SS New York Passenger List - 8 June 1939

Front Cover of a Cabin, Tourist, and Third Class Passenger List for the SS New York of the Hamburg America Line, Departing Thursday, 8 June 1939 from New York to Hamburg

Front Cover of a Cabin, Tourist, and Third Class Passenger List for the SS New York of the Hamburg America Line Departing Thursday, 8 June 1939, from New York to Hamburg via Cobh, Cherbourg, and Southampton, Commanded by Captain B. Majewski. GGA Image ID # 177fd0412e

Within three months of this voyage, World War II begin in Europe with the invasion of Poland. The passenger list included an article that stated: "In addition, a Twin-Screw Electric Liner for the North-Atlantic Service of the Company is in the course of construction, with a tonnage of about 36,000 tons, to be placed into service in the beginning of 1941." It is likely the construction was stopped before the ship was built.

Notable Passengers Included; Alexander Albrecht, Karl Hoffmann, Georg Mehlis, Franz Schulz, and Dr. Hermann Ullmann.

S. S. NEW YORK: 22 337 Gross Register Tons, Length: 674 ft. Beam: 78 ft.


Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Commander: Captain B. Majewski
  2. First Officer: W. Pabst
  3. Second Officer: S. Brodersen
  4. Chief Engineer: R. Franz
  5. First Radio Officer: P. Steinwerder
  6. First Physician: Dr. J. Hofherr
  7. Second Physician: Dr. H. Grünberg
  8. Trained Nurse: Gertrud Vogel
  9. Purser: W. Ehren
  10. Purser: H. Hoff
  11. Assistant Purser: G. Wolff
  12. Assistant Purser: W. Klocke
  13. Baggage Master: O. Schmidt
  14. Chief Steward, Cabin Class: H. Domini
  15. Grill Room Chef: A. Zellinger
  16. Chief Steward, Tourist Class: A. Klein
  17. Chief Steward, Third Class: C. Trantofsky
  18. Chief Cook: R. Hesse
  19. Orchestra Conductor: F. Ofenegg


