SS Pennsylvania Passenger List - 21 June 1902

Front Cover of a First & Second Cabin Passenger List for the SS Pennsylvania of the Hamburg America Line, Departing 21 June 1902 from Hamburg to New York

Front Cover of a First and Second Cabin Passenger List for the SS Pennsylvania of the Hamburg America Line, Departing 21 June 1902 from Hamburg to New York via Boulogne-sur-Mer and Plymouth, Commanded by Captain H. Spliedt. GGA Image ID # 17811eecf8


List of Senior Offcers and Staff

  1. Commander: Captain H. Spliedt
  2. First Officer : Th. Kier
  3. Second Officer : J. Wecker
  4. Second Officer : W. Hennecke
  5. Third Officer : C. Profiihr
  6. Fourth Officer : W. Mellini
  7. Chief Engineer: R. Bernhardt
  8. Second Engineer : W. Kiliwer
  9. Third Engineer : L. Edelmann
  10. Fourth Engineer : W. Utecht
  11. Fourth Engineer : F. Jourdan
  12. Fourth Engineer : A. Kaak
  13. Physician : Dr. Heberlein
  14. Purser: A. Freydanek
  15. Assistant Purser : R. Toepel
  16. First Chief Steward : R. Markmann
  17. Second Chief Steward : C. Petersen
  18. Assistant Chief Steward : A. Ellenberg
  19. Assistant Chief Steward : R. Lemcke
  20. Head Chef : F. Winter


First Cabin Passengers

  1. Mr. Wm. Adler
  2. Mr. Robert Adler
  3. Miss S. Acker
  4. Mrs. J. G. Beadle
  5. Alice Beadle
  6. Miss Rosa Baumgarten
  7. Mr. Emil Bittrolff
  8. Mrs. Emil Bittrolff
  9. Miss C. Bittrolff
  10. Miss L. Bittrolff
  11. Mr. Federico Beyer
  12. Mrs. W. J. Chalmers
  13. Miss W. J. Chalmers
  14. Miss Christian
  15. Mr. N. C. Cushing
  16. Mr. F. Edwin
  17. Mrs. F. Edwin
  18. Mr. Chas. E. Emery
  19. Mr. Max Eisenthal
  20. Mrs. Caroline Fihe
  21. Dr. Clement C. Fihe
  22. Mr. Chas. Givernand
  23. Mrs. Chas. Givernand
  24. Mr. Louis Givernand
  25. Mr. Martin Guhl
  26. Mr. Rud. Gortz
  27. Miss Lisa Gonulski
  28. Miss Hansen
  29. Mrs. W. E. Hamilton
  30. Miss Anna von Heyderstâdt
  31. Mr. C. O. Hoyt
  32. Mrs. C. 0 Hoyt
  33. Miss Lucile Hoyt
  34. Mr. Walter Hoyt
  35. Miss J. Hawkes
  36. Mr. Chas. D. Hahn
  37. Miss Pauline von Heyderstâdt
  38. Mr. Elias Jout
  39. Miss Anita Kelly
  40. Mr. Walter Kraeft
  41. Mr. P. J. Klapperich
  42. Mr. F. J. Mapperich
  43. Miss Lila Lowell
  44. Miss Ellen Bowen Logan
  45. Mrs. Marie du Mont
  46. Miss Claire du Mont
  47. Mrs. J. E. Montgomery
  48. Mrs. Jacob Meyer
  49. Miss Osborne Mr. G. Oppenheimer
  50. Mr. Ernst Paulsen
  51. Mrs. Helene Paulsen
  52. Fritz Paulsen
  53. Miss Elise Paulsen
  54. Anita Paulsen
  55. Helene Paulsen
  56. Henriette Paulsen
  57. Mr. W. C. Pope
  58. Mrs. W. C. Pope
  59. Mr. Louis M. Rice
  60. Mrs. Louis M. Rice
  61. Mr. A. J. Torrilhou
  62. Mr. Chr. Torsleff
  63. Mr. Underhill
  64. Mrs. General-Konsul O. M. Vogler
  65. Mr. General-Konsul Albert Véler
  66. Mr. Wilhelm Voigt
  67. Mr. Norman Williams Jr.
  68. Mr. Johs. Weber
  69. Mrs. Johs. Weber
  70. Miss Elsa Wicht
  71. Mr. Otto Wiese
  72. Miss Flora Wilber
  73. Miss Marion W. Williams


