SS Deutschland Passenger List - 15 August 1935

Front Cover of a First Class and Tourist Passenger List from SS Deutschland of the Hamburg America Line, Departing Thursday, 15 August 1935 from Hamburg to New York

Front Cover of a First and Tourist Class Passenger List from SS Deutschland of the Hamburg America Line, Departing Thursday, 15 August 1935 from Hamburg to New York via Southampton, Cherbourg, and Cobh, Commanded by Captain Dau. GGA Image ID # 1774c33f5d

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Commander: Captain Dau
  2. First Officer: R. Cammann
  3. Second Officer: G. Bursch
  4. Second Officer: G. Pietsch
  5. Second Officer: E. Cabus
  6. Third Officer: F. von Dresky
  7. Fourth Officer: G. Neumann
  8. Fourth Officer: H. Bruckner
  9. First Radio Officer: H. Stoldt
  10. Second Radio Officer: F. Riedmann
  11. Third Radio Officer: E. Meyer
  12. Fourth Radio Officer: K. Grosspatsch
  13. Chief Engineer: A. Kruger
  14. Second Engineer: E. Montua
  15. Second Engineer: W. Schroder
  16. Third Engineer: G. de Buhr
  17. Third Engineer: J. Hitte
  18. Third Engineer: W. Jarck
  19. Third Engineer: H. Rode
  20. Third Engineer: K. Ullrich
  21. Fourth Engineer: J. Gottsche
  22. Fourth Engineer: W. Putlitz
  23. Fourth Engineer: W. Kaven
  24. Fourth Engineer: H. Fock
  25. First Electrician W. Rietdorf
  26. Second Electrician: H. Bottcher
  27. Projectionist: L. Hillig
  28. First Physician: Dr. G. Lange
  29. Second Physician: Dr. P. Kaiser
  30. Nurse: Lisa Eylmann
  31. Purser: H. Schnoor
  32. Under Purser: C. Schwarzkopf
  33. Under Purser: W. Reinhard
  34. Assistant Purser: H. Moller
  35. Assistant Purser: A. Dieck
  36. Assistant Purser: A. Philipp
  37. Luggage Master: P. Lewald
  38. First Chief Steward, First Class: V. Hansen
  39. Second Chief Steward, First Class: H. Wintjen
  40. Assistant Chief Steward, First Class: A. Jepsen
  41. Grill Chef: Joe
  42. Chief Steward, Tourist Class: W. Kroger
  43. Assistant Chief Steward, Tourist Class: P. Kiilza
  44. Chief Steward, Third Class: P. Bremer
  45. Assistant Chief Steward, Third Class: E. Schultze
  46. Kitchen Master: A. Kruger
  47. Head of Music: O. Pockrandt


Projectionist: Another indicator for the former cinema of attractions were Projectionist. This offered a variety of additional services such as sound effects and pronounced comments. It was also true demonstration events, reminiscent of the attractions of a fairground. The presentation of the films presented itself was already an attraction reprentation. One particularly admired the machines shown there, rather than the movies. So you also attracted to the posters but not with the film titles with the name of the projection machine, for example, the biographer of the Cinematograph. So also own cinematographic manipulations like slow motion, reverse, etc. made ​​from the fascinating and interesting. The effect of magnification, the close-up, was not used to the narrative punctuation, but was an attraction in itself. See Cinema of Attractions for additional information.

First Class Passengers

To New York:

  1. Mr. Frederick C. Adams
  2. Dr. James A. Bach
  3. Mrs. James A. Bach
  4. Mrs. Julian B. Beaty
  5. Miss Nancy Lee Beaty
  6. Mr. Johannes Benthem
  7. Mrs. Johannes Benthem
  8. Mrs. Rosalind Benton
  9. Mrs. E. Bijou
  10. Miss Marjorie Bijou
  11. Miss Geraldine Boyle
  12. Dr. Joseph Braun
  13. Mrs. Mary V. Brooks
  14. Miss Marion Brooks
  15. Mr. Arthur E. Burke
  16. Mrs. Arthur E. Burke
  17. Mrs. Johnsie Burnham
  18. Miss Ellen Butler
  19. Mrs. Percy-Handy Christian
  20. Miss Nesbit Le Conte
  21. Rev. William A. Coughlan
  22. Mr. George Crompton
  23. Mr. Davis H. Crompton
  24. Mr. Konsul Jens R. Dahl
  25. Miss Helen Dean
  26. Miss Marion Dean
  27. Miss May S. Dean
  28. Mr. William F. Demions
  29. Mrs. William F. Demions
  30. Miss Emma Demions
  31. Miss Martha Demions
  32. Mr. Arthur C. Dennison
  33. Mrs. Arthur C. Dennison
  34. Mr. Enno W. Ercklentz
  35. Mrs. Gabriele Falbe
  36. Miss Anna May Faulck
  37. Mrs. Edward B. Field
  38. Miss Virginia Fogerty
  39. Mrs. Nellie Gaffrey
  40. Mrs. Rosa Gersten
  41. Mrs. Chas. Good
  42. Mrs. Wilbur F. Gordy
  43. Mrs. Robertson Gray
  44. Mr. George H. Green
  45. Mrs. George H. Green
  46. Miss Olivia Green
  47. Mr. John Withnel Hager
  48. Mrs. John Withnel Hager
  49. Mr. E. Bayard Halsted
  50. Mr. Osborne Halsted
  51. Mr. Sinclair Hamilton
  52. Mrs. Sinclair Hamilton
  53. Mr. W. W. Harrison Jr.
  54. Mrs. Frank Harrold
  55. Mr. Herbert Th. Helb
  56. Mrs. Herbert Th. Helb
  57. Miss Anna Hellwig
  58. Mrs. Dorothy Henderson
  59. Mrs. William Herbert
  60. Mr. James Herbert
  61. Mr. Sam Herrmann
  62. Miss Patricia D. Higgins
  63. Mr. J. Stephen Higham
  64. Mrs. J. Stephen Higham
  65. Mrs. M. Thompson Hill
  66. Miss Jean M. Hill
  67. Mr. Paul von Hohenschleyer
  68. Mr. John Holland
  69. Mr. Harry H. Hollesen
  70. Mrs. Harry H. Hollesen
  71. Mr. Roger W. Hooker
  72. Mrs. Roger W. Hooker
  73. Mrs. Belle Howell
  74. Miss Clara M. Hrabak
  75. Mr. Serge Jaroff
  76. Miss E. Gertrude Jenner
  77. Miss Rosalind M. Jewett
  78. Miss Mathilde Kallmeyer
  79. Miss Venia M. Kelley
  80. Miss Margaret A. Kenney
  81. Mrs. Oscar McKenzie
  82. Mr. W. Lloyd Kitchel
  83. Mrs. W. Lloyd Kitchel
  84. Mrs. Anne Kirk
  85. Mr. Carl Johan Knipschildt
  86. Mrs. Carl Johan Knipschildt
  87. Mr. Joseph R. Lacy
  88. Mrs. Joseph R. Lacy
  89. Dr. Heinz Laederach
  90. Mr. Karl:Heinz Lange
  91. Mrs. Karl:Heinz Lange
  92. Miss Grace E. Lee
  93. Dr. Adam P. Leighton
  94. Mrs. Adam P. Leighton
  95. Miss Francesca Leighton
  96. Mr. Ernst Liebing
  97. Mrs. Ernst Liebing
  98. Miss Elizabeth Lincoln
  99. Miss Lydia Lowe
  100. Mrs. Mary R. McDonald
  101. Miss Grace C. McDonald
  102. Miss Helen D. MacGregor
  103. Miss Emma F. Meyer
  104. Mrs. Th. Moes:Spakter
  105. Mrs. Cornelia F. Morgan
  106. Miss Carolyn Morgan
  107. Miss Anne Blake Morrison
  108. Mr. William J. Mulligan
  109. Mrs. William J. Mulligan
  110. Mr. Edmund H. Nash
  111. Mr. Arthur E. O'Brien
  112. Mrs. H. A. Obst
  113. Miss Lucile Obst
  114. Mrs. Minnie L. Paar
  115. Mr. E. T. Pendleton
  116. Mrs. E. T. Pendleton
  117. Mr. A. W. Plyler
  118. Mrs. A. W. Plyler
  119. Miss Helen Plyler
  120. Mrs. Paula Rebner
  121. Mr. Harvey E. Regan
  122. Mrs. Allen H. Remsen
  123. Miss Helen F. Remsen
  124. Mr. Frederick W. Reuter
  125. Mrs. Frederick W. Reuter
  126. Mr. Frederick W. Reuter Jr.
  127. Mr. Donald Reuter
  128. Miss F. Jane Reuter
  129. Mr. J. de Forest Richards
  130. Mrs. J. de Forest Richards
  131. Mrs. W. W. Robbins
  132. Miss Herta M. Robbins
  133. Mrs. Charlotte S. Robinson
  134. Mr. Carlos F. Roby
  135. Mrs. Carlos F. Roby
  136. Mr. Carlos F. Roby Jr.
  137. Rite Roby
  138. Mrs. Caroline H. Roeder
  139. Miss Augusta A. Roeder
  140. Miss Elisabeth H. Roeder
  141. Miss Margaret Rowe
  142. Miss Marie A. Ruddy
  143. Miss Agnes Russell
  144. Mrs. L. B. Sanders
  145. Mrs. Inman Saunders
  146. Mr. Jacques B. Schlosser
  147. Mrs. Jacques B. Schlosser
  148. Mr. Ferdinand Schurmann
  149. Mrs. Ferdinand Schurmann
  150. Mr. V. E. Schwahn
  151. Mr. Kurt Schwoch
  152. Mr. Fritz Seifart
  153. Mrs. Fritz Seifart
  154. Mr. Arno Seifart
  155. Mr. Curt Seifart
  156. Erna Seifart
  157. Mr. Edward F. Seitz
  158. Mrs. Edward F. Seitz
  159. Mr. Roger Sherman
  160. Mrs. Roger Sherman
  161. Mrs. Mary F. Shields
  162. Mr. Clyde E. Shorey
  163. Mrs. Clyde E. Shorey
  164. Mr. Wm. D. Shorey
  165. Mr. Clyde E. Shorey Jr.
  166. Miss Fanny R. Smith
  167. Mr. J. T. Stephens
  168. Mrs. J. T. Stephens
  169. Miss Ottilie Stoehr
  170. Mrs. Stansbury Sutton
  171. Miss Harriet F. Thayer
  172. Mr. Einar Thorsen
  173. Mrs. E. F. Tomkies
  174. Miss Gertude Underhill
  175. Mrs. Donald S. Unger-Donaldson
  176. Mr. Arthur Voss
  177. Mrs. Arthur Voss
  178. Margaret Voss
  179. Miss H. B. Walsh
  180. Mr. A. L. Walls
  181. Mrs. A. L. Walls
  182. Mr. Allister G. Watt
  183. Mrs. Allister G. Watt
  184. Miss Margaret Wilson
  185. Mr. Harry A. Winter
  186. Mrs. Harry A. Winter
  187. Miss Maurie Winter
  188. Miss Grace Winter
  189. Miss Alice M. Winterbottom