Cabin Class Passengers

  1. Mr. Alexander Albrecht
    Alexander Albrecht (12 August 1885, Arad, Hungarian Kingdom - 30 August 1958, Bratislava) was a composer, an important exponent of the Slovak music in the first half of the 20th century
  2. Mrs. Albrecht (Margaréta Fischerová)
  3. Dr. Otto Allemann
  4. Mr. Henry R. Bartner
  5. Mrs. Bartner
  6. Mr. Richard H. Bartner
  7. Mrs. Maria Beck
  8. Mr. Otto Beck
  9. Mrs. Beck
  10. Mr. Coit E. Beilstein
  11. Miss Mathilde Benderscheid
  12. Mr. F. Benedict
  13. Mrs. Benedict
  14. Baron R. Bertouch-Lehn
  15. Baroness Bertouch-Lehn
  16. Miss Daisy L. Blaisdell
  17. Mrs. August Brand
  18. Dr. Rudolf Brandes
  19. Mr. Hellmuth Buchholz
  20. Mrs. Martha C. Buhler
  21. Mr. W. G. Copeland
  22. Mrs. Copeland
  23. Mrs. Anita Dohen
  24. Miss M. O. Euring
  25. Dir. Albrecht von Frankenberg and Ludwigsdorf
    (1900–1940), Hüttendirektor
  26. Mr. Ernst Gasser-Steiner
  27. Mr. Philipp A. Gauch
  28. Miss Irma Gerber
  29. Mr. P. W. Gerhardt
  30. Mrs. Gerhardt
  31. Miss Lieselotte Gerhardt
  32. Mrs. Themis Golz
  33. Mr. Max Graudenz
  34. Mrs. Graudenz
  35. Mr. P. Hagemann
  36. Mrs. Amalie Heidorn
  37. Rev. John J. Hennessey
  38. Mrs. Oscar Hentschel
  39. Mr. G. von Hessert
  40. Mrs. von Hessert
  41. Mr. Casper Hilger
  42. Mr. Herman W. Hincke
  43. Mrs. Hincke
  44. Miss Pauline Isabel Hincke
  45. Mr. Karl Hoffmann
    Karl Hoffmann (26 February 1915 – 21 May 1996) was a German linguist who specialized in Indo-European and Indo-Iranian studies. He is most recognized for his achievements in his studies of Vedic Sanskrit, Avestan and Old Persian languages. In 1934, Hoffmann began his education in Indo-European studies, which he continued until he was called in for military service for Germany at the start of World War II in 1939. Hoffmann took his leave from the war during 1941, just long enough to receive his doctorate for his unpublished dissertation, titled Die altindoarischen Wörter mit -nd- besonders im Rgveda. Hoffmann was at the Russian front until 1943, after which he joined the Indian Legion (Indische Legion), together with other German Indologists, such as Paul Thieme and Gustav Roth
  46. Mrs. Hoffmann
  47. Mr. Gottfried von Hohenberg
  48. Mrs. Wilhelmine Hughes
  49. Mrs. Irene Keller
  50. Mr. Alois Köchlhuber
  51. Mr. Henry F. Kohankie
  52. Mrs. Florence R. Kohankie
  53. Mr. Jos. H. Knipp
  54. Mrs. Dorothea Kubier
  55. Prof. Dr. E. A. Kubier
  56. Mrs. T. H. Lamprecht
  57. Mr. Hans Lielig
  58. Mr. Adrien Liengme
  59. Mr. Werner Maass
  60. Miss Lore Mayerhofer
  61. Mr. Georg Mehlis
    Georg Mehlis (1878-1942) was a German neo-Kantian philosopher. Initially he was a philosopher of history in the style of Heinrich Rickert
  62. Mrs. Alfriede Mehlis
  63. Dr. Otto Mohr
  64. Mr. Gilbert L. Peakes
  65. Mr. Arthur T. Peterson
  66. Mrs. Peterson
  67. Miss Phoebe Peterson
  68. Master Sterrett Peterson and nurse
  69. Dr. Hermann Prinz
  70. Mrs. Theodora von Puttkammer
  71. Mrs. Frieda Renner
  72. Dr. Emil Schill
  73. Mr. William H. Schroeder
  74. Mr. Franz Schulz
    Franz Schulz (22 March 1897 - 4 May 1971) was a playwright and screenwriter who worked from 1920 through 1956. Schulz was born into a wealthy family, and although of the Jewish faith, religion played no role in the family. In 1933 Schulz emigrated to Prague. Forced out of the Germany film industry by the rise of The Third Reich, Schultz emigrated to England. In 1939, Schulz co-founded the 'Austrian Exile Theatre Laterndl' that attempted to preserve Viennese culture through performances of cabaret and stage plays until August 1945. From 1940 on, and later as a naturalized US citizen, Shultz was officially Francis George Spencer. Upon the end of World War II emigrated to the United States where he continued work in film (and later television) as a screenwriter. Schulz later settled in Ascona, Switzerland and worked primarily as a playwright
  75. Mrs. Schulz
  76. Mrs. Elizabeth Schuricht
  77. Mrs. Cornelius Sippel
  78. Baron Alfred von Soden
  79. Baron Ekart von Soden
  80. Mr. Kurt A. Tauchen
  81. Dr. Hermann Ullmann
    Hermann Ullmann (12 September 1884 - 23 February 1958) was a popular conservative journalist. The focus of his journalistic activities were reports on the situation of expatriate Germans. Ullmann was the son of a Protestant merchant. From 1890 to 1902 Hermann Ullmann visited the Protestant elementary school and high school in Teplice. To study Ullmann went to Prague, Heidelberg and Berlin. At 22 he received his doctorate in Vienna. He then worked for two years as a high school teacher in Austria. This was followed by various journalistic activities. Through cultural criticism essays Ullmann made contact with Ferdinand Avenarius and was from 1904 to 1914 as an employee working for the magazine Kunstwart. From 1912 to 1937 he edited the magazine German labor. During World War Ullmann was a volunteer and served in the War Press Office. From 1925 to 1931 he was (with Rudolf Fischer) editor of the political weekly magazine (PWS), an organ of social and reformist conservatives people. whose aim was to dissuade a majority of right-wing political forces of the principled opposition to the Weimar Republic, and to win for a positive cooperation. In the political weekly a momentous article of Walther Lambach was, among other things, published, had the elimination of the Christian Socialists and the moderate right of the DNVP result
  82. Mr. G. Sylvester Viereck
  83. Mr. Fredy H. Walther
  84. Mr. Otto Walther
  85. Mrs. Walther
  86. Mr. John H. Watty
  87. Mrs. Käthe Watty
  88. Miss Brigitte Watty
  89. Mr. Frederick Willis
  90. Miss M. L. Worch


