SS Moltke Passenger List - 21 August 1906

Front Cover of a First Class Passenger List for the SS Moltke of the Hamburg America Line, Departing 21 August 1906 from Genoa to New York via Naples

Front Cover of a First Class Passenger List for the SS Moltke of the Hamburg America Line, Departing 21 August 1906 from Genoa to New York via Naples, Commanded by Captain Reessing. GGA Image ID # 177a74fd1d


Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Commander: Captain Reessing
  2. Royal Italian Commissioner Dott. Gatti
  3. First Officer: C. Wreesmann
  4. Second Officer: M. Zimmermann
  5. Second Officer: A. Margraf
  6. Third Officer: L. Fritsch
  7. Fourth Officer: H. Selck
  8. Physician: Dr. W. Hormann
  9. Physician: Dr. Luigi Muraturi
  10. Purser: E. Cramer
  11. Provision Master: M. Bornberg
  12. Assistant Purser: F. Friedewald
  13. Assistant Purser: J. Wolf
  14. Chief Engineer: O. Masai
  15. Second Engineer: R. Franz
  16. Third Engineer: Richard Kube
  17. Third Engineer: W. Sims
  18. Fourth Engineer: Arno Huppel
  19. Fourth Engineer: A. Mensing
  20. Electrician: B. Ingalls
  21. Marconi Operator: A. Ellis
  22. Marconi Operator: K. Fuckel
  23. Chief Steward: R. Markmann
  24. Baggage Master: G. Venus
  25. Chief Cook: M. G. M. Meissner


