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SS Auguste Victoria Passenger List - 26 August 1897

Front Cover of a Cabin Passenger List for the SS Auguste Vicotria of the Hamburg America Line, Departing Thursday, 26 August 1897 from Hamburg to New York via Southampton

Front Cover of a Cabin Passenger List for the SS Auguste Vicotria of the Hamburg America Line, Departing Thursday, 26 August 1897 from Hamburg to New York via Southampton, Commanded by Captain Carl Kaempff. GGA Image ID # 176de8d104

Notable Passengers: David Bendann, Clarence Shepard Day, Jr., Anton Dreher, Edna Fischel Gellhorn, Isaac Goldberg, John Adam Kasson, Karl Kiefer, John Muir, Sir Edward Howard Marsh KCVO CB CMG, Joseph Medill McCormick, Hermann Otto Theodor Paul, Frederick August Otto (F.A.O.) Schwarz, Anton Seidl, Widow of Charles Frederick Theodore Steinway, Dr. Walter August Ver Wiebe, Henry Wolf, Baron Rothschild.

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Commander: Captain Carl Kaempff
  2. First Officer: R. Sanermann
  3. Second Officer: H. Brock
  4. Second Officer: H. Eisleben
  5. Third Officer: B. Selmer
  6. Fourth Officer: C. Wrcesmann
  7. Chief Engineer: C. H. Neupert
  8. First Engineer: C. Sievers
  9. Second Engineer: W. Mitchell
  10. Physician: Dr. Springe
  11. Purser: A. Lösch
  12. First Chief Steward: F. W. Osterbind
  13. Second Chief Steward: Zimmermann
  14. Third Chief Steward: Yoges
  15. Fourth Chief Steward: Kaufmann
  16. Chief Cook: E. Richter
  17. First Chief Cook: Eiser
  18. Second Chief Cook: Schmidt
  19. Second Chief Cook: Klinkhammer
  20. Second Chief Cook: Scharstein

List of Cabin Passengers

  1. Mr. Adler
  2. Mr. Isaac Adler
  3. Mrs. Adler
  4. Miss Adler
  5. Miss E. K. Anthony
  6. Mr. A. S. Ambrose
  7. Mrs. Emilie Amann
  8. Miss Florence Amann
  9. Mr. Fred. D. Aldrich
  10. Mrs. Helene Arlt
  11. Gustav Arlt
  12. Erich Arlt
  13. Mr. J. Abrahamson
  14. Mr. Col. M. T. Barrett
  15. Mrs. M. T. Barrett
  16. Mr. Frank Barnard
  17. Mr. Friedrich Braun
  18. Mr. Nathan Bernstein
  19. Mrs. Nathan Bernstein
  20. Mrs. Chas. Bernstein
  21. Mr. Milton Bernstein
  22. Mr. John Braun
  23. Mrs. John Braun
  24. Mr. David Bendann
    David Bendann (1841-1915), a noted connoisseur and art dealer, was as well known in the art circles of Europe as in those of' New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore
  25. Mrs. David Bendann
  26. Miss Bodenheimer
  27. Miss Thekla Bruch
  28. Mrs. Joseph Burnett
  29. Miss L. Burnett
  30. Miss May Bishop
  31. Mr. Adolfo Bley
  32. Mrs. Adolfo Bley
  33. Mr. D. A. Bishop
  34. Mrs. D. A. Bishop
  35. Mr. Otto Burkart
  36. Mrs. Katharina Burkart
  37. Miss Minnie T. Burkart
  38. Mrs. J. Blumenthal
  39. Arthur Blumenthal
  40. Mr. A. Bornefeld
  41. Dr. E. F. Buecking
  42. Mrs. Dr. E. F. Buecking
  43. Mrs. Marie vom Berge
  44. Mr. S. A. Bigelow
  45. Mr. Peter Busch
  46. Mr. Prof. O. J. Breda
  47. Miss Lucy Bruhn
  48. Miss Hedwig Beringer
  49. Mrs. A. Bielenberg
  50. Miss Rosine Bielenberg
  51. Mr. Jesse L. Beers
  52. Mr. August Bielenberg
  53. Mr. Prof. Wm. H. Berwald
  54. Mrs. Prof. Wm. H. Berwald
  55. Mr. Heinrich Bartes
  56. Dr. Emil Broms
  57. Mr. Hugh Campbell
  58. Frl. C. Curran
  59. Frl. Eleanor Clark and Servants
  60. Mr. David J. Crouse
  61. Mrs. David J. Crouse
  62. Miss Daisy L. Crouse
  63. Mr. Wm. F. Cochran
  64. Mr. Wm. F. Cochran Jr.
  65. Miss Elizabeth B. Cochrann
  66. Miss Ora Christian
  67. Miss Compton
  68. Albert J. Canby
  69. Miss A. E. Cameron
  70. Mr. Chas. Chaxel
  71. Mrs. Chas. Chaxel
  72. Mr. L. Callman
  73. Mrs. L. Callman
  74. Miss Maly Desche
  75. Miss L. D. Davis
  76. Mr. A. J. Davis
  77. Mr. Duncan
  78. Mrs. Clarence S. Day
    Clarence Shepard Day, Jr. (November 18, 1874–December 28, 1935), American essayist and author, best known for his 1935 work Life With Father
  79. Mr. George Parmey Day
  80. Mrs. J. E. De la Motte
  81. Mr. A. P. Dix
  82. Mrs. A. P. Dix and Servants
  83. Miss Mildred Dix
  84. Mr. Julius Dietrich
  85. Mr. Albert C. Dietrich
  86. Mr. Anton Dreher
    Anton Dreher (May 7, 1810 - December 27, 1863) was an Austrian brewer who was an important figure in the development of pale lager. In 1840, he introduced a beer that combined the crispness of lager with the paler hues of the English ale; this new style of beer became known as the Viennese style and was called Schwechater Lagerbier
  87. Mr. Chas. F. Dreher
  88. Miss Louise Ebling
  89. Mrs. Monroe Eckstein
  90. Mr. Henry Eckstein
  91. Mr. F. E. Edwards
  92. Mr. Anton Eilers
  93. Mr. Pastor B. Elskamp
  94. Miss Helene Epstein
  95. Miss Lina Engländer
  96. Mrs. M. von Ellert
  97. Mr. Jacob Fies
  98. Mrs. Jacob Fies
  99. Mr. J. J. Frank
  100. Miss Edna Fischel
    Edna Fischel Gellhorn (December 18, 1878 – September 24, 1970) was an American suffragist and reformer, born in St. Louis. She attended the Mary Institute and Bryn Mawr College, and was the student president at each, as well as an elected trustee of Bryn Mawr. She graduated from Bryn Mawr in 1900. She was an officer in the St. Louis and Missouri State Equal Suffrage Leagues from 1910 until the Nineteenth Amendment was passed in 1919
  101. Dr. W. E. Fischel
  102. Mrs. Heinrich Fuchs
  103. Paul Fuchs
  104. Miss Paula Fromholz
  105. Mr. G. A. Faulmann
  106. Mr. Fritz Gericke
  107. Mr. Paul Gottheil
  108. Mrs. Paul Gottheil nebst Kind and Servants
  109. Mr. S. Ginsburg
  110. Mr. W. G. Grieb
  111. Mrs. W. G. Grieb
  112. Miss Gardiner
  113. Mr. Rudolph Gute
  114. Mr. C. R. Gartzke
  115. Miss Annie Gartzke
  116. Mr. George Gerlach
  117. Mr. Salomon Goldberg
  118. Miss Bertha Guth
  119. Mr. J. C. Grimmel
  120. Mr. Michael Ganzwisch
  121. Mrs. Louise Ganzwisch
  122. Mr. Chas Grambow
  123. Miss Marie Glück
  124. Mr. Isaac Goldberg
