SS Lessing Archival Collection

Lessing (1874) H am burg-American Line

Built by Alexander Stephen & Sons, Ltd., Glasgow, Scotland. Tonnage: 3,527. Dimensions: 374' x 39'. Single-screw, 14 knots. Compound engines. Two masts and one funnel. Note: The Adler (Eagle) Line was the original owner and operator. Maiden voyage: Hamburg-New York, May 28, 1874. Sale: Acquired by Hamburg-American Line in 1875. Refits: In 1882 rebuilt with two funnels. Sale: Sold to Messageries Maritimes in 1889. Renamed: Nerthe. Fate: Scrapped at Marseilles in 1897. Running mates: Geliert, Goethe, Herder, Klopstock, Schiller and Wieland.


Passenger Manifest of the Steamer Lessing of the Hamburg Amerika Linie, 1881

1881-08-24 SS Lessing

  • Steamship Line: Hamburg Amerika Linie / Hamburg American Line (HAPAG)
  • Class of Passengers: Cabin and Steerage
  • Date of Departure: 24 August 1881
  • Route: Hamburg to New York
  • Commander: Captain Voss


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