First Class Passengers

  1. Mrs. J. Anzenberger
  2. Mrs. Arnold
  3. Mr. Belvedere Brooks and family
  4. Mr. Stefano Berizzi
  5. Mr. Fred J. Bradley
  6. Mrs. Fred J. Bradley
  7. Miss Mildred Bradley
  8. Mr. Seymour Bradley
  9. Mr. George W. Beckel
  10. Mrs. George W. Beckel
  11. Miss Margaret Bayley
  12. Miss F. G. Bogart
  13. Miss L. Bogart
  14. Miss E. L. Bogart
  15. Mr. H. H. Bass
  16. Mr. Antony Bove
  17. Mr. Harold Bolce
  18. Miss J. Bethet
  19. Miss Helen B. Baker
  20. Mrs. Austin H. Clark
  21. Miss Elsie Claflin
  22. Miss Mabel Clary
  23. Miss C. C. Calkins
  24. Miss Annie Carlton
  25. Miss Lulu Cumback
  26. Miss Anna M. Claybough
  27. Miss Virginia E. Claybough
  28. Mr. Page F. Carter
  29. Mrs. Page F. Carter
  30. Miss Katherine Dent
  31. Mr. Edward B. Delk
  32. Miss Anna C. Dunlap
  33. Miss Marion N. Darling
  34. Dr. J. I. Downing
  35. Mrs. J. I. Downing
  36. Miss Stefanie Dworzak
  37. Mr. A. De Martino
  38. Mr. Frank EvanL
  39. Mr. Charles E. Flint
  40. Miss Sophia Falk
  41. Mr. Arthur H. Fletchen
  42. Mr. Charles Gentsch Jr.
  43. Miss Alice E. Grant
  44. Miss Maria C. Hogan
  45. Miss Katherine Houghton
  46. Miss Louise Hobart
  47. Miss Anna Harris
  48. Dr. D. H. Holmes
  49. Mr. Thos. C. Harty
  50. Mrs. Hatch
  51. Mr. Eduard Hasenorl
  52. Mrs. Agnes HasenOrl
  53. Miss Flavia M. Jones
  54. Mr. Joseph Spencer Kennard
  55. Miss Alice M. Kingsbury
  56. Miss Edith Kingsbury
  57. Miss A. F. Kellner
  58. Miss Sarah F. Kline
  59. Miss E. Keller
  60. Miss F. H. Kingsley
  61. Mrs. Clarence B. Kugler
  62. Miss Mary E. Lan
  63. Mr. Stacy F. Lyon
  64. Mr. W. P. Lennox
  65. Mr. Carl Luetz
  66. Mr. W. A. Lambeth
  67. Miss A. Livingston
  68. Mr. Franz Mueller
  69. Dr. Moharrem Bey
  70. Mrs. Moharrem Bey
  71. Miss Mary E. Mersick
  72. Miss May E. Moore
  73. Miss Mauds Moore
  74. Miss Mary Miller
  75. Mr. John E. Miller
  76. Mr. Philipp Meyer
  77. Mrs.'Philipp Meyer
  78. Mr. Georg Meyer
  79. Mr. J. A. Mc.Key
  80. Mr. John Mc.Naughton
  81. Mr. Robt. L. Mc.Neil
  82. Miss Emilia Nelson
  83. Miss Katherine Norris
  84. Miss Sarah E. Norcross
  85. Mr. Howard Newton
  86. Miss E. 0' Connor
  87. Mr. 0' Sullivan
  88. Mrs. 0' Sullivan
  89. Mr. Pasquale Pucci
  90. Mr. E. V. Percia and family
  91. Mr. M. Mario Prochet
  92. Mr. R. Delli Paoli
  93. Mr. Frank R. Prince
  94. Mr. Julius A. Payne
  95. Miss Ada L. Pratt
  96. Miss Katharine C. Reiley
  97. Mr. Wm. M. Reed
  98. Mrs. Wm. M. Reed
  99. Mrs. C. S. Reed
  100. Mrs. Wm. C. Richardson
  101. Miss Constance Richardson
  102. Mr. A. D. Roeffs
  103. Prof. Judson G. Rosebush
  104. Miss Laura L. Runyon
  105. Dr. F. Reilly
  106. Mrs. F. Reilly
  107. Miss Constance Roeffs
  108. Mr. James J. Storrow
  109. Mrs. James J. Storrow
  110. Mr. Piero Spaeciani
  111. Mr. J. P. Salomon
  112. Miss Mary I. Starr
  113. Mrs- M. H. Spencer
  114. Miss Edwina Spencer
  115. Mrs. Aug. Stumpp
  116. Miss Clarchen Stumpp
  117. Mr. August Stumpp
  118. Master Edwin Stumpp
  119. Master Felix Stumpp
  120. Mr. John Sloan
  121. Mrs. John Sloan
  122. Miss Genevive Sloan
  123. Master George Sloan
  124. Master John Sloan
  125. Miss. Alice H. Shultes
  126. Rev. Siebenfoercher
  127. Mr. Edward Shadier
  128. Mrs. Edward Shaller
  129. Mr. B. W. Snow
  130. Miss N. M. Sadler
  131. Mr. Frank H. Summonds
  132. Mr. F. T. Southwick
  133. Mrs. F. T. Southwick
  134. Mr. George Thom
  135. Mr. Lorado Taft
  136. Mr. Jacob Turk
  137. Mr. Ralph. E. Towle
  138. Mrs. Ralph E. Towle
  139. Mr. Ernest G. Turner
  140. Mr. A. B. Thomson
  141. Mrs. A. B. Thomson
  142. Mrs. Wm. P. Upham
  143. Miss Elizabeth Upham
  144. Miss Hilda Wood
  145. Miss M. Leola Wright
  146. Mr. Carl Wetherell
  147. Miss Ottilie Wollenhaupt
  148. Mr. F. G. Yorks
  149. Mrs. F. G. Yorks
  150. Rev. M. Zara
  151. Mrs. C. M. Zara
  152. Miss Caterina C. Zara
  153. Miss Marie C. Zara

Information for Passengers

Meals. First Cabin.