Second Cabin Passengers

  1. Mrs. Christine April
  2. Mrs. Lina Burkard
  3. Miss Catharine Baumgartner
  4. Mrs. Franzisea Briegel
  5. Mrs. Lea Blum
  6. Miss Magda Bonnichson
  7. Miss Antonia Bonnichson
  8. Miss Auguste Berger
  9. Miss D. Borooh
  10. Miss R. Borooh
  11. Sore Borooh
  12. Noch Borooh
  13. Arcadia Borooh
  14. Esther Borooh
  15. Mr. M. Borook
  16. Mr. M. Czugler
  17. Mr. Paul Demuth
  18. Mrs. Magdalene Dreessen
  19. Miss Dorothea Dreessen
  20. Joh. Dreessen
  21. Mrs. Chas. Dahnhart
  22. Mr. Willy F. Dickert
  23. Mr. Alois Dedter
  24. Mr. S. Dagner
  25. Mrs. S. Diigner
  26. Mr. Jacob Dworecki
  27. Mr. E. Drozdowski
  28. Mr. D. Dzewenischky
  29. Mr. J. Dzewenischky
  30. Mr. Paul Epping
  31. Mr. Wilh. Eberhard
  32. Mr. E. Ehrlich
  33. Mr. Albert Fischer
  34. Mrs. M. Fre dricksen
  35. Mrs. G. Fowler
  36. Mrs. Fritzsche and Child
  37. Miss Ludwina Fitterer
  38. Mr. A. Fink
  39. Mr. G. Gohner
  40. Mr. Jos. Gutmann
  41. Mr. Fritz Goschel
  42. Mrs. Guff and Child
  43. Mr. Kapt. Herm. Game
  44. Mr. Otto Gross
  45. Miss K. Gauck
  46. Mr. E. Guam
  47. Mr. J. Galantzky
  48. Miss Ella Heise
  49. Mr. Rich. E. Helbig
  50. Mrs. Rich. E Helbig
  51. Mr. Alfons Heber
  52. Mr. Herm. Hotop
  53. Miss Magdalena Hasselfeldt
  54. Mr. Henry Haxo
  55. Mrs. Hannah Jeckel
  56. Mrs. Laura Jacobsen and Child
  57. Mr. Carl Krebs
  58. Mr. Heinr. Kirschner
  59. Mr. W. H. Klump
  60. Mr. Johann von Kampton
  61. Johann von Kampton
  62. Ella von Kampton
  63. Mrs. Hulda Auguste von Kampton
  64. Miss M. Kiechler
  65. Mr. E. Kuhtz
  66. Miss M. Koch
  67. Mrs. Dora Licht
  68. Miss Ella Lehmann
  69. Miss Ida Leniartek
  70. Mrs. Elise Lohr
  71. Mr. A. Mandel
  72. Mr. E. H. H. Muns
  73. Mrs. Anna Miinzenberg
  74. Mrs. Auguste Moebius
  75. Miss Clara Moebius
  76. Mr. Henry Meyer
  77. Mrs. Henry Meyer
  78. Mrs. Auguste Mock
  79. Miss Zeline Mock
  80. Mr. Frank P. Miller
  81. Mrs. Frank P. Miller
  82. Mr. Leon Miropolsky
  83. Mrs. Sophie Miropolsky and Child
  84. Mr. Max Miropolsky
  85. Mrs. Maria Martinkus
  86. Mr. Jonas Morgenstern
  87. Mr. A. Markow
  88. Mr. A. A. Mata
  89. Mrs. Pauline Naehrlich
  90. Mrs. Anna K. Nauer
  91. Mrs. K. Oelerich and Child
  92. Mr. Hans E. Petersen
  93. Miss Anna Plank
  94. Mrs. A. Pabst
  95. Mr. Joh. Petersen
  96. Mr. A. Plonnis
  97. Miss Johanna Riihse
  98. Mrs. Emma Rossberg
  99. Miss Lina Rossberg
  100. Mr. Louis Rickheimer
  101. Mrs. Fr. Rohrbach
  102. Mr. Alfred Seeler
  103. Miss Anna Spörl
  104. Mr. Val. Stenger
  105. Miss Cecilia Simon
  106. Miss Ernestina Solomonesen
  107. Mr. Paul Schmidt
  108. Mr. Gustav Spohr
  109. Mrs. Gustav Spohr
  110. Mrs. Theod. Schmitz
  111. Mr. S. Schneider
  112. Mr. Aba Schamesch
  113. Mrs. Aba Schamesch
  114. Benjamin Schamesch
  115. Mr. A. H. Steebar
  116. Mr. Otto Schauderna
  117. Miss Martha Soost
  118. Mr. J. Seligmann
  119. Mr. A. Silbermann
  120. Mr. R. Schwan
  121. Mr. Rich. Vogel
  122. Mrs. M. Vormelker
  123. A. Vormelker
  124. Mr. Martin Woltje
  125. Mr. Heinr. Wulf
  126. Mrs. Heinr. Wulf
  127. Mrs. Anna Wittenberg
  128. Mr. Carl Wiemann
  129. Mrs. Augusta Walposki
  130. Mrs. Ludowika Wisnisewska
  131. Mrs. Bernh. Walther
  132. Mr. Carl Wimmer
  133. Mr. Paul Wistuba
  134. Mr. Franz Walaitis
  135. Mr. Kasimir Zapalowski
  136. Miss Kasimira Zalewska
  137. Mrs. Anna Zeidler