To Southampton:

  1. Mr. Basedow
  2. Miss Irene Behr
  3. Mr. Henry Bockmann
  4. Mrs. Henry Bockmann
  5. Mrs. E. Campbell
  6. Mr. Monague E. Driver
  7. Mr. Newton G. Driver
  8. Mrs. Newton G. Driver
  9. Mr. Albert O. Gellner
  10. Mrs. Albert O. Gellner
  11. Miss Anna Genzen
  12. Miss Inge Gerdien
  13. Mrs. Louise Goodson
  14. Miss Mary Goodson
  15. Dr. Albert Grabau
  16. Miss E. G. Green
  17. Miss E. G. Greenall
  18. Mr. Norman Guy
  19. Mr. Georg Handle
  20. Col. Eustace James Harrison
  21. Miss Alice Knoop
  22. Mr. Charles A. Krause
  23. Mrs. Charles A. Krause
  24. Miss K. Ann Krause
  25. Dr. Fritz Lehr
  26. Mrs. Maria Lore
  27. Mr. J. M. Maitland
  28. Mrs. J. M. Maitland
  29. Mr. Henry Man
  30. Mr. Ralph S. Mueller
  31. Mr. August John Luedke
  32. Mrs. August John Luedke
  33. Miss Margaret A. Luedke
  34. Mr. Kurt E. Oberlander
  35. Mrs. Hertha Ohnesorge
  36. Miss Ursula Perkuhn
  37. Miss M. Phelps
  38. Mr. Charles Pierce
  39. Mrs. Charles Pierce
  40. Mrs. Leonore von Pogrell
  41. Mr. Attaché E. E. Donaldson Rawlins
  42. Mrs. E. E. Donaldson Rawlins
  43. Miss Muriel E. Sanders
  44. Miss Anne Sanders
  45. Mr. A. H. Schnackenberg
  46. Mrs. A. H. Schnackenberg
  47. Mr. Justizrat
  48. Dr. Robert von Simon
  49. Mrs. Robert von Simon
  50. Mr. Christian Skott
  51. Judge William A. Smith
  52. Mrs. William A. Smith
  53. Miss Suzanne Smith
  54. Mr. E. Soulby
  55. Mrs. E. Soulby
  56. Mr. F. Veale
  57. Mrs. F. Veale
  58. Mr. Hans Weinhart


To Cobh:

  1. Mr. Max Gleiche
  2. Mr. John A. Lovett
  3. Aimee Baroness von Uexkiill


Tourist Passengers

To New York:

  1. Mr. Paul Alexeeff
  2. Mr. Theodore E. Allen
  3. Mr. William P. Allen
  4. Mr. David Allen
  5. Miss G. P. Alumbaugh
  6. Miss Rupie Armaghanian
  7. Miss Marion Armstrong
  8. Mr. Vladimir Assejev
  9. Mrs. John I. Attridge
  10. Miss Helen Attridge
  11. Sister M. Augustina
  12. Miss Catherine T. Bach
  13. Miss Rosemary Bach
  14. Mr. Daniel B. Badger
  15. Mr. Michael Bajanoff
  16. Rev. Dr* Andreas Bard
  17. Miss Ruth Bardes
  18. Mrs. Emma Bartelt
  19. Mrs. Elli Becker
  20. Mr. Johann Behncke
  21. Mr. Edward A. Bertola
  22. Mrs. A. Bertola
  23. Dr. Peter Besenbruch
  24. Mrs. Peter Besenbruch
  25. Arnold Besenbruch
  26. Mr. Ernst Biehlmaier
  27. Mr. Michel Bikhanoff
  28. Miss Ada Birkenhauer
  29. Miss Charlotte Bley
  30. Miss Elisabeth Boecker
  31. Mrs. Anna Boege
  32. Mr. Philip Bogart
  33. Miss Jane Boicourt
  34. Mr. Boris Bojarsky
  35. Mr. Basile Bolotine
  36. Mr. E. G. Boxer
  37. Mrs. E. G. Boxer
  38. Miss Edith Bradford
  39. Mr. Israel Brandler
  40. Mrs. Israel Brandler
  41. Heinz Brandler
  42. Mr. Georg Brehmer
  43. Miss Ida Breitenfelder
  44. Miss Marjorie Brown
  45. Mrs. Elfriede Briihl
  46. Dr. Bernhard Briihl
  47. Mr. J. FL Buchanan
  48. Miss Luise Buffington
  49. Miss Dr. Hilde Burgheim
  50. Mrs. Mildred C. Burke
  51. Mrs. Dana T. Burns
  52. Mr. Harry J. Burton
  53. Miss Mary B. Bussdicker
  54. Mrs. Bernard Byrne
  55. Miss Gladys Caisman
  56. Miss Catharine Cameron
  57. Miss Kathleen Cawley
  58. Mrs. Dorothy Chalgren
  59. Mr. Rev. C. A. Chawner
  60. Mrs. C. A. Chawner
  61. Mr. Theodore Chliakhtine
  62. Mr. Borghild Christensen
  63. Miss Ruth Christensen
  64. Miss Frieda Christensen
  65. Mr. Charles Cole
  66. Mrs. Maude Congdon
  67. Miss Lusan Congdon
  68. Mr. P. J. Connaughton
  69. Miss Mary Cooney
  70. Miss Elsie Cox
  71. Mrs. H. A. Darby
  72. Mr. Professor Christian Demmel
  73. Mr. J. K. von Denburg
  74. Miss Ann Dirksmeyer
  75. Mr. Nicolas Dmitrieff
  76. Miss Helen Dobie
  77. Miss Emily R. Dow
  78. Mrs. John Downing
  79. Mr. Charles Drescher
  80. Miss Gladys Dunkelberger
  81. Dr. Karl Eberhard
  82. Miss Marion Eckert
  83. Miss Ruby Entz
  84. Miss M. Eyler
  85. Mr. Gordon Falkenau
  86. Miss Frieda Feige
  87. Sister M. Felicity
  88. Mr. Constantin Fetissoff
  89. Miss Ruth A. Fisher
  90. Miss Susan Fitzgerald
  91. Mrs. Julia A. Fitzgerald
  92. Mrs. Fitzmaurice
  93. Mr. Rudolf Fleischmann
  94. Miss Elizabeth Flowers
  95. Mr. Wassily Flustikoff
  96. Mr. Simon J. Flynn
  97. Mr. N. D. Ford
  98. Mrs. N. D. Ford
  99. Mrs. Ellen Forman
  100. Mrs. Elisabeth Forste
  101. Miss Elisabeth Fox
  102. Miss Margaret Frazier
  103. Mr. Victor Freedley
  104. Mr. Clifford Fuller
  105. Mr. Alfred Fuller
  106. Miss Ruth Fulmer
  107. Mrs. Kate Gehrig
  108. Mrs. Frieda Georgius
  109. Mr. Richard Gilden
  110. Miss Marie Gillmeier
  111. Mr. Gennady Gordejev
  112. Mr. Lee M. Gorgens
  113. Mrs. Lee M. Gorgens
  114. Mr. Alfred L. Griffiths
  115. Mrs. Hedwig Haentjens
  116. Mrs. Edith K. Hamilton
  117. Mrs. Elisabeth Handley
  118. Miss C. Hanks
  119. Mr. George Hanley
  120. Mrs. George Hanley
  121. Mrs. Katharina Harding
  122. Miss Margaret Harding
  123. Mr. Richard W. Hartenberg
  124. Mr. Richard S. Hartenberg
  125. Mr. August Hartmann
  126. Mrs. August Hartmann
  127. Mrs. Jane Hawkins
  128. Mr. John Heinen
  129. Sister Lizzie Hendrican
  130. Mr. C. Hermann
  131. Mrs. C. Hermann
  132. Miss Elsie Herrmann
  133. Mr. Richard Hesky
  134. Mrs. Ruth Hessin
  135. Miss C. H. Hickock
  136. Sister M. Hildegard
  137. Mr. Rudolf P. Hinrichs
  138. Miss Marion Hitler
  139. Mr. Paul Hoefer
  140. Mrs. Emma Holzinger
  141. Mrs. Abbie Hopwood
  142. Miss Virginia Hoskins
  143. Miss Alice Hotchkiss
  144. Mr. Charles F. Hurey
  145. Mrs. Charles Hurey
  146. Mr. Jean Illiachevitch Iratoff
  147. Mrs. Emilie Imhoff
  148. Mrs. Annie T. Jackson
  149. Mrs. Bertha Jacobs
  150. Miss Elfriede Jagemann
  151. Mr. Adrian Jarovitzky
  152. Miss Bertha Jenkins
  153. Miss Elizabeth Jones
  154. Mr. Morgan Jones
  155. Mr. Boris Kastorsky
  156. Miss Lusan N. Kenner
  157. Mr. George Kessel
  158. Sister M. Kevin
  159. Miss Florence King
  160. Mr. Cornelius V. N. Kittredge
  161. Mr. Julius Kleiner
  162. Mr. Walter Kleiner
  163. Mr. Kenneth J. Klopp
  164. Miss Kathie Koch
  165. Mr. Richard Koetz
  166. Mr. Richard Max Koetz
  167. Miss Opal Koetz
  168. Mr. Georges Kolesnikoff
  169. Mr. Thomas Krating
  170. Mr. Witaly Krijanovsky
  171. Mr. Wilfred Kroener
  172. Dr. Peter Kuborn
  173. Mrs. Elsie Kunkel
  174. Mr. Werner Kunkel
  175. Mr. Harry Kunkel
  176. Mr. William T. Kurth
  177. Mr. Karl Lamm
  178. Mr. Ernest Langenhorst
  179. Brother Emil S. Lassak
  180. Mr. Rudolph Launer
  181. Mrs. Rudolph Launer
  182. Elaine Launer
  183. Mrs. Mary Hamilton Law
  184. Mr. Vladimir Lazarev
  185. Mr. Peter Leisen
  186. Miss Martha Leva
  187. Mr. Archip Levcenko
  188. Miss Olive Loeffler
  189. Miss Anni Lukaseder
  190. Miss Margaret Lushy
  191. Mr. Arthur W. MacLean
  192. Mr. Allen Macomber
  193. Mrs. A. P. Maddox
  194. Mr. Wladimir Magnuschevsky
  195. Mrs. Frances Marek
  196. Miss Madeleine Marsh
  197. Miss Marjorie Marsh
  198. Miss Mary Marsh
  199. Mr. C. M. Martin
  200. Dr. E. McCarthy
  201. Miss Anita McDonald
  202. Miss M. K. McManus
  203. Mrs. Angelika Mehl
  204. Mr. Luitpold Mehler
  205. Mr. Berthold Meizer
  206. Mr. Schalle von der Merwe
  207. Mrs. Schalle von der Merwe
  208. Shirley von der Merwe
  209. Mr. Douglas Metcalfe
  210. Mrs. Douglas Metcalfe
  211. Mr. Heinrich Metz
  212. Miss Margarethe Middlethon
  213. Mr. John Milburn
  214. Mr. Lawrence C. Mitchell
  215. Mrs. Lawrence C. Mitchell
  216. Mrs. Catherine Molloy
  217. Miss Eileen Molloy
  218. Monsgr. James Molloy
  219. Sister Mary Mildred
  220. Mrs. Helen G. Moore
  221. Rev. Gerald Morrissey
  222. Mrs. Mary Morrissey
  223. Mr. Franz Mueller
  224. Miss Margarete Mullaney
  225. Mr. M. J. Mullin
  226. Mrs. M. J. Mullin
  227. Mr. Thomas Murray
  228. Miss Kathleen Murray
  229. Mr. Martin Nelson
  230. Mrs. Martin Nelson
  231. Mr. Nels D. Nelson
  232. Miss Anne M. Newmann
  233. Miss Clara Nissen
  234. Mr. Heinrich Nordmann
  235. Mr. Gustavus Ober
  236. Miss Mildred O'Brien
  237. Mrs. Pearl O'Connell
  238. Mrs. O'Hanlin
  239. Miss O'Hanlin
  240. Mr. Thomas O'Loughlin
  241. Sister Maureen O'Reilly
  242. Dr. Max Ornstein
  243. Mr. Francis Oster
  244. Rev. Michael O'Sullivan
  245. Mr. Patrick O'Sullivan
  246. Miss Elizabeth Palmer
  247. Miss Mary Parmenter
  248. Mrs. M. Phillips
  249. Miss Marjorie Phillips
  250. Mr. Spencer Phillips
  251. Mr. Iwan Piskunoff
  252. Mrs. Pauline H. Pogson
  253. Miss Luise Pohl
  254. Mr. Wladimir Ponomarev
  255. Mr. Nikolas Postnikoff
  256. Mrs. Anna Praml
  257. Mr. Serge Prosorovsky
  258. Mr. Henry Rabe
  259. Mr. Edward S. Reese
  260. Miss Ionia Rehm
  261. Mr. John Reigehuth
  262. Mr. C. Rekowski
  263. Mr. Professor Joseph Renenyi
  264. Miss Grace A. Reynolds
  265. Mr. Dustin Rice
  266. Mr. Kurt Richter
  267. Mrs. Dolly Richter
  268. Evelyn Richter
  269. Mr. Johann Rieder
  270. Miss Helen Riggs
  271. Miss Isabel Ritt
  272. Mrs. Charlotte Roatche
  273. Mr. David Rockefeller
  274. Mr. Robert P. Roger
  275. Miss Margaret L. Roper
  276. Mr. Asa Shiverick
  277. Mr. Karl Roth
  278. Miss J. Slemmons
  279. Mrs. Karl Roth
  280. Mr. William Spear
  281. Miss Esther Roth
  282. Mrs. William Spear
  283. Miss Helen Roth
  284. Miss Anna Stahl
  285. Miss Eleanore Ryan
  286. Mr. Alfred Steel
  287. Mr. Efim Rytikow
  288. Miss Aleonie H. Sticken
  289. Mrs. E. R. Sasscer
  290. Mr. Adolf Stratmann
  291. Miss E. A. Sasscer
  292. Mrs. Elfriede Stratmann
  293. Miss H. Schaal
  294. Miss P. Strete
  295. Miss Henriette Schichan
  296. Miss Mildred Struble
  297. Mrs. Julie Schindler
  298. Mrs. Frieda Swonsson
  299. Mrs. Bertha Schlichte
  300. Gloria Swonsson
  301. Mr. Vladimir Schmakoff
  302. Harry Swonsson
  303. Mr. August Schmidt
  304. Mr. Nikolaj Szaposznikov
  305. Mr. Werner Schmidt
  306. Miss Betty A. Taylor
  307. Mrs. Werner Schmidt
  308. Miss Choda D. Taylor
  309. Miss Magdalena Schneider
  310. Mr. Akime Terichoff
  311. Mrs. Wilhelmine Schnutz
  312. Mr. Jakov Teterevjatnikov
  313. Miss Marie Schroeder:Lake
  314. Sister Mary Thomas
  315. Mr. Wilhelm Schroppel
  316. Mrs. R. L. Tiller
  317. Mrs. Johanna Schuetze
  318. Mr. William Tinque
  319. Mrs. Susan N. Schultz
  320. Mr. Paul Troeschen
  321. Mrs. Minnie K. Schultz
  322. Mrs. Paul Troeschen
  323. Mr. Albert Schulz
  324. Miss M. Troeschen
  325. Miss K. A. Scritsmier
  326. Mr. Valentin Tschijeff
  327. Miss Alice Selby
  328. Mr. Rudolph Unger
  329. Miss Marie Sheehan
  330. Mrs. Rudolph Unger
  331. Mr. Donald Unger:Donaldam
  332. Mr. Frederic Wells
  333. Mr. Boris Volkov
  334. Mrs. Henriette Westfeld
  335. Mrs. Erna Wahrendorf
  336. Miss Jean Whiffet
  337. Miss Frances Walker
  338. Miss Marion J.Wible
  339. Mrs. Emma Walling
  340. Miss Louise Williams
  341. Miss F. Wasner
  342. Mr. J. Wojkowiak
  343. Mr. Johann H. Watty
  344. Mrs. J. Wojkowiak
  345. Mrs. Johann H. Watty
  346. Mrs. Laura B. Wright
  347. Miss Brigitte Watty
  348. Miss Ethel Earle Wylie
  349. Joachim Watty
  350. Mr. Pasheng Yen
  351. Ulrich Watty
  352. Miss Barbara Yen
  353. Mr. August Weber
  354. Mr. Andrew Zieboldt
  355. Miss Katherina Weber
  356. Mrs. Andrew Zieboldt
  357. Mr. Paul Weber
  358. Mrs. J. D. Zimmermann
  359. Mrs. Kate Weeks
  360. Mr. Geo F. Zoeckler
  361. Miss Ella Wehling
  362. Mrs. Geo F. Zoeckler
  363. Miss Minnie Wehling
  364. Miss Frances Zoeckler
  365. Miss Kathe Weinbach
  366. Mr. Gabriel Zolotareff
  367. Mr. Ludwig Weinrich


