
  22. Mrs. Kathe Mannherz
  23. Mr. Vito Martinelli
  24. Mrs. Vito Martinelli
  25. Mrs. Johanna Moderow
  26. Mrs. Clara Muller
  27. Mrs. Ethel Otto
  28. Mr. John Richardson
  29. Mr. Norman Rourke
  30. Mr. Gustav Schneider
  31. Mr. Gustav Stahr
  32. Miss Anna Stelzner
  33. Mrs. Margarete von Trotha
  34. Mr. Georg de Wall
  35. Miss Fritzi Weinstein
  36. Miss Helen Wilk
  37. Mr. Samuel Wundermann

To Southampton:

  1. Mrs. Charlotte Anning
  2. Mr. Sven Eric Bergh
  3. Miss Helene Le Bras
  4. Mr. Fritz Lichtenberg
  5. Mrs. Fritz Lichtenberg
  6. Miss Irmgard Loewenstein
  7. Mr. Bernhard Lotz
  8. Mrs. Ella Mossop
  9. Mrs. Maria Sander
  10. Miss Kathe Schippmann
  11. Mr. Wilhelm Schroeder
  12. Miss Ursula Schubert
  13. Mrs. Jenny Villinger
  14. Mrs. Kate Wedmore


List of Third Class Passengers

To New York:

  1. Mr. Adolf Ahrens
  2. Mrs. Adolf Ahrens
  3. Mrs. Karoline Bartelt
  4. Mr. Ignatz Berkmann
  5. Mr. Paul Bethke
  6. Mr. Hans Betz
  7. Mrs. Hans Betz
  8. Mrs. Therese Bongratz
  9. Ernst Bongratz
  10. Mr. Raymond Camburn
  11. Mrs. Raymond Camburn
  12. Mr. Karl Fischer
  13. Josef Fischer
  14. Rudolf Fischer
  15. Veronika Fischer
  16. Mr. William Fickbohm
  17. Mrs. Anna Gaidos
  18. Mr. Ivan Gaspar
  19. Mr. Abraham Gelbart
  20. Mrs. Elizabeth Gleich
  21. Mr. Hermann Habich
  22. Mrs. Lina Heif
  23. Elisabeth Helf
  24. Mr. Karl Henning
  25. Mr. Georg Hofer
  26. Mr. Johannes Jacobsen
  27. Mrs. Johannes Jacobsen
  28. Mr. Hans Jaeger
  29. Miss Margarete Kavcak
  30. Mr. Karl Kentischer
  31. Mr. Ludwig Kimmich
  32. Mr. Hermann Klipp
  33. Mr. Erich Lenz
  34. Mrs. Anna Lohmann
  35. Miss Erika Lohmann
  36. Mr. Conrad Meier
  37. Mrs. Conrad Meier
  38. Mr. Georg Meyer
  39. Mrs. Marie Moller
  40. Miss Adele Petraviciute
  41. Mr. Fred Reutter
  42. Mrs. Marie Salewski
  43. Mrs. Rose Salomone
  44. Mrs. Anna Scheibner
  45. Jurgen Scheibner
  46. Jutta Scheibner
  47. Mr. Fred Schmid
  48. Mr. Hans Schmielau
  49. Mrs. Berta Schwarten
  50. Harri Schwarten
  51. Waltraud Schwarten
  52. Mr. John Siemer
  53. Mr. Konrad Sigg
  54. Mr. Max Sihler
  55. Mrs. Max Sihler
  56. Helen Gertrud Sihler
  57. Mr. Georg Simon
  58. Mr. John Sorensen
  59. Mr. Hermann Spalding
  60. Mrs. Hermann Spalding
  61. Mrs. Maria Stecher
  62. Fraul ein Christa Stieglitz
  63. Mr. Frank Stiersdorfer
  64. Mr. Josef Svetlak
  65. Mrs. Wilhelmine Taubert
  66. Miss Sonja Utschitel

To Southampton:

  1. Miss Herta Klausch
  2. Mrs. Rosa Quast
  3. Mrs. Hertha Melhausen
  4. Miss Maria Schmidt


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