To Boulogne: First Cabin.

  1. Mr. Rud. Hoffmann
  2. Mrs. Rud. Hoffmann
  3. Mrs. Mistarlet

To Plymouth: Fist Cabin.

  1. Miss Urzula Eccler
  2. FAiulein Bertha Eccler
  3. Miss Patricia Eccler
  4. Mr. Paul Gunther

To Plymouth: Second Cabin

  1. Mr. W. H. E. Osten
  2. Mr. Ch. Thygesen
  3. Mr. A. Becker
  4. Mr. Franz Ropke
  5. Mr. Herm. Müller


Information for Passengers:

Meals. Breakfast is served from 8 to 10 am., lunch at 12 noon., dinner at 6 pm. and tea at 9:00 pm A bell will be rung 15 minutes before each meal, and a second signal will be given at the beginning of the meal.

Promenade deck. Steamer Chairs belonging to the Ocean Comfort Company can be rented for use on the voyage, at a charge of one dollar, upon application to the Deck Steward,
Stewards. The Stewards have strict instructions to attend to the wants of Passengers in a prompt and courteous mapper. Passengers are requested to bring any inattention to the notice of the Chief Steward, and if the complaint made is not promptly investigated, to report it to the Captain.

Baggage. As only small pieces of baggage can be taken into the cabins all large pieces will be stored in the hold. In good weather access may be had to the hold and Passengers desirous of getting at their large baggage should apply to their Room Steward.

Hot or Cold Baths. A number of comfortable bathrooms are provided aboard. The Bathroom Steward or Stewardess will attend to the bath upon the passenger's request. No charge is made for baths. The water used is sea-water.

Smoking Saloon. Smoking is allowed only on deck and in the Smoking Room; it is positively prohibited in the cabins and below deck. Lights in the Smoking Room are extinguished at midnight.

Valuables. The Company is not responsible for theft if valuables are kept in the staterooms. A safe is provided in the office of the Purser, to whom money, jewelry, etc., may be handed for safe-keeping, but without guaranty of the Company.

Surgeon and Apothecary. An experienced Physician is attached to every steamer. For medical attendance in cases of sickness no charge is made; medicines also are provided free of charge.

The Barber is entitled to charge for his services according to the tariff fixed by the Company.

Library. The books in the library, which may be obtained upon application to the Library Steward, are at the disposal of Passengers, free of charge. A catalogue of the German, English and French books in the ship's library can be had from the Library Steward.

Writing Paper, Envelopes and Telegraph Forms will be supplied by the Saloon Steward.

Foreign Money. The Purser is prepared to exchange foreign money.


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