  • Breakfast is served from 8 to to A.M
  • lunch at 12:30 p.m.
  • dinner at 6:30 p.m

A menu is printed for each meal. Seats at table are alloted by the Chief Steward. A bugle call will be sounded 15 minutes

before each meal, and a second signal at the beginning of the meal. Children paying half fare must dine at the children's table.

Steamer Chairs.— Upon application to the Deck Steward, steamer chairs belonging to the Ocean Comfort Company can be rented for use on the voyage, at a charge of one dollar per chair.

Music.—The ship's band performs on the promenade deck during the forenoon from to to II o'clock, and in the Dining Saloon during dinner.

Staterooms. —All staterooms are lighted by electricity. They are also provided with connections for an electric heater for a hair-curler, as well as for an electric food warmer, by which milk, coffee, etc., can be kept warm during the night. The apparatus will be supplied by tke Stewardess. Passengers are recommended to lock the doors of their staterooms while the steamer is in port.

Baggage. — As only small pieces of baggage can be taken into the cabins, all large pieces will be stored in the hold. Access to the hold may be had upon application to the Room Steward.

Hot or Cold Baths.— A number of comfortable bathrooms are provided aboard. The Bathroom Steward or Stewardess will attend to the bath upon the passenger's request. No charge is made for baths. The water used is sea-water.

Gymnasium. — The gymnasium on the boat-deck is open daily for first class Passengers: for gentlemen from 9,30 A. M. to II A. AL and from 3 P. M. to 4 P. M.; for ladies from LI A. M. to 12.30 P. M. and from 4 P. M. to 5 P. M. Exercises take place under the supervision of experienced attendants. Children cannot be admitted.

Grill room.—Meals will be served in the Grill room from to A. M. to 2 P. M. and from 5 to to P. M. Passengers will please pay for their Grill room orders to the Chief Steward at the end of the trip.

Smoking is allowed only on deck and in the Smoking Room; it is positively prohibited in the cabins and below deck.

The Bar closes at midnight.

Lights are extinguished in the Saloons at 11 P. M. and in the Smoking Room at midnight.

Surgeon and Apothecary.—An experienced Physician is attached to every steamer. Medical attendance and medicines are provided free of charge.

The Barber is entitled to charge for his services according to the tariff fixed by the Company.

Library. — The books in the library, which may be obtained upon application to the Library Steward, are at the disposal of Passengers, free of charge. A catalogue of the English, French and German books in the ship' s library can be had from the Library Steward.

Besides the Library a bookstall, supplied by the firm of George Stilke, Berlin, will be found on board where all the latest newspapers and publications, weekly and monthly magazines, souvenirs, etc., are on sale.

Letters and Telegrams.—Only the Purser is authorized to receive letters and telegrams for delivery in the next port of call. Several Telegraph codes will be found in his office.

Writing Paper, Envelopes and Telegraph Forms as well as a limited number of Souvenir Postal Cards will he supplied by the Saloon Steward.

Valuables or Money. - The Company is not responsible for theft if valuables or money are kept in the staterooms. The same should be placed in charge of the Purser for deposit in his safe , and a receipt for same will be given on the Company' s form. As no charge is made for carriage, the Company can accept no responsibility for loss or damage, however arising, but Passengers can protect themselves by insurance.

Foreign Money.— The Purser is prepared to exchange foreign money.

Marconi Station. — Communication is established nearly every day with either shore stations or passing ships. The operator will receive messages for transmission at the time and rate stated on the Marconi bulletin.

Amusements.— A number of pastime games, such as shuffleboard, quoits, chess, dominoes, etc., are provided for on board.

Attendance.- The Stewards have strict instructions to attend to the wants of Passengers in a prompt and courteous manner.

VIEW Postcards are available for the passengers from the Purser or the upper steward free of charge.

Souvenir Postal Cards will be furnished to Passengers free of charge by the Purser or Chief Steward

Passengers are requested to bring any inattention to. the notice of the Chief Steward, and if the complaint made is not promptly investigated, to report it to the Captain.


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