SS La Lorraine Archival Collection


Chromolithograph shows the ocean liner La Lorraine, built in 1899 to sail across the Atlantic Ocean from Havre to New York.

Chromolithograph Shows the Ocean Liner La Lorraine, Built in 1899 to Sail Across the Atlantic Ocean From Havre to New York. Published c1900 by Gray Lithograph Company. Library of Congress LCCN 2018756515. GGA Image ID # 20ae8bbe47



La Lorraine (1899) French Line

Built by Cie. Gen. Transatlántica, Penhoet, St. Nazaire, France. Tonnage: 11,146. Dimensions: 563' x 60' (580' o.l.). Propulsion: Twin-screw, 21 knots. Triple expansion engines. Masts and Funnels: Two masts and two funnels. Launched: September 20, 1899. Maiden voyage: Havre-New York, August 11, 1900. Passengers: 446 first, 116 second, 552 third. War Service: Served as armed merchant cruiser in First World War, under name Lorraine II. Post War Service: In 1919 was put back in service under her original name. Fate: Broken up for scrap at St. Nazaire, 1923. Sister ship: La Savoie.


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Front Cover, CGT French Line SS La Lorraine Cabin Passenger List - 9 June 1904.

1904-06-09 SS La Lorraine Passenger List

Steamship Line: Compagnie Générale Transatlantique / French Line (CGT)

Class of Passengers: Cabin

Date of Departure: 9 June 1904

Route: New York to Le Havre

Commander: Captain Alix


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Front Cover, SS La Lorraine Farewell Dinner Bill of Fare - 26 April 1907

1907-04-26 SS La Lorraine Farwell Dinner Menu

Vintage Farewell Dinner Bill of Fare from 26 April 1907 on board the S.S La Lorraine of the CGT French Line featured Roast Fillet of Beef, Vol-au-vent Toulousaine, and Nougat Monté for dessert.


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Front Cover, Era of the Passenger Liner by Nicholas T. Cairis. Published by Pegasus Books Ltd., London, 1992.

Era of the Passenger Liner - 1992

The Gilded Era comes back to life as the reader relives the careers of stately ships and express greyhounds from immigrant ships to floating palaces. Scarce, large format book containing 288pp. Features photographs, statistics, and background of 280 passenger liners, each with a picture.


Front Cover, Great Passenger Ships of the World, Volume 1: 1858-1912 by Arnold Kludas, Translated from the German by Charles Hodges, 1975.

Great Passenger Ships of the World 1858-1912

This initial volume deals with Ships from 1858-1912, from the first passenger ship of over 10,000 GRT to be placed in service (the Great Eastern) to those unforgettable sister ships, the Olympic and Titanic — the first of more than 40,000 GRT.


Front Cover, Leviathan: "The World's Greatest Ship" Volume 1

Leviathan: "The World's Greatest Ship" Volume 1

The first volume takes us from the construction of the VATERLAND to the end of World War One when the VATERLAND, now the U.S.S Leviathan, was used as a troop transport and packed with fabulous photographs and reproductions of newspaper articles.


Front Cover and Spine, Majesty at Sea: The Four-Stackers by John J. Shaum, Jr. and William H. Flayhart III, 1981.

Majesty at Sea: The Four Stackers

The opulent and luxurious four-funnel passenger liners, of which only fourteen have ever been built, are unsurpassed in maritime history. Built between 1897 and 1921, these great vessels vied with each other in their standards of comfort, spaciousness, and speed, and great was the rivalry between their owners.


Front Cover, Ocean Steamers: A History of Ocean-Going Passenger Steamships 1820-1970 by John Adams, 1993.

Ocean Steamers: A History of Ocean-Going Passenger Steamships 1820-1970

A history of the steam-powered passenger ship that details its story from the SS Savannah of 1819 to the SS Hamburg of 1969. It contains historical details of all civilian vessels built in the intervening years, with numerous illustrations and previously unpublished material.


Front Cover, Passenger Liners Of The World Since 1893 By Nicholas T. Cairis, Revised Edition With Over 200 pictures, 1979.

Passenger Liners of the World Since 1893

The author here takes a nostalgic look back to the heyday of the passenger ship, providing a brief history of 211 ships of over 10,000 tons, together with specifications and technical details of each.


Front Cover and Spine, Passenger Ships of the World, Past and Present by Eugene W. Smith, 1963.

Passenger Ships of the World - 1963

Passenger Ships of the World, 1963, represents an incredible resource covering passenger ships that are Trans-Atlantic, Trans-Pacific, Trans-Pacific via Panama Canal, Latin American, Africa and the Eastern Oceans, and California-Hawaii.


 Front Cover and Spine, The Art of French Ocean Liners: The Triumph of Art Deco by Guillaume Morel, 2015.

The Art of French Ocean Liners: The Triumph of Art Deco

Embark as if you were there, on the liners France, Normandie, Paria, Liberie', Champollion, Aramio, André Lebon, Antilleo, or Ile-de-France, and share the daily lives of the passengers, but also that of all those who work in behind the scenes so that each crossing is an unforgettable dream.



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