To Southampton:

  1. Mr. E. Andrewes
  2. Mr. James Booker
  3. Miss Mary Brinkley
  4. Mrs. M. Clark
  5. Mrs. M. Clarke
  6. Miss Tatiana Delentje
  7. Mrs. Lucy Eisner
  8. Miss Margot Eisner
  9. Rev. Daniel Elias
  10. Mr. Leopold Fehr
  11. Mrs. Leopold Fehr
  12. Mr. Emil Fischl
  13. Miss Edith Friibel
  14. Mrs. Jenny Gaiselmann
  15. Miss Elsie Gaiselmann
  16. Miss Gloria Gaiselmann
  17. Mrs. Auguste Grandfield
  18. Miss Marie Grosstfick
  19. Mr. C. H. Haldane
  20. Mrs. C. H. Haldane
  21. Mr. Horst H. Hartleben
  22. Mr. F. Hartmann
  23. Mr. Wilhelm Hopp
  24. Mrs. Wilhelm Hopp
  25. Mr. Waldemar Kranzlin
  26. Mr. Joachim Landsberger
  27. Mrs. Doris Lever
  28. Mr. Crosby Lorimer
  29. Bryan Lorimer
  30. Mrs. Marie Mahnke
  31. Mr. David Maltby
  32. Mrs. Giselda Meurer
  33. Mr. G. Motion
  34. Mrs. G. Motion
  35. Miss Magdalene Nedder
  36. Miss Gretchen Oldendorp
  37. Mrs. N. K. Parbury
  38. Miss R. Parbury
  39. Miss C. Parbury
  40. Mr. Lothas Poehner
  41. Miss Dora Seible
  42. Mr. E. C. Donaldsen Rawlins
  43. Mrs. E. C. Donaldsen Rawlins
  44. Mr. Myron Sackett
  45. Mrs. Myron Sackett
  46. Mrs. C. Severne
  47. Miss D. Severne
  48. M. Severne
  49. Mrs. Dora Thein
  50. Miss Helen Tratcher
  51. Miss Dolores Veglio
  52. Mr. James Wakeford
  53. Miss Alice Weigand
  54. Mr. F. J. Weitz
  55. Mr. Norman Wilson