Tourist Class Passengers

  1. Mr. Oscar Appel
  2. Mrs. Appel
  3. Mr. Friedrich M. L. Arntz
  4. Mr. Douglas Auffmordt
  5. Miss Elfriede Barchwitz
  6. Miss Anna Behnke
  7. Mr. Reinhold E. Berndt
  8. Mrs. Magdalena Bluemke
  9. Mr. Henry Bock
  10. Mrs. Bock
  11. Dr. Phily Bourland
  12. Mrs. Mary Brade
  13. Mr. Reinhold Bresse
  14. Mr. Karl Buchstor
  15. Prof. Judson Butler
  16. Mrs. Butler
  17. Mr. Bernard Carroll
  18. Mr. Percival T. H. Crandon
  19. Mrs. Kate Crandon
  20. Mr. George Curtis
  21. Mr. Peter M. Deden
  22. Mrs. Christiane Degler
  23. Mrs. Johanna Erack
  24. Mr. Hamparsum Erkman
  25. Mrs. Bercuhi Erkman
  26. Miss Noyemi Erkman
  27. Mr. Michael Fieger
  28. Mrs. Fieger
  29. Miss Fieger
  30. Master Fieger
  31. Mr. John Gabelman
  32. Miss Anna Garbe
  33. Mrs. Elisabeth Gerecke
  34. Miss H. Goebel
  35. Mr. A. H. Gordon
  36. Miss Helen Govern
  37. Mrs. Else Greger
  38. Mr. Paul Hentschel
  39. Mr. Udo Hermann
  40. Mrs. Asra Hermann
  41. Mr. Jacob Holder
  42. Miss Helene Holzwarth
  43. Mr. Roy Caldwell Hopgood, Jr.
  44. Mrs. Elisabeth Horn-Salim
  45. Dr. Eva Huebner
  46. Miss Lillian Jones
  47. Miss Barbara Jung
  48. Mr. Willi Kaese
  49. Mr. Fred Kippenberg
  50. Mr. Erwin Koehler
  51. Mrs. Koehler
  52. Miss Margarete Koehler
  53. Mr. Ernst Kroeger
  54. Mrs. Kroeger
  55. Mr. Paul C. Kuebler
  56. Mr. Max Lehmann
  57. Mrs. Lehmann
  58. Rev. Wm. P. Lemon
  59. Mrs. Lemon
  60. Miss Edith Lenel
  61. Mr. Johannes Lewandowski
  62. Father Dennis Lundon
  63. Dr. Guenther Menk
  64. Miss Amanda Micheel
  65. Mr. William Mueller
  66. Mrs. Mueller
  67. Mrs. Minnie C. Pelters
  68. Mrs. Gertrude Pighetti
  69. Mr. Miroslav Pisl
  70. Dr. Georg L. Preda
  71. Mrs. Preda
  72. Miss Lotte Proehl
  73. Mr. Leo I. Rawen
  74. Mrs. Anna Roeser
  75. Mr. George Sausack
  76. Miss E. M. Sausack
  77. Mr. Carl Schellhorn
  78. Mrs. Schellhorn
  79. Mrs. L. S. Schiller
  80. Mrs. Martha A. Schmidt
  81. Miss Liselotte Schmidt
  82. Mrs. Aurabel Sibler
  83. Master Carl F. Sibler
  84. Mr. Converse Owen Smith
  85. Mr. Ernst Sorgenfrei
  86. Mrs. Sorgenfrei
  87. Mrs. Luise Speidel
  88. Miss Louise D. Speidel
  89. Miss Julia Stacescu
  90. Mrs. Gertrude Steudle
  91. Miss Evelyn Steudle
  92. Mr. Hermann Stiepoeck
  93. Mrs. Viktoria Stiepoeck
  94. Miss Maria Tanase
  95. Dr. Gabor Temesvary
  96. Mrs. Minna Theilemann
  97. Mr. John H. Uhl
  98. Mrs. Gerta Urry
  99. Miss Merrelin Urry
  100. Mrs. Margarethe Van Megen
  101. Mrs. Gladys Waaler
  102. Mrs. Elizabeth B. Wheway
  103. Mr. Sedat Zincirkiran
  104. Mrs. Zincirkiran


Third Class Passengers

  1. Mr. Otto Aigner
  2. Mrs. Aigner
  3. Mr. George Allen
  4. Mrs. Lillian Allen
  5. Mrs. Paula Andersen
  6. Miss Louise Armer
  7. Mr. William Asemissen
  8. Mrs. Anna Marie Aust
  9. Miss Rose Marie Aust
  10. Mr. August Austel
  11. Mrs. Anna Bambach
  12. Mrs. Ella Beckmann
  13. Miss Irene E. Beckmann
  14. Mrs. Caroline Bender
  15. Master Earl M. Bender
  16. Mr. Alfred Bendixen
  17. Sister Berchmann
  18. Mr. Reinhard Bergmann
  19. Mrs. Ella Bergmann
  20. Master Richard Bergmann
  21. Miss Doris Bergmann
  22. Mr. John Berning
  23. Mrs. Berning
  24. Mrs. Sophie Beumling
  25. Mrs. Anna Bierwirth
  26. Mrs. Karl Bierwirth
  27. Master Franklin Bierwirth
  28. Mrs. Katharina Bous
  29. Miss Amanda Brandenberger
  30. Mr. Heinrich Brodersen
  31. Mrs. Ida Brodersen
  32. Miss Frieda Bruenger
  33. Mr. Andrew Buri
  34. Mrs. Buri
  35. Master Walter Buri
  36. Mr. Sven Carlsen
  37. Mr. Christensen
  38. Mrs. Christensen
  39. Mrs. Anna Cymansky
  40. Master Walter Cymansky
  41. Miss Regina Cymansky
  42. Miss Alma Cymansky
  43. Mr. Franz Daffner
  44. Mrs. Daffner
  45. Mrs. Johanna Dahlin
  46. Mrs. Margaret Danielson
  47. Mr. Petru Daradicz
  48. Mrs. Anna Dem
  49. Master Walter Dern
  50. Master Richard Dern
  51. Mrs. Emilie Dieterle
  52. Mrs. Ida Doege
  53. Mr. Otto Dorries
  54. Mrs. Frieda Dorries
  55. Miss Frieda Dorries
  56. Master William Dorries
  57. Miss Gertrude Dorries
  58. Master Hermann Dorries
  59. Miss Hildegard Dorries
  60. Miss Virginia Dorries
  61. Mr. Philip Dotterweich
  62. Mr. Gustus A. Dunn, Jr.
  63. Mr. Walter Durand
  64. Mrs. Charlotte Durand
  65. Mr. Friedrich Eckert
  66. Mrs. Martha Eckert
  67. Master Karl Heinz Eckert
  68. Miss Hildegard Eckert
  69. Master George Eckert
  70. Mrs. Frieda Eggers
  71. Master Carl Eggers
  72. Mr. Friedrich Eiermann
  73. Mrs. Eiermann
  74. Miss Hilde Eller
  75. Mr. Otto Engelhardt
  76. Mr. William Epple
  77. Mrs. Epple
  78. Miss Patricia Epple
  79. Miss Barbara Epple
  80. Mrs. Maria Ewers
  81. Mr. John Feibel
  82. Mrs. Feibel
  83. Miss Maria Feibel
  84. Mr. Adolf Fischer
  85. Mrs. Fischer
  86. Miss Hedwig Fischer
  87. Master Adolf Fischer
  88. Master Lawrence Fischer
  89. Mr. William Fischer
  90. Mrs. Auguste Fischer
  91. Mr. John L. Fitz Maurice
  92. Mrs. Josephine Fitz Maurice
  93. Miss Eileen Fitz Maurice
  94. Master Desmond Fitz Maurice
  95. Mrs. Anna Fleischer
  96. Mr. James Florance
  97. Mrs. Anna Maria Franken
  98. Mrs. Emma Fritz
  99. Mr. Edward A. H. Fuchs
  100. Mrs. Elizabeth Fuerbass
  101. Mr. George Garvey
  102. Mr. Emil Gerloff
  103. Mrs. Gerloff
  104. Mr. Joseph Gerner
  105. Mrs. Emma Geurts
  106. Master Hermann Geurts
  107. Master Frederick Geurts
  108. Mr. Adolf Giedow
  109. Miss Rosa Glasstetter
  110. Mrs. Marie Glatz
  111. Miss Helene Glatz
  112. Mrs. H. Gloyer
  113. Master Walter W. Gloyer
  114. Miss Maria Goels
  115. Mr. Fritz Goepell
  116. Mr. Joseph Grasmann
  117. Mrs. Grasmann
  118. Miss Viola Grasmann
  119. Mr. Paul Gritzner
  120. Mr. W. Groellmann
  121. Miss Luise Grosshans
  122. Miss Gertrude Gude
  123. Mr. Herbert Haehnchen
  124. Mrs. Haehnchen
  125. Miss Anita E. Haehnchen
  126. Mrs. Augusta Hagen
  127. Mrs. Wilhelmine Hagner
  128. Mrs. Anna Hansen
  129. Mrs. Eufemia Haussecker-Lempp
  130. Miss Gertrude Haussecker-Lempp
  131. Mrs. Lena Hederich
  132. Mr. Ferdinand A. Heinrich
  133. Mrs. Heinrich
  134. Mrs. G. Heissler
  135. Master Gerhard Heissler
  136. Miss Magareth Heissler
  137. Miss Josephine Heissler
  138. Mrs. Louise Herdrich
  139. Mr. Isaac Newton Hickmann
  140. Mrs. Anna Hildebrand
  141. Mrs. Mary Hill
  142. Mr. Willi Hillebrecht
  143. Mrs. Ottilie Hillebrecht
  144. Miss Marianne Hillebrecht
  145. Mrs. Anna Hippeli
  146. Master Raymond Hippeli
  147. Miss Helen Hnatt
  148. Miss Margarete Hoesle
  149. Mr. Stefan Hrabcak
  150. Mr. Wallace A. Huels
  151. Mr. Anton P. Huels
  152. Mr. Nicolaus Ilciatin
  153. Miss Clara Isen
  154. Mr. Edwin Jaeger
  155. Mrs. Helen Jaeger
  156. Mr. William F. Jahnke
  157. Mr. Henry A. Jahnke
  158. Mr. Gabriel Janitsch
  159. Mr. Joseph Juch
  160. Mrs. Erna Juch
  161. Mr. Mark Judge
  162. Mrs. Hedwig Jungclaus
  163. Miss Margaret Jungclaus
  164. Mr. Kasper Kaufmann
  165. Miss Elisabeth Keidel
  166. Mr. Ernst Keitel
  167. Mrs. Keitel
  168. Master Friedrich Keitel
  169. Mrs. Margarethe Kiefer
  170. Mrs. Mary Klug
  171. Miss Martha Knoedler
  172. Miss Marianne Koch
  173. Mrs. Marie Kock
  174. Mr. Rudolf Koenen
  175. Mrs. Anna Koenig
  176. Mrs. Katharina M. Kohler
  177. Mr. Walter Kollmorgen
  178. Mr. Ludwig Kondzior
  179. Mrs. Elli Konkolewski
  180. Miss Margot Konkolewski
  181. Mrs. Ida Koschyk
  182. Miss Hedwig Koschyk
  183. Mrs. Emma Koslowski
  184. Mr. Ernst Kosse
  185. Mrs. Kosse Mr. Heinrich Kossen
  186. Mrs. Kossen and infant
  187. Mrs. Katie Kramer
  188. Mrs. Anna Kranz
  189. Mr. Karl Kraus
  190. Mrs. Kraus
  191. Mr. Friedrich Krauss
  192. Mrs. Maria Krauss
  193. Miss Elfriede Krauss
  194. Master Werner Krauss
  195. Mr. Helmut Kress
  196. Mr. Rudi H. Krueger
  197. Mr. Johannes Kuehne
  198. Mrs. Kuehne
  199. Miss Rosemarie Kuehne
  200. Mrs. Eliese Kuehnemund
  201. Mr. Hermann Kuettemann
  202. Mrs. Kuettemann
  203. Master Hermann Kuettemann
  204. Miss Sybille Kuettemann
  205. Mrs. Elisa Kurrat
  206. Mrs. Hildegard Laible
  207. Mr. Johann Lamke
  208. Mr. Gustav Lamm
  209. Mr. John Lang
  210. Miss Selma Latter
  211. Mr. Walter Leach
  212. Mrs. Antonia Leach
  213. Mrs. Margaret Leibe
  214. Master Heinz Leibe
  215. Miss Margaret Leibe
  216. Miss Maria Leuschner
  217. Miss Hedwig Linder
  218. Mr. Leslie Lintelmann
  219. Mr. Joseph Loder
  220. Mr. Friedrich Lorenz
  221. Mrs. Mary Low
  222. Miss Julia Low
  223. Mr. Reinhold Lowatzky
  224. Mrs. Lowatzky
  225. Mr. John Maier
  226. Mrs. Maier
  227. Master Jack Maier
  228. Mrs. Margarete Marschall
  229. Miss Rosa Mattmann
  230. Miss Mary McHugh
  231. Miss Pauline Meier
  232. Miss Kaethe Mettin
  233. Mr. Felix Meyle
  234. Miss Rosa Miritz
  235. Mr. Frederick Mohr
  236. Mrs. Mohr
  237. Miss Mathilde Mohr
  238. Mr. George Mueller
  239. Mrs. Mueller
  240. Mr. Ludwig Mueller
  241. Mrs. Mueller
  242. Mrs. Frieda Mueller
  243. Mrs. Helene Mueller
  244. Mr. Johann Muhr
  245. Mrs. Muhr
  246. Master Alfred Muhr
  247. Miss Della L. Muhr
  248. Mrs. Kunigunde Neubauer
  249. Mr. Bernhard Neuhaus
  250. Mrs. Neuhaus
  251. Miss Barbara Neukaeufer
  252. Dr. Maria Novotny
  253. Mrs. Anna Oellrich
  254. Miss Margaret Oellrich
  255. Miss Anita Oellrich
  256. Mr. Wilhelm von Oesen
  257. Mrs. von Oesen
  258. Mr. Albert Oppelt
  259. Sister M. Pascal
  260. Mr. A. Peschning
  261. Miss Anna Petersen
  262. Mr. Hermann Pieper
  263. Miss Bertha Pisarz
  264. Mr. Otto Pletschacher
  265. Mr. Hans Poehnl
  266. Mr. Anton Pokorny
  267. Miss Rose Marie Pruess
  268. Mr. Rudolf Punzmann
  269. Mrs. Punzmann
  270. Master Rudolf Punzmann
  271. Mr. John Raab Mrs. Raab
  272. Master John Raab, Jr.
  273. Mrs. Bertha Raikos
  274. Miss Cecilia Rassel
  275. Mr. Edgar Rathjens
  276. Miss Caroline Rauser
  277. Mrs. Therese Rehm
  278. Miss Dolores Rehm
  279. Master George Rehm
  280. Master Leroy Rehm
  281. Mr. Johann Reimann
  282. Miss Sarah Reynolds
  283. Mr. W. C. Richardson
  284. Mrs. Richardson
  285. Mr. Homer G. Richey
  286. Mr. Wilhelm Ringelsbacher
  287. Mrs. Maria Ritter
  288. Miss Louise Rodenbaeck
  289. Miss Margaret Roecker
  290. Mrs. Bertha Rohde
  291. Mr. Henry Rosenbrock
  292. Miss Martha Rosenbrock
  293. Mrs. Clara Ruecker
  294. Master Harry Ruecker
  295. Mrs. Martha Sack
  296. Mr. Julius Sandor
  297. Mrs. Sandor
  298. Mrs. Luise Schick
  299. Miss Helene Schilcher
  300. Mr. Alfons Schimm
  301. Mrs. Molly Schimm
  302. Master Harry Schimm
  303. Mr. Julius Schipitsch
  304. Mrs. Franciska Schipitsch
  305. Miss Hilda Schipitsch
  306. Mrs. Johanne Schlender
  307. Master Guenther Schlender
  308. Miss Edith Schleser
  309. Mrs. Ella Schmaelzle
  310. Miss Katherine Schmalz
  311. Mrs. Kathe Schmittgall
  312. Master George W. Schmittgall
  313. Mr. Edwin Schneider
  314. Mrs. Frieda Schniepp
  315. Mr. Ernst Schran
  316. Mrs. Schran
  317. Mrs. Caroline Schreiner
  318. Mrs. Anna Schrick
  319. Mr. Julius Schueler
  320. Mrs. Agnes Schueler
  321. Mr. Edward F. Schuetz
  322. Mrs. Clothilde Schuetz
  323. Mr. Frank Schuhmann
  324. Mrs. Schuhmann
  325. Miss Ruth Schuhmann
  326. Mrs. Ottilie Schultz
  327. Master Friedrich Schultz
  328. Mr. Ernst Schuren
  329. Mr. Karl Schuster
  330. Mrs. Ida Schuster
  331. Miss Paula Seber
  332. Mr. Vendolm Sefick
  333. Mr. Max Seidel
  334. Mrs. Seidel
  335. Mrs. Maria Siegel
  336. Mr. Smith
  337. Dr. Otto Springer
  338. Mrs. Anni M. Springer
  339. Master Wolfgang Springer
  340. Master Ulrich Springer
  341. Mr. Paul Steeb
  342. Miss Else Stelzer
  343. Mr. George Stockerl
  344. Mr. Ernst Storz
  345. Mrs. Martha Strys
  346. Master William Strys
  347. Mr. John Studerus
  348. Mrs. Erma Szasz
  349. Miss Erma Szasz
  350. Miss Josephine Tausz
  351. Mrs. Frieda Theidel
  352. Miss Ruth Theidel
  353. Mrs. M. Thenne
  354. Mr. Tiefenbacher
  355. Mrs. Tiefenbacher
  356. Mr. Tomsen
  357. Mr. John Torok
  358. Mrs. Anna Unseld
  359. Mrs. E. Vaethroeder
  360. Mrs. Rosa Vicich
  361. Mr. Rudolf Vogelreuter
  362. Mrs. Katharina Vogelreuter
  363. Miss Marialoise Vogelreuter
  364. Mr. Gregor Volkheim
  365. Mrs. Annemarie Vollert
  366. Master Bernhard Vollert
  367. Master Hans Vollert
  368. Mr. John Vomocil
  369. Mrs. Maria Vomocil
  370. Master Vlasta Vomocil
  371. Mr. Hermann Voss
  372. Mrs. Ilse Walther
  373. Miss Charlotte Walther
  374. Master Alfred Walther
  375. Mr. Hubert Wasner
  376. Mr. Weidinger
  377. Mrs. Weidinger
  378. Miss Ruth Weidinger
  379. Mrs. H. Welch
  380. Mr. Herbert Werthmann
  381. Mrs. Anneliese Werthmann
  382. Mr. John Weisert
  383. Mr. John Westphal
  384. Mrs. Westphal
  385. Prof. Samuel Winkler
  386. Mrs. Ottilie Wittum
  387. Mr. Hans Wittum
  388. Mr. Wilhelm Wolfi
  389. Mrs. Frieda Wolff
  390. Master Guenther Wolff
  391. Master Gerhardt Wolff
  392. Mrs. Eva Maria York
  393. Master Edward York
  394. Mrs. Mary Yuhasz
  395. Miss Margit J. Yuhasz
  396. Mrs. F. Zeuner
  397. Mr. Josef Zinke
  398. Mr. Assaph Zuch
  399. Miss Adele Zuck
  400. Mr. Robert Zumstein
  401. Mrs. Zumstein
  402. Mr. Max Zurow
  403. Mrs. Zurow



The Hamburg America Line is Germany’s oldest and largest steamship company. It was founded on May 27, 1847 by Hamburg merchants as the Hamburg-American Steam Packet Company and rose in the course of a few decades from an obscure firm owning a few sailing ships to the position of the world's largest steamship company whose ships sailed to every corner of the globe.

After the World War which resulted in the loss of practically all of its tonnage, untiring and persevering efforts soon enabled the Hamburg America Line to again occupy one of the leading positions in the shipping world with a modern fleet of 110 ocean-going steamers and 147 smaller vessels aggregating in all 788,178 Gross Register Tons.

The first service operated by the Company which today maintains regular services to all parts of the world, was between Hamburg and New York. After the foundation of the Company the service was inaugurated by three sailing ships, soon to be followed by the first steamers flying the Hapag flag. They started a rapid development of this important service by still larger and faster ships until, at the outbreak of the War, three giant liners plying between Hamburg and New York were the largest and most luxurious afloat.

Today the New York Service is maintained by the four twin-screw express steamers of the "Hamburg” type, of 22,000 Gross Register Tons. Propelled by engines of about 28,000 HP., these ships attain an average speed of 19 miles per hour enabling them to make the crossing from Hamburg to New York in eight days.

Every Thursday, in summer and winter, one of the "Famous Four” sails from Hamburg via Southampton and Cherbourg to New York while another one returns from New York via Cherbourg and Southampton to Hamburg. Each of these ships can accommodate about 1,000 passengers in Cabin, Tourist and Third Class. Besides the four ships of the "Hamburg” type, the twin-screw motorship "St. Louis” of 16,732 Gross Register Tons is also engaged in the New York Service.

In addition, a Twin-Screw Electric Liner for the North-Atlantic Service of the Company is in the course of construction, with a tonnage of about 36,000 tons, to be placed into service in the beginning of 1941.

Apart from this service, the Hamburg America Line maintains regular sailings to all parts of the world. More than 120 ports in every corner of the globe are regularly called at by the steamers of the Hamburg America Line. With excellent ships for the speedy transportation of passengers, cargo and mail, the Company maintains services to Canada, Cuba and Mexico, the West Indies and Central America, to the West Coast of North and South America, to the Dutch East Indies, to Australia, to China and Japan and other countries of the Far East.

Pleasure cruising has been another important branch of the Company’s business ever since, in the early nineties, the "Augusta Victoria" of the Hamburg- American Line sailed on the world’s first pleasure cruise.

The Twin-screw- steamer "New York” is scheduled yearly on Sbort and Long West Indies Cruises visiting the most remarkable places of the Caribbean.

The "Milwaukee” of 16,754 Tons is exclusively engaged in cruising carrying its passengers to the Mediterranean and the Lands of the Midnight Sun, to the Atlantic Islands and to the West Indies. The "Milwaukee”, among other features, is equipped with up-to-date installations for medicinal baths, massages and similar treatments making her the world’s first "floating Spa.”

Information for Passengers

The Office of the Baggage Representative furnishes all information to passengers concerning baggage.

To facilitate landing and to avoid unnecessary delay in Hamburg, arrangements have been made that all baggage can be despatched on board to its destination.

During the voyage in all baggage matters passengers must only communicate with the BAGGAGE REPRESENTATIVE. Other members of the ship’s crew are not entitled to accept orders regarding baggage.

Baggage Insurance: Passengers who prior to sailing omitted to insure their bag-
gage against all risks can still do so at moderate premium and under favorable conditions, upon application to the Baggage Representative on board.


An interpreter for the Hungarian and also all Slavian languages is aboard and to be found in the office of the Baggage Master. Office Hours: 9.00 — 12.00 am and 4.00 — 6:00 pm.

TOUR DEPARTMENT OF THE HAMBURG-AMERICAN LINE on the A-Deck, an Office of the Tour Department has been established. This Office furnishes information to passengers concerning the sailings of the steamers, the railway services from port of arrival into the interior, the air service and all other arrangements of the Hamburg - American Line. It also provides information with regard to Customhouse and passport arrangements and other questions which are of importance to travelers. At the office tickets are issued for railroads and steamers to all ports of the world.

BAGGAGE INSURANCE. Passengers who prior to sailing omitted to insure their baggage against all or any risks can still do so at moderate premium rates and favourable conditions, upon application to the purser or baggage master on board.


Lifebelts, ready for use, will be found at the head of the beds in the staterooms.

They are put on like a coat or a vest and tied securely in front at the neck and around the waist. The signal for the passengers is seven short and one long blast of the whistle, and when this signal is sounded passengers should immediately go to the assigned meeting places, the location of which is announced on the bulletin boards aboard the vessel. The room-stewards, under the direction of the officer in charge, will conduct the passengers from these meeting places to the lifeboats.


Passengers in possession of "Bordreiseschecks’' are requested to sign their name in the upper left hand corner immediately upon receipt of the checks so that in case of loss or theft checks cannot be cashed. When cashing, the checks must be countersigned in the space provided.
Payments on board our steamers

In accordance with the German Currency Regulations placing an embargo on the importation of German Reichsmark Notes and Silver Coin, officials and members of the crew are prohibited from accepting German Reichsmark Notes and German SiLver Coin.

We therefore kindly request the passengers to pay their bills and intended gratuities only in Ship’s Money Orders or in foreign currencies.


Under no circumstances may large quantities of films, chemicals and other photographic material of inflammable nature be kept in the cabins. Passengers are requested
to hand them to the Purser on board for safe keeping.

In order to prevent fires, our passengers are cautioned not to throw over board from decks and staterooms lighted cigar and cigarette ends, matches, etc. as they can easily be blown into a stateroom on a lower deck and cause fire there.


Passengers are sincerely requested to confine themselves to the public rooms, promenade decks and deck space specifically provided for the class in which they travel.

GRILL CLUB. Special attention of Cabin passengers is directed to the Grill Club, situated on the Boat Deck. It is particularly suitable for passengers desirous of having an occasional meal in privacy or in the company of friends. Meals are served there between 8:00 am and 3:00 pm and between 6 and 9:00 pm A cover charge of RM. 1.— for lunch and RM. 2.— for dinner each person is made for meals thus served. Passengers who want to take all their meals in the Grill Club may do so on payment of a lump sum of RM. 17.50 each person for the portion Southampton/Cherbourg—New York or vice versa or RM. 20,— for the portion Hamburg—New York or vice versa for half of the Roundtrip.


In addition to the seating accommodation provided on deck, comfortable deck chairs, rugs, chair cushions and pillows are available to passengers. They may be hired, for the duration of the passage, at posted rates. Apply to the deck stewards.


The Wireless Station (Telefunken system) is in uninterrupted communication with the mainland and is available for messages in both directions. In addition, tfeg ship is fitted with a short-wave transmitter for direct telephone messages. Information regarding the use of either service may be had free of charge on application to the wireless operator, whose office is on the Boat Deck. All inquiries complaints, etc., should be exclusively addressed to Deutsche Betriebsgesellschaft für drahtlose Telegrafie m. b. H., 29, Hardenberg Strasse, Berlin-Charlottenburg II, and not to the Hamburg- American Line, the latter company assuming no responsibility for the wireless services.


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