    Isaac Goldberg (1887-July 14, 1938) was an American journalist, author, critic, translator, editor, publisher, and lecturer. Born in Boston he studied at Harvard University and received a BA degree in 1910, a MA degree in 1911 and a PhD in 1912. He traveled to Europe as a journalist during World War I writing for the Boston Evening Transcript. He wrote biographies, books on theatrical and musical appreciation, and contributed articles for many magazines. He also founded, published, and edited a monthly news magazine called Panorama
  125. Miss Sophie Hofmann
  126. Mr. Peter Hauck
  127. Mrs. Peter Hauck and Servants
  128. Mr. L. Hammel
  129. Mr. J. W. Hahn
  130. Mr. H. D. Hotchkiss
  131. Mrs. H. D. Hotchkiss
  132. Mrs. C. J. Hague
  133. Miss Elise Hatch
  134. Mr. Nathan Hatch
  135. Mrs. Ida Hatch
  136. Arnold Hatch
  137. Stephen Hatch
  138. Mr. Ernst Hockmeyer
  139. Dr. Fred H. Humphreys
  140. Mrs. Dr. Fred H. Humphreys and Servants
  141. Mr. R. L. Harrison
  142. Miss L. W. Howe
  143. Miss Hurd
  144. Mrs. Sarah Horowitz
  145. Mr. Professor Hurd
  146. Dr. Joseph Hirsch
  147. Dr. M. J. Halloran
  148. Mr. Philipp Haibach
  149. Mrs. Philipp Haibach
  150. Miss Frances A Humphreys
  151. Frederick Humphreys
  152. Miss Else Harrer and Servants
  153. Dr. Phil. Jos. Hoppin
  154. Mr. Theodor Haebler
  155. Mrs. Theodor Haebler
  156. Miss Louise Haebler
  157. Mr. Clas Hess
  158. Dr. Harry W. Haupt
  159. Mr. Pastor Johannis Hurtzig
  160. Mrs. Elisabeth Hurtzig
  161. Mrs. Nellie E. Hammant
  162. Mr. A. H. Jones
  163. Mrs. A. H. Jones
  164. Mr. Hans Jung
  165. Mr. H. Joseph
  166. Mrs. H. Joseph
  167. Frl. Rose Joseph
  168. Mr. W. C. Johns
  169. Mrs. Bertha Jacoby
  170. Frl. Franziska Jacoby
  171. Mrs. Pauline Krug
  172. Mr. Henry Kaufman
  173. Mrs. Henry Kaufman
  174. Frl. Irene Kaufman
  175. Mr. Michael Kaufman
  176. Mr. G. Kaufmann
  177. Mrs. G. Kaufmann
  178. Mr. Jacob Kleinhans
  179. Mrs. Jacob Kleinhans
  180. Frl. Kleinhans
  181. Mr. Chas. S. Knox
  182. Mr. James C. Knox
  183. Mr. Edward Kanouse
  184. Mr. Leopold Kupfer
  185. Mrs. Leopold Kupfer
  186. Milton Kupfer
  187. Frl. H. F. Kirby
  188. Dr. A. O. J. Kelly
  189. Mrs. A. J. Keppelmann nebt Kind and Servants
  190. Mr. John A. Kasson
    John Adam Kasson (January 11, 1822 – May 18, 1910) was a nineteenth-century lawyer, politician and diplomat from south-central Iowa. Elected to the U.S. House six times, he repeatedly interrupted his congressional service to serve in the Diplomatic service in many different capacities
  191. Mrs. William Kohn
  192. Frl. Kohn
  193. Frl Elsie Kohn
  194. Mr. Julius Keiffer
  195. Mrs. Rosalie Kaufmann
  196. Mr. Karl Kiefer
    Karl Kiefer (1871-1957) German Artist
  197. Mr. B. Kaufmann
  198. Mr. William F. Kees
  199. Mr. Chas. Kaufmann
  200. Mr. Julius Krisch
  201. Mr. George Kiesel
  202. Mr. Karl Kalisch
  203. Mr. August Kirmes
  204. Mr. A. B. Lovejoy
  205. Mrs. A. B. Lovejoy
  206. Mrs. Helene Levis
  207. Mr. Leopold Levis
  208. Mrs. George Linder
  209. Miss E. B. Linder
  210. Miss H. G. Lawrence
  211. Mr. B. Lewinson
  212. Mrs. B. Lewinson
  213. Miss Sara Lewinson
  214. Mr. Captain S. Levy
  215. Mr. J. M. Levy
  216. Miss Juliette Levy
  217. Miss Fanny H. Levy
  218. Mr. Harry Long
  219. Mr. Long
  220. Mr. L. Loeb
  221. Mr. Emil Lungwitz
  222. Mr. Isaac Long
  223. Mrs. Isaac Long
  224. Miss Helen N. Lowden
  225. Mr. W. B. Lawrence
  226. Mr. Friedrich Lidvall
  227. Dr. E. Libmann
  228. Mrs. G. Lasker
  229. Mr. M. L. Lasker
  230. Mr. J. Langeloth
  231. Mrs. Johanna Levy
  232. Miss Veronica Levy
  233. Miss Bertha Levy
  234. Mrs. Friederike Lindner
  235. Flora Lindner
  236. Mr. J. Lengel
  237. Mr. Ernst Lindner
  238. Mr. John Muir
