SS Patria Archival Collection

Patria (1913) Fabre Line

Built by Chantiers de la Mediterranee, La Seyne, France. Tonnage: 11,885. Dimensions: 487' x 59' (512' o.l.). Twin-screw, 16 knots. Triple expansion engines. Two masts and three funnels. Launched: November 11, 1913. Service: Marseilles-New York. Towards end of career was in Messageries Maritimes service. Fate: Sunk by an explosion in Haifa Harbor, November 26, 1940. There was heavy loss of life among the many emigrants on board. The sunken hulk was later broken up for scrap. Sister ship: Providence (nearly identical).


Front Cover, Passenger List SS Patria 1928

1928-02-11 SS Patria Passenger List

  • Steamship Line: Fabre Line
  • Class of Passengers: First Class
  • Date of Departure: 11 February 1928
  • Route: Marseilles to New York via Naples and Palermo
  • Commