SS König Wilhelm II Passenger List - 20 September 1909

Front Cover of a First Class Passenger List for the SS König Wilhelm II of the Hamburg America Line, Departing 20 September 1909 from Hamburg to La Plata

Front Cover of a First Class Passenger List for the SS König Wilhelm II of the Hamburg America Line, Departing 20 September 1909 from Hamburg to La Plata via Boulogne-sur-Mer, Southampton, Vigo, Lisbon, and Rio de Janeiro, Commanded by Captain P. Wiehr. GGA Image ID # 1778b02e2d

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: P. Wiehr
  2. First Officer: K Hollasch
  3. Second Officer: J. Carstens
  4. Second Officer: W. Ziesemann
  5. Third Officer: P. Szetiger
  6. Chief Engineer: J. Eckel
  7. Physician: Dr. med. A, Kimmerle
  8. Purser: A. Heitmann
  9. Second Engineer: E. Fischer
  10. Third Engineer: W. Nepker
  11. Third Engineer: M. Tirnau
  12. Fourth Engineer: T. Jürgensen
  13. Electrician: H. Schukraft
  14. Interpreter A Lardi
  15. Chief Steward: A. Bernlochner
  16. Chief Cook L. Rieger
  17. Assistant Chief Steward: H. Rost

From Hamburg to Southampton

  1. Mr. Adolf von Hielmcrone
  2. Miss Martha von Hielmerone
  3. Mr. Adolf Knees
  4. Miss Martha Knees

From Hamburg to Vigo

  1. Mrs. Bernardinade Mosquera
  2. Mr. Gustav Neven

From Hamburg to Lisbon

  1. Mrs. Ida Boesch
  2. Lilly Boesch
  3. Mr. Mair Buzaglo
  4. Mr. Leopold Cahn
  5. Mr. Konsul Einar Dundas
  6. Mrs. Konsul Esther Dundas
  7. Miss Gunvor Dundas
  8. Mr. Sigurd Dundas
  9. Mr. Richard Heyer
  10. Mr. Wilhelm Ley
  11. Vasco Santos
  12. Miss Anna Scharch
  13. Mr. Fritjof Wiese
  14. Mrs. Inger Wiese
  15. Solveig Wiese nebst Dienstbote
  16. Mr. Gustav Adolf Zickermann
  17. Mrs. Luise Zickermann
  18. Hans Albert Zickermann
  19. Gustav Zickermann

From Hamburg to Rio de Janeiro

  1. Mr. Josef Georg Boesch
  2. Dr. Alfonso Ramos Correia
  3. Mrs. Emma Ramos Correia
  4. Paul Ramos Correia
  5. Mr. Geh Baurat
  6. Heinrich Hildebrand
  7. Mr. Joao Henrique Jostes
  8. Miss Chaje Malina
  9. Mr. Friedrich Peters
  10. Mr. Gustav Poock

From Hamburg to Montevideo

  1. Mr. Francisco Berenhäuser
  2. Mrs. Ida Berenhäuser

From Hamburg to Buenos Aires

  1. Anna Anderlich
  2. Mr. Richard Aretz
  3. Mrs. Emilie Aretz
  4. Miss Henriette Aretz
  5. Mr. Rudolph Becker
  6. Mr. Friedrich Bode
  7. Mrs. Antoniette Brandt
  8. Mrs. Benita Braun
  9. Dr. Benjamin E. del Castillo
  10. Mr. Julio Caviezel
  11. Dr. Paul Demcker
  12. Mr. Otto Gaitzsch
  13. Mr. Paul Hirsch
  14. Mrs. Marie Gräfin Hoyos
  15. Mr. Friedrich Kimmich
  16. Mr. Direktor Gustavo Lagerheim
  17. Mrs. Direktor Fanny Lagerheim
  18. Rodolfo Lagerheim
  19. Adolfo Lagerheim and Baby
  20. Mr. Ernst Lefeld
  21. Mrs. Emmy Lefeld
  22. Mr. Eduardo Lehné
  23. Miss Ruth Norgren
  24. Mr. Otto Pahl
  25. Mr. Julius Peipers
  26. Mr. Zbyslav Reimann
  27. Mr. Generalinspektor Albert Schulz
  28. Mrs. Rosa Schwarzmann
  29. Mr. Richard Spaeth
  30. Mr. Herman Turkenich
  31. Mr. Hans Veit
  32. Mrs. Cecilia Wolter
  33. Mr. Rudolf Ziesler

From Boulogne-sur-Mer to Vigo

  1. Mr. Demetrio Brusco
  2. Mrs. Leonor Brusco
  3. Miss Manuela R. Cevreiro
  4. Mr. Curt Hoefer
  5. Mrs. Curt Hoefer

From Boulogne-sur-Mer to Lisbon

  1. Miss Bertha Marques Braga
  2. Mr. Emile Barrel
  3. Mr. de Castro and Family
  4. Mr. Charles Hill
  5. Mrs. Charles Hill
  6. Miss Clara Krause
  7. Mr. Alberto Maciera and Family
  8. Mr. Henrique Magalhaes
  9. Mrs. Henrique Magalhaes
  10. Mr. Sigismund Stern with children and Erzieherin
  11. Mrs. H. Vaultier