    John Muir (April 21, 1838 – December 24, 1914) was a Scottish-American naturalist, author, and early advocate of preservation of wilderness in the United States. His letters, essays, and books telling of his adventures in nature, especially in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California, have been read by millions. His activism helped to preserve the Yosemite Valley, Sequoia National Park and other wilderness areas. The Sierra Club, which he founded, is a prominent American conservation organization. The 211-mile (340 km) John Muir Trail, a hiking trail in the Sierra Nevada, was named in his honor. Other such places include Muir Woods National Monument, Muir Beach, John Muir College, Mount Muir, Camp Muir and Muir Glacier
  239. Mrs. John Muir
  240. Mr. Francis Marsh
  241. Mr. Edward Marsh
    Sir Edward Howard Marsh KCVO CB CMG (18 November 1872 – 13 January 1953) was a British polymath, translator, arts patron and civil servant. In his career as a civil servant he worked as Private Secretary to a succession of Great Britain's most powerful ministers, particularly Winston Churchill. He was a discreet but influential figure within Britain's homosexual community
  242. Mr. S. Milius (Samuel Milius)
  243. Mrs. S. Milius
  244. Miss Hilda Milius (Hilda Joyce Milius - Bamberger)
  245. Miss Kate Milius
  246. Mr. Arthur Milius
  247. Mr. Johann Mestern
  248. Mr. Ferd. Marks
  249. Mrs. Ferd. Marks
  250. Mr. James Means
  251. Mrs. James Means
  252. Mr. P. Means
  253. Mr. Leopold Michel
  254. Mr. Carlos Muus
  255. Mr. Medill McCormick
    Joseph Medill McCormick, known as Medill (May 16, 1877 – February 25, 1925), was part of the McCormick family of businessmen and politicians in Chicago. After working for some time and becoming part owner of the Chicago Tribune, which his maternal grandfather had owned, he entered politics. After serving in the State House, he was elected both as a Representative in the United States Congress and later as a US Senator from Illinois. He committed suicide at age 48, a few months after losing his bid for renomination to a second term in the Senate
  256. Mr. M. G. Moesta
  257. Herr. Fred Müller
  258. Mr. Fred Müller Jr.
  259. Miss Emma Müller
  260. Miss Kätchen
  261. Mr. Francis H. Manle
  262. Mr. Hugh Mullen
  263. Mrs. L. C. Muñoz
  264. Mr. Arthur MacNeal
  265. Mrs. Arthur MacNeal
  266. Dr. John A. McCorkle
  267. Mrs. Bertha Marr
  268. Mr. Louis Metzger
  269. Mr. Wilhelm Misch
  270. Mrs. W. Misch
  271. Ernst Misch
  272. Werner Misch
  273. Carl Misch
  274. Mr. G. C. Meister
  275. Mr. E. A. Maas
  276. Miss Caroline Maben
  277. Mr. Henry Meise
  278. Mrs. M. Markisch
  279. Mrs. Anna Mounier
  280. Mrs. Amtmann Louise Nette
  281. Mr. Carl Neuss
  282. Mr. G. F. Neidlinger
  283. Mr. M. Neurath
  284. Mr. John Neethe
  285. Mr. John Niederstein
    Johann (John) Niederstein (1838-1905)
  286. Mr. Richard Niederstein
  287. Mr. Olderberg
  288. Mrs. Baronin von Overbeck
  289. Mr. Baron von 0verbeck
  290. Mrs. C. E. Orvis
  291. Mr. C. P. O'Connor
  292. Mrs. C. H. O'Connor
  293. Mr. Peter L. Ottesen
  294. Mr. Thomas Perkins
  295. Mr. J. H. Painter
  296. Miss Margaret Potter
  297. Mr. Elliott W. Pratt
  298. Mrs. Elliott W. Pratt
  299. Miss Emilie Francis Pratt
  300. Mr. J. B. G. Pidge
  301. Mrs. Wilhelmine Paschke
  302. Mr. W. F. Piek
  303. Mrs. Elise Pfander
  304. Mr. Chas F. Pfander
  305. Miss Ottilie Pagenstecher
  306. Miss Clara Pagenstecher
  307. Mr. William Pollak
  308. Miss Ida Peltz
  309. Mr. Victor Preisler
  310. Mrs. Victor Preisler
  311. Mr. Hermann Paul
    Hermann Otto Theodor Paul (August 7, 1846 – December 29, 1921) was a German linguist and lexicographer
  312. Mrs. Hermann Paul
  313. Dr. Julius Rudisch
  314. Mrs. Dr. Julius Rudisch
  315. Dr. Richard Roechling
  316. Mr. Director Carl Rosenfeld
  317. Mrs. Johanna Rosenfeld
  318. Mr. Gustav Reno
  319. Mrs. C. H. Russel
  320. Mr. Consul J. Rauers
  321. Mr. J. J. Rauers Jr.
  322. Miss A. C. Ryan
  323. Mr. A. C. Rischel
  324. Mrs. Rothe
  325. Emma Rothe
  326. Georg Rothe
  327. Mrs. J. Rosenberg
  328. Mr. Heinrich Reese
  329. Mrs. A. C. Rischel
  330. Mr. Charles Reimann
  331. Miss Frieda Reiss
  332. Mr. Francis Saylor
  333. Mrs. Francis Saylor
  334. Miss Edith Saylor
  335. Mr. Charles Schmidt
  336. Mr. Howard Saylor
  337. Mrs. James Smith
  338. Mr. James Smith Jr.
  339. Mr. H. M. Schultz
  340. Mr. J. P. Scott
  341. Mr. F. A. O. Schwarz
    Frederick August Otto Schwarz (October 18, 1836 – May 17, 1911) was a toy retailer who started FAO Schwarz. FAO Schwarz was founded in 1862 under the name “Toy Bazaar” by German immigrant Frederick August Otto Schwarz, in Baltimore, where he and his brothers retailed toys from a fancy-goods store. Additional locations of “Toy Bazaar” followed in Philadelphia and Boston
  342. Miss Miriam Seliger
  343. Mr. F. A. Seitz
  344. Mrs. F. A. Seitz
  345. Mr. Mauricio Stettner
  346. Mr. Charles Scheuer
  347. Mr. Lionel Scheuer
  348. Mr. Anton Seidl
    Anton Seidl (7 May 1850 – 28 March 1898) was a Hungarian conductor
  349. Mr. J. G. Siebs
  350. Mrs. J. G. Siebs
  351. Dr. C. S. Stockton
  352. Frl. Clara Stifel
  353. Mr. R. B. Stoeckel
  354. Dr. G. M. Stoeckel
  355. Miss Mabel L. Storm (Mabel Louisa Storm (Simmons))
  356. Mr. Val. Schmidt
  357. Mrs. Val. Schmidt
  358. Miss Elisabeth A. Schmidt
  359. Miss Katharina M. Schmidt
  360. Miss Elfrida M. Schmidt
  361. Valentine Schmidt
  362. Mr. E. E. Shauer
  363. Mr. P. Saussenthaler
  364. Mrs. Emilie Saussenthaler
  365. Miss Marie R. Saussenthaler
  366. Miss Mary Sieboth
  367. Mr. Chas. Spiegel
  368. Mrs. Margarethe Stettner
  369. Alfred Stettner
  370. Rudolph Stettner
  371. Mr. Gustovus Staehlen
  372. Mr. L. J. de Sabla
  373. Mr. A. Slimmer
  374. Miss Anna Siebs
  375. Miss Dorothy Siebs
  376. Miss Paula Siebs
  377. Miss F. Stephan
  378. Mr. Clarence Storm
  379. Mr. Joseph Straubmüller
  380. Mrs. Joseph Straubmüller
  381. Miss Edna G. Storm
  382. Mr. H. N. Story
  383. Mrs. H. N. Story
  384. Miss Mary Story
  385. Miss Caroline Story
  386. Miss Louise Stephenson
  387. Mr. Percival Smith
  388. Mr. Charles G. Sower
  389. Mrs. Charles G. Sower
  390. Mr. Hans Saalwächter
  391. Mrs. Chas. Steinway
    Widow of Charles Frederick Theodore Steinway (1825-1889). Charles Steinway was the eldest son of Henry Englehardt Steinway, the founder of the well-known house of Steinway & Sons, New York, and was born in 1825 at Seesen, near the Hart/ Mountains. He started in business on his own account in Brunswick about the year 1850, and in 1865 he joined his father and brothers in New York. He was a most gifted inventor, and many improvements in the construction of the pianoforte are due to him. He was elected a Member of the Royal Academies of Paris, Berlin, and Stockholm, and of the Paris Society of Fine Arts
  392. Mr. Ernesto Schönstedt
  393. Mrs. Editha Schönstedt
  394. Clara Schönstedt
  395. Miss Gustel Strempel
  396. Mr. Arthur Sondheimer
  397. Mrs. Maria Seiferth
  398. Mr. A. Stolzenberger
  399. Mrs. A. Stolzenberger
  400. Miss Anna Stahl
  401. Miss Lina Stahl
  402. Mr. J. N. F. Siebs
  403. Mrs. St. John
  404. Miss E. C. St. John
  405. Miss Therese Steiner
  406. Miss Jenny Steiner
  407. Mrs. A. Selig
  408. Miss F. Stephano
  409. Mrs. Mary Stein
  410. George Stein
  411. Mr. Henry Stiel
  412. Mr. A. Stolzenberger
  413. Mr. George Schwarzwaelder
  414. Mrs. Therese Singer
  415. Charles Singer
  416. Mrs. Arnold Somlyo
  417. Milton Somlyo
  418. Mr. Theodor Tiedemann
  419. Mr. Rudolph Tiedemann
  420. Mr. E. S. Torrey
  421. Dr. C. F. Theisen
  422. Mrs. Dr. C. F. Theisen
  423. Mr. Chas Butler Tedcastle
  424. Mrs. Chas Butler Tedcastle
  425. Mrs. Albert Thresher
  426. Mr. George Taylor
  427. Mrs. George Taylor
  428. Miss Lizzie C. Taylor
  429. Mr. Wilhelm Thiessen
  430. Mr. Moses L Taubin
  431. Mrs. Emilie Thomas
  432. Miss Louise Thomas
  433. Miss Anna Thomas
  434. Miss Anna Unzicker
  435. Mr. Pastor Albert Unholz
  436. Mrs. Pastor Albert Unholz
  437. Miss Martha Unholz
  438. Dr. Max Vopelius
  439. Mr. Conrad Vorbach
  440. Mr. B. Volger
  441. Mr. Henry Vettel
  442. Mrs. Mary Verwiebe
  443. Walter Verwiebe
    Dr. Walter August Ver Wiebe (1887-1961) Professor of geology, University of Wichita), prolific writer on a great variety of gelogical topics
  444. Ernst Verwiebe
  445. Mr. Captain W. H. Wheeler
  446. Miss Elisabeth Waldeck
  447. Mr. W. P. Walker
  448. Mr. Ludwig Wolff
  449. Mrs. Auguste Wolff and Servants
  450. Harry Wolff
  451. Harriet Wolff
  452. Mr. Friedrich Wolff
  453. Mr. John M. Whitemann
  454. Mr. Henry Wolf
    Henry Wolf (1852-1916) was a French-born wood engraver who lived and worked in the United States during his most influential work period and until his death
  455. Mrs. Henry Wolf
  456. Mr. W. Stanard Wood
  457. Mrs. W. Stanard Wood
  458. Mr. Edwin D. Worcester Jr.
  459. Miss Margaret D. Worcester
  460. Mr. C. Wernicke
  461. Mr. Henry Wolf
  462. Mrs. Henry Wolf
  463. Elisabeth Wolf
  464. Mr. Eduard Wagner
  465. Mrs. A. Walter
  466. Charles Walter
  467. Frieda Walter
  468. Mr. August Walter
  469. Miss Adele Walter
  470. Mr. John H. Woltmann
  471. Mrs. John H. Woltmann
  472. John Woltmann
  473. Mr. Louis F. Wachter
  474. Mr. Samuel Weisskopf
  475. Miss Rose Zeller
  476. Mr. Gust. Zimmermann

To Southampton

  1. Mrs. Adolph Storm
  2. Mr. Johannes Koyemann
  3. Mr. John Collinson
  4. Mr. Landgerichtsdirector G. von Einem
  5. Mr. Burton Dibbs
  6. Mrs. Burton Dibbs
  7. Mr. Baron Rothschild and Family and Servants
    Baron Rothschild, of Tring in the County of Hertford, is a title in the Peerage of the United Kingdom. It was created in 1885 for Sir Nathan Rothschild, 2nd Baronet, a member of the Rothschild banking family. He was the first person of the Jewish faith to be raised to the peerage. (Benjamin Disraeli, though born into a Jewish family, was a member of the Church of England.) It is not known whether Nathan Mayer Rothschild, 1st Baron Rothschild (1840–1915) or Lionel Walter Rothschild, 2nd Baron Rothschild (1868–1937) was the passenger on this voyage
  8. Mr. Archdale Palmer
  9. Mr. Fitzroy Chapman
  10. Dr. L. P. Kinnicutt
  11. Mr. Hermann Gwinner
  12. Mrs. Hermann Gwinner
  13. Mr. Hermann Cordes
  14. Mrs. Hermann Cordes
  15. Mr. Franz Herman
  16. Mr. Max Sannow
  17. Mrs. Max Sannow
  18. Mr. A. Begerow
  19. Mr. Harry Herpers and Family
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