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SS President Garfield Collection

President Garfield (1921) United States Lines

Built by New York Shipbuilding Co., Camden, N. J. Tonnage: 10,538. Dimensions: 502' x 62'. Twin-screw, 14 knots. Triple expansion engines. Two masts and one funnel. Commenced service in August 1922. Sale: Purchased by Dollar Line in 1924. Retained name of President Garfield. Renamed: (a) President Madison (1940), (b) Refuge (1942) hospital ship. Previously Named: Ex-Blue Hen State (1922).

Front Brochure Cover of Passenger Ships Owned by the United States Government Published in 1922

1922 - Passenger Ships of the United States Lines

One of the first and most comprehensive brochures on the early beginnings of the United States Lines. Many photographs documents the cabin class (First Class/Second Class) amenities on the many ships of the USL. Undated, but likely published in 1922 before the Leviathan came into service in 1923. Featured Ships: George Washington, America, President Roosevelt, President Harding, President Monroe, President Adams, President Van Buren, President Polk, President Garfield, President Fillmore, and President Arthur.

1923-02-24 Passenger Manifest for the SS President Garfield

1923-02-24 SS President Garfield Passenger List

  • Steamship Line: United States Lines
  • Class of Passengers: Cabin
  • Date of Departure: 24 February 1923
  • Route: London to New York via Cherbourg and Queenstown (Cobh)
  • Commander: Captain H. L. Look, U.S.N.R.F
Front Brochure Cover, Dollar Steamship Line President Liners from 1925.

1925 - Dollar Steamship Line - The President Liners

Rare 1925 Brochure from The Dollar Steamship Line on their President Liners. Many photographs document their distinctively higher standard of luxury, comfort, and convenience -- a measure designed to meet the requirements of ocean voyagers. Ships featured: President Van Buren, President Monroe, President Harrison,
President Adams, President Garfield, President Hayes, and President Polk.




United States Lines Fleet List for Bremen and London Services, 1922.

United States Lines Fleet List for Bremen and London Services, 1922. Bremen Service Ships Included the America, George Washington, President Arthur, President Fillmore, President Harding, and President Roosevelt. London Service Ships Included the President Adams, President Garfield, President Monroe, President Polk, and President Van Buren. SS America Passenger List, 12 July 1922. GGA Image ID # 1e2d0848bb


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