SS Westphalia Passenger List - 18 August 1926

Front Cover of a Third Class Passenger List for the SS Westphalia of the Hamburg America Line, Departing 18 August 1926 from Hamburg to New York and Boston via Cobh (Queenstown)

Front Cover of a Third Class Passenger List for the SS Westphalia of the Hamburg America Line, Departing 18 August 1926 from Hamburg to Boston and New York via Cobh (Queenstown), Commanded by Captain Niss. GGA Image ID # 1785f2b4cd

About this Voyage

On the third day after leaving Hamburg the steamer calls at Cobh (Queenstown), Ireland, to land and embark passengers. After leaving Cobh the ocean voyage begins.

The first transoceanic port of call is Boston, Mass., on the following day the steamer will arrive at New York.

On arrival in New York officials of the Hamburg American Line are boarding the steamer who will be glad to assist Passengers. Any amounts advised for Passengers will be paid there. Railway orders for Passengers booked to a point in the interior of the country will be exchanged against actual rail tickets. The baggage may be checked to the Passengers' destination after the custom inspection has taken place.

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Commander: Captain Niss
  2. First Officer S. jürgens
  3. Second Officer H. Koch
  4. Second Officer J. Rettberg
  5. Third Officer A. Fischer
  6. Fourth Officer H. Bongert
  7. First Radio Officer A. Ulfers
  8. Second Radio Officer A. Küster
  9. Third Radio Officer R. Illguth
  10. Fourth Radio Officer W. Lenz
  11. Chief Engineer O. Hilke
  12. Second Chief Engineer A. Fischer
  13. Third Chief Engineer A. Baake
  14. Third Chief Engineer E. Steffens
  15. Fourth Chief Engineer O. Weber
  16. Electrician P. Muller
  17. Projectionist P. Uerckvitz
  18. Physician Dr. C. Schmidt
  19. Purser P. Bohm
  20. Assistant Purser K. Schwarzkopf
  21. Assistant Purser W. Schmalfuss
  22. Chief Cook F. Matthaei
  23. Chief Steward E. Schmidt
  24. Assistant Chief Steward Ed. Dreyer
  25. Chief Steward, Third Class H. Hamel

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Third Class Passengers

  1. Mr. Karl Bachmann
  2. Miss Anna Maria Bass
  3. Mr. Richard Batke
  4. Miss Ella Beyer
  5. Mr. Henry Billert
  6. Mr. Paul Bleese
  7. Miss Pauline Blumenstock
  8. Mr. Adolf Broszillis
  9. Mr. Hans Carow
  10. Mrs. Margarete Easly
  11. Eduard Easly
  12. Elise Easly
  13. Mr. Herbert Eckart
  14. Mr. Ludwig Eger
  15. Mrs. Ludwig Eger
  16. Frieda Eger
  17. Elisabeth Eger
  18. Mr. Paul Gaab
  19. Miss Kunigunde Gobhardt
  20. Mr. Gottlieb Haechler
  21. Mr. Willy Heuer
  22. Mr. Karl Hiller
  23. Mr. Friedrich Hinrichs
  24. Miss Katherine Hofstetter
  25. Mrs. Hilda Huth
  26. Mr. Charles Jacobi
  27. Miss Florence Jahn
  28. Mr. Frederick Jahn
  29. Mr. Werner Jungrichter
  30. Mr. Heinrich Kadelka
  31. Mrs. Elsie Kehlenbeck
  32. Elsie Kehlenbeck
  33. Miss Frida Klenk
  34. Mrs. Bertha Knopp
  35. Willy Knopp
  36. Mrs. Eva Kraft
  37. Miss Caroline Kraft
  38. Mr. Richard Kuhn
  39. Mr. Otto Lerz
  40. Mr. George Lohse
  41. Miss Maria Mennecke
  42. Miss Lucie Mohnke
  43. Mrs. Marie Nielsen
  44. Mr. Howell Ofstie
  45. Mr. Paul Putzki
  46. Miss Clara Putzki
  47. Mr. Franz Rappusch
  48. Mr. Herbert Raschke
  49. Mr. Edgar Raschke
  50. Mrs. Pauline Rist
  51. Mrs. Hedwig Rosier
  52. Miss Louise Rosier
  53. Mrs. Katherine Schubert
  54. Miss Johanna Schubert
  55. Mr. Gerhard Schwisow
  56. Mr. Adolf Simeth
  57. Miss Henriette Stefan
  58. Mr. Frank Strack
  59. Mr. Gustav Stridde
  60. Mrs. Gustav Stridde
  61. Lucie Stridde
  62. Miss Margarethe Urban
  63. Mr. Hugo Telzerow
  64. Mrs. Hugo Telzerow
  65. Mr. Otto Thelitz
  66. Miss Hilde Weiss
  67. Mr. Walter Wellmann
  68. Mr. Wilhelm Wichmann
  69. Mr. Frederick Wittekind
  70. Dr. Erich Heyde
  71. Mrs. Marie Wollgast
  72. Mr. Emile Zeller
  73. Mr. Gottlieb Zeller
  74. Miss Elisabeth Zimmermann
  75. Mrs. Frieda Heyde


Cobh (Queenstown) to New York:

  1. Mr. Charles Bastin
  2. Mrs. Marie Bastin
  3. Mr. John J. Burns
  4. John Burns
  5. Mrs. Kathleen Barry
  6. Miss Kathleen Barry
  7. Mr. Harry W. Brownlee
  8. Mrs. Elizabeth M. Cox
  9. Miss Mary E. Cox
  10. Mrs. Ellen Corcoran
  11. Mrs. Margaret Cavanagh
  12. Mr. Frank Carroll
  13. Mr. Michael Carmody
  14. Mr. Martin Connor
  15. Miss Margaret Coniny
  16. Mr. Joseph Costelloe
  17. Miss Bridget Culhane
  18. Mr. James Cunningham
  19. Mr. John Clifford
  20. Mr. John J. Clyne
  21. Mrs. Elizabeth Duffy
  22. Miss Sarah Digan
  23. Miss Bridget M. Donohoe
  24. Mr. Michael Donoghue
  25. Miss Annie Dowd
  26. Miss Mary Daly
  27. Mr. Thomas Flanagan
  28. Mrs. Katherine Flanagan
  29. Mr. William C. Finn
  30. Mr. Francis Forbes
  31. Mrs. Elizabeth Fogarty
  32. Mrs. Mary Griffin
  33. Claire Griffin
  34. Mr. William Howe
  35. Thomas Howe
  36. Miss Mary Hynes
  37. Mr. Frank Kyle
  38. Mr. Wm. Raymond Kelly
  39. Miss Rose Anne Kerr
  40. Mr. Ralph D. Keane
  41. Mr. Richard F. Keane
  42. Miss Elizabeth Lahiff
  43. FräuLein Norah Lahiff
  44. Mrs. Matgareth Lavery
  45. Mrs. Johanna Moclair
  46. Mrs. Mary Maroney
  47. Mr. Malachy Murray
  48. Mrs. Christina Murray
  49. Patrick Murray
  50. Annie B. Murray
  51. Mrs. Mary Mason
  52. Mr. Patrick J. Maguire
  53. Mr. Eneas Mc Nally
  54. Mr. Maurice McElligott
  55. Mr. J. John Merrigan
  56. Miss Margaret Mulgrew
  57. Mr. John Martin
  58. Miss Mary McCormack
  59. Miss Bridget McCormack
  60. Miss Catherine McCormack
  61. Miss Maggie Neary
  62. Mr. John Nelligan
  63. Mr. Patrick O'Carroll
  64. Mrs. Mary O'Carrol
  65. Michael O'Carroll
  66. Thomas O'Carrtall
  67. Mr. Mortimer O'Brien
  68. Mrs. Margaret O'Callaghan
  69. Mr. Patrick O'Callaghan
  70. Mrs. Hannah O'Donoghue
  71. Mary Ann O'Donoghue
  72. Mr. Michael O'Neill
  73. Miss Fanny Quinn
  74. Mr. Michael Quinn
  75. Mr. John Reilly
  76. Mrs. Anna Reilly
  77. Mrs. Teresa Radick
  78. John Radiek
  79. Mary Radick
  80. Mr. John Regan
  81. Mr. Denis Shea
  82. Mr. Jeremiah Sexton
  83. Mrs. Catherine Sexton
  84. Norah Sexton
  85. Mr. Maurice Sullivan
  86. Mr. John Sullivan
  87. Miss Bridget Tiernan
  88. Mr. Michael Ward
  89. Mr. Patrick Walsh

To Boston:

  1. Mr. Fritz Arndt
  2. Mr. Reinhard Hecker
  3. Mr. Charles Hecker
  4. Dr. Erich Heyde
  5. Mrs. Erich Heyde
  6. Mr. Friedrich Hinrichs
  7. Mrs. Elisabeth Kammandel
  8. Mrs. Anna Kohls
  9. Rosa Kohls
  10. Lothar Kohls
  11. Mr. Inozapas Povilaitis
  12. Mr. Walter Rettberg
  13. Mrs. Elli Schluter
  14. Ruth Schluter
  15. Ingeburg Schluter
  16. Mr. August Schmerder
  17. Mr. William A. Seidel
  18. Miss Florena Jahn
  19. Mrs. William A. Seidel
  20. Mr. Frank Shapiro
  21. Mrs. Anna Weber
  22. Miss Mary Weber
  23. Miss Herta Weller
  24. Miss Emma Ziegler
  25. Mr. Frederick Jahn

From Cobh (Queenstown) to Boston:

  1. Mrs. Mary Byrne
  2. Irene Byrne
  3. Mr. Thomas Casserly
  4. Mr. John .Crowley
  5. Mrs. Elizabeth Curtin
  6. Mr. John Donovan
  7. Mr. John Hurley
  8. Miss Jane Joyce
  9. Mrs. Agnes I. Kelleher
  10. John Kelleher
  11. Mrs. Catherine Kelly
  12. Miss Josephine Malone
  13. Mrs. Catherine McGrath
  14. Mary McGrath
  15. Miss Ellen O'Sullivan
  16. Mr. Patrick O'Sullivan
  17. Mr. Henry Reidy
  18. John Reidy
  19. Michael Reidy
  20. Mary Reidy
  21. Miss Julia Riordan

To Cobh:

  1. Mr. George Ewald
  2. Mrs. George Ewald
  3. Mr. Georg Fiihr
  4. Mr. Hans Fiihr
  5. Mr. Giinther Griining
  6. Mr. Franz Knick
  7. Mr. Hans Lintner
  8. Mr. Herm. Thaten
  9. Mr. Alan Treadwell
  10. Mrs. Alan Treadwell
  11. Frances Treadwell

Information for Passengers

Attendance. Passengers are requested to bring any complaints to the notice of the chiefsteward, and, if the complaint is not promptly investigated, to apply to the purser or to the captain.

Valuables or Money. Valuables or money should not be left in the cabin, but be placed in charge of the purser in his safe. No responsibility, however, can be accepted by the Company.

Letters and Telegrams. Mail arriving for Passengers will be distributed in the office of the purser.

Letters and postcards written during the voyage may be left at the purser's office which on payment of the postage will see that they are forwarded.

Wireless telegrams are accepted in the wireless station on the boat deck.

Baggage. The baggageroom where all large trunks are stored will be open daily at certain hours. Passengers are requested to refer all baggage matters during the voyage to the baggage official on duty. Arrangements between Passengers and stewards or other members of the crew are not binding on the Company. For hand baggage the Com-pany will assume no responsibility.

Physician. For medical attendance in case of sickness contracted on board no charge is made; medicines are also provided free of cost.

Views of the Third Class on Board the SS Westphalia, 1926.

Views of the Third Class on Board the SS Westphalia, 1926. GGA Image ID # 178608b75a

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