To Cobh:

  1. Mr. Rudolph Herrmann
  2. Mr. Martin Hackett
  3. Mrs. Rudolph Herrmann
  4. Mr. Alfred O. Nack
  5. Mr. Henry Hilser Mr
  6. Dr. Fritz Nord
  7. Mrs. Henry Hilser


Student Orchestra

"King's Men fro Tufts College, Massachusetts

  1. J. Howard Lane
  2. Paul Maynard
  3. Frank Whitney
  4. George E. Robinson
  5. James J. Conway


The Hamburg America Line (HAPAG)

The Hamburg America Line was founded in 1847. Its growth to importance was slow at first, but exceedingly rapid afterwards, so that—in 1914—the Company was the world's biggest shipping undertaking, its fleet aggregating more than 1,300,000 gross register tons.

The war and its after-effects completely destroyed the work which it had taken seven decades to build up; but reconstruction set in at once, with the result that the Hapag is now once more one of the largest and most important shipping companies. Its fleet consists of 141 sea-going ships and 190 vessels of smaller size, whose combined tonnage amounts to 920,000 gross register tons.

The routes served by the Company's ships once more span the globe. About 30 regular services are operated to North, Central and South America, to Africa, the Netherlands Indies, the Far East and Australasia. Several pleasure cruises are also undertaken annually by some of the Company's ships, including cruises to the Scandinavian and Baltic countries, to the Mediterranean, the Orient, the Atlantic Isles, the West Indies and a cruise around the world. The Company's shore organization is equally comprehensive.

The Head Office is situated in a fine building facing the Binnenalster in Hamburg. It accommodates, among others, the offices of the managers, the passenger and freight departments, the shipbuilding section, the bookkeeping departments, etc. The harbour installations of the Hapag comprise Kaiser-Wilhelm-Hafen, Ellerholzhafen, part of Indiahafen, and certain parts of other harbour basins.

No less than 162 cranes with a total hoisting capacity of 581 tons are available on the quays for the handling of merchandise. The length of the railway sidings connecting the harbour installations with the network of the National Railways is 10.8 miles. As regards the other establishments operated by the Hapag the large installations at Cuxhaven where Passengers are embarked and disembarked are also of considerable interest.

A few figures may be added to give a rough idea of the importance of Germany's largest shipping undertaking. Since its foundation its ships have carried 8,1 million Passengers and 5,367,000,000 cubic ft. of cargo. The total number of beds on the whole of the ships is 11,400, so that as many as 11,400 persons can be carried across the sea at the same time.

The number of clerical employees, workmen, etc., required to keep the firm's business going, is about 12,800. Of these, 8,400 are employed on board the Company's ships, 3,700 on shore, and 700 act as passenger or freight agents in all parts of the world.

Information for Passengers

New York Mail for Passengers. The New York Office of the Hamburg America Line/North German Lloyd has made arrangements that mail addressed to Passengers arriving in New York may be obtained at the principal exit on the upper floor of the Pier. This only applies to such letters, etc., that arrive too late to be delivered to Passengers on board during their stay at the quarantine station.

Landing Card. On arrival in New York the "Landing card" attached to your ticket is to be handed to the Immigration Officer for endorsement. First-class Passengers will receive the landing cards by the purser during the voyage.

New York Porter Service. Passengers are reminded that the porters on the New York piers are not allowed to ask for gratuities in consideration of the handling of Passengers' baggage, they being paid sufficient wages for their services. If, nevertheless, any porter should demand payment for handling such baggage, Passengers are requested to note the number plate on his cap and to report him to one of the uniformed policemen on the pier.

In addition, Passengers are earnestly advised to direct their enquiries concerning baggage or passage matters exclusively to persons who, by their uniforms, are plainly seen to be Hapag employees. Failing this precaution, they expose themselves to the risk of being taken advantage of by unauthorized persons.

Passengers proceeding to interior Destinations. Wireless advance bookings of Pullman, sleeping and parlor car accommodation for the journey from New York to places situated in the interior may be effected on board through the intermediary of the Purser.

Sailing Permits for Non-Americans. Non-Americans (including visitors to the United States who intend a temporary stay only) must obtain, prior to their departure from the United States, a Sailing Permit, which must be produced previous to going on board, when the final passage ticket is examined. Such Sailing Permits are issued at the Custom House, Battery, New York.
Further information will be gladly given by the Hamburg America Line/ North German Lloyd, 57, Broadway, New York.

Imported Plants and Soil etc. Prohibited. The United States Department of Agriculture, Plant Quarantine and Control Administration, advises uthder "Notice of Quarantine No. 37," that plants, soil or other similar materials cannot be imported into the United States, either as souvenirs or in any other category.

Advance Reservations of Automobiles. The Hamburg America Line has made arrangements with the Pennsylvania Cadillac Motor Service, New York, whereby private limousines may be ordered by wireless to our New York piers for arrival of our ships. Information as to rates and all other details are obtainable at the Tourist Department of the Hamburg America Line on board.

Tourist Department
of The Hamburg-Amerika Linie
On the A-Deck of the S. S. DEUTSCHLAND

an Office of the Tourist Department has been established. This Office furnishes information to Passengers concerning the sailings of the steamers, the railway services from port of arrival to the interior, the air service and all other arrangements of the Hamburg-Amerika Linie. It also provides information with regard to customhouse and passport arrangements and other matters which are of importance to travelers. At the Office tickets are issued for railroads and steamers to all parts of the world.

Safety regulations. Life preservers ready for immediate use are to be found at the top end of the beds in all cabins. They are put on like ordinary jackets and are tied together at the neck and across the body. The danger signal for Passengers consists of seven short and one long blast of the steam-whistle. Upon this signal Passengers proceed to the assembly places indicated in public notices on board. From here they are conducted to the boats by their room stewards under supervision of the officer in charge.


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