From Boulogne-sur-Mer to Rio de Janeiro

  1. Mr. Marius Blanc
  2. Dr. Jose Ferency
  3. Mr. Honorio B. Hungria
  4. Mr. Antoinette Hungria
  5. Edgar Hungria
  6. Mr. Luis M. Monteiro Primo
  7. Mrs. Bernardina de Lima Monteiro
  8. Mr. Francisco J. de Oliveira
  9. Mrs. Francisco J. de Oliveira
  10. Jose Oliveira
  11. Manuel Oliveira and Servant

From Boulogne-sur-Mer to Montevideo

  1. Mr. Martin Catalozue
  2. Mr. Enrique Plantier

From Boulogne-sur-Mer to Buenos Aires

  1. Mr. Miguel J. de Anchorena and Diener
  2. Miss E. Bascari
  3. Mrs. Alice Benoit
  4. Miss Helene Boyer
  5. Mr. Eduardo F. Bullrich
  6. Mrs. Eduardo F. Bullrich
  7. Mr. Eduardo Bullrich Jr.
  8. Marie Louise Bullrich
  9. George Bullrich
  10. Federico Bullrich
  11. Julia Bullrich
  12. Enrique Bullrich
  13. Manuel Bullrich
  14. Guillermo Bullrich nebst 2 Dienstboten
  15. Mr. Federico Büsch
  16. Mr. Alfredo Büsch
  17. Mr. August Busse
  18. Mrs. Augustina F. Cabrera
  19. Mr. Antonio Cambaceres
  20. Mr. Merlo Cambaceres
  21. Mr. Cajetano Carbonell
  22. Mrs. Cajetano Carbonell
  23. Miss Flora Cavalier
  24. Mr. Romulo Chopiteo
  25. Mr. Comte Guy de Cosnac
  26. Mrs. Rosalia de la Croix
  27. Isabel de la Croix
  28. Susanne de la Croix
  29. Carlota de la Croix
  30. Mr. Fernand Davreux
  31. Mrs. Marie Louise Davreux
  32. Mercedita Davreux and Servant
  33. Mr. Gaston Dedyn
  34. Mr. Paul Dedyn
  35. Mr. E. Gabai
  36. Mr. Frederico Gandara
  37. Mr. Leopoldo Gandara
  38. Mr. Juan Girondo
  39. Mr. Juan Girondo
  40. Mrs. Juan Girondo and Servant
  41. Mrs. E. de Hayner
  42. Mr. Simon Joselevich
  43. Mr. Ricardo. Kramer
  44. Mr. Alfred Kurtze
  45. Mr. Freder:co J. Kussrow
  46. Mrs. Justina T. de Kussrow
  47. Maria Elena Kussrow
  48. Frederico Kussrow and Servant
  49. Miss Lia Lambeht
  50. Mr. Emilio Lambeaux
  51. Mr. Georges Saint Leger
  52. Mr. M. de Lizardo
  53. Mr. Ignacio Caridi Massini
  54. Mr. Albert Peuser
  55. Mrs. Celia Peuser
  56. Helene Peuser and Servant
  57. Mr. Juan Carlos Rebora
  58. Mr. Manuel de Rezabal
  59. Mr. Victor Salas
  60. Mrs. Mercedes V. de Salas
  61. Miss Susanna Salas
  62. Mr. Direktor August Scholz
  63. Mr. Leon t'Serstevens
  64. Mrs. Marie t'Serstevens
  65. Germaine t'Serstevens
  66. Pauline t'Serstevens
  67. Mrs. Paula W. de Sommer nebst Kind
  68. Mr. Georg Tewes
  69. Mr. Ernesto Toledo
  70. Mrs. Magdalena A. de Toledo
  71. Antoinette Toledo
  72. Mrs. Clemencia U. de Tomkinson
  73. Miss Clemencia Tomkinson
  74. Miss Adela Tomkinson
  75. Eduardo Tomkinson
  76. Mr. Arturo E. Varela
  77. Mr. Luis Villars
  78. Mr. William Werner

From Southampton to Rio de Janeiro

  1. Mr. A. A. J. Leeds
  2. Mr. J. F. de Barros Pimentel

From Southampton to Buenos Aires

  1. Mr. Emilio Cabal Cullen
  2. Mr. Pedro Hughes
  3. Mrs. Celia C. de Hughes
  4. Celia Hughes
  5. Lia Esther Hughes
  6. Rosa Hughes with Mother
  7. Miss S. E. P. Manson
  8. Miss Elisa Manson
  9. Miss Angelica Yrigoyen

From Vigo to Buenos Aires

  1. Mr. Le ncio Fernandez
  2. Mr. Cesareo Giraldez
  3. Mrs. Carmen Giraldez
  4. Mr. Juan L. Gonzalez
  5. Mr. Adelino Gutierrez
  6. Mrs. Adelino Gutierrez
  7. Mr. Rafael Martinez
  8. Mrs. Benita de Martinez
  9. Miss Julie Otero
  10. Mr. Avelino Porto
  11. Mr. Andres Piñeiro
  12. Dr. Adrian de Veres
  13. Mrs. Dr. Adrian de Veres
  14. Mr. Luis de Veres
  15. Miss Marta de Veres
  16. Sarita Veres
  17. Sofia Veres and Servant

From Lisbon to Rio de Janeiro

  1. Mr. Siegfried Atlass
  2. Mrs. Minna Atlass
  3. Miss Rosa Pereira Gomes
  4. Miss Julia Vieira dos Santos
  5. Mr. Antonio Cesar da Silva
  6. Mrs. Alice Cesar da Silva
  7. Miss Margarida Augusta da Silva
  8. Miss Aurora Augusta da Silva
  9. Mr. Arthur da Costa Soares
  10. Mrs. Arthur da Costa Soares

From Lisbon to Buenos Aires

  1. Mr. Ignacio Freyre Bustos
  2. Mr. Francisco Emparanza
  3. Miss Gertrud Haener
  4. Mr. Diego Lezica
  5. Mrs. Elvira S. de Lezica
  6. Diego Lezica
  7. Elvira Lezica
  8. Theodolina Lezica with Mother and Servant
  9. Mr. Gracian Luzarraga and Family

Information for Passengers

SS King William II is approximately 9,500 tons and about 7200 horsepower. Sustainability of 1,572 miles in the average trip.

Meals. It is served: 7-10 clock morning breakfast first, and 12-1 noon luncheon, at 7 clock in the evening dinner.

For each meal are printed special menus. Table spaces are instructed by the Chief Steward. 15 minutes before the start of the meal, a signal is given; a second signal indicates the beginning of meals. Children eat in the nursery.

Music. The ship's band concerts on the promenade deck in the morning from 10-11 Clock and in the dining salon of the first cabin during dinner.

Cabins. Besides electric light is in each cabin connection for an electric fuel scissors for hair burning. The necessary apparatus can be administered at the request of the stewardesses.

It is recommended that passengers keep their cabins closed during their stay in port.

Luggage space. As in the cabins only small pieces of luggage can be accommodated, the heavy luggage must be stowed in space, but which is available daily at certain hours the same passengers are asked to contact their half of this chamber Steward.

Baths: The bathrooms are located on-board where passengers can obtain warm baths at any time free of charge. Kindly contact the bath steward to make arrangements. Water used is seawater.

Gymnasium. The gym on the boat deck First for first class passengers, and intended for men from 8-10 Clock only, and at again from 3-4 o'clock. Women from 10-noon and from 4-5 o'clock. Gymnastics flndet place under the supervision of a gym attendant. Access to children in the first class is not allowed.

Smoking-room. The smoking-room is open from early morning until midnight. Smoking in the cabins, salons, and under deck is prohibited.

Salons. The other salons and lounges are closed at 11 clock.

Physician and Pharmacy. The steamer hss a nationally certified Physician on-board. Travelers who fall ill during the trip are treated free of charge provided assistance and charged nothing for the medications administered. However, the ship's doctor is allowed to demand the usual fee of travelers for passengers seeking treatment of a condition that did not occur during the trip.

An interpreter is on board; same First obliged the passengers in every way to be available to interpret their wishes to the operating personnel.

Barber. The Barber can charge for its services. Compensation is posted on the company price list.

Library. The ship's library consists of works in German, Spanish, English and French and can be read free of charge by passengers while traveling. The library is managed by the library steward.

Letters and telegrams. To accept letters and telegrams, which are scheduled for delivery in the next port, the First Purser requires only the calculation.
Stationery and envelopes are administered to the passengers by the salon steward free of charge.

Money and valuables can be about giving the purser for safekeeping in the safe located on the board, but without further liability of the Company.

Currency Exchange. Foreign money can be exchanged for travelers by the ship's purser.

Entertainment games, such as hoopla, shuffleboard, dominoes, shoe. Dame etc. are on board and are available to passengers at any time available.

Operation: Stewards have strict instructions to accommodate our travelers' wishes in the politest manner wherever possible. The passengers are asked to report any complaints about negligent operation or rude behavior of the steward to the chief steward.

Wireless telegraphy system is available for our passengers. Our telegraph officials can provide immediate information.

Laundry. In the laundry on board for men, women, and children washing is washed upon payment of the standard rate prices. For more information, see the chamber Steward.

Back Cover of a First Class Passenger List for the SS König Wilhelm II of the Hamburg America Line, Departing 20 September 1909 from Hamburg to La Plata via Boulogne-sur-Mer.

Back Cover of a First Class Passenger List for the SS König Wilhelm II of the Hamburg America Line, Departing 20 September 1909 from Hamburg to La Plata via Boulogne-sur-Mer. GGA Image ID # 1778b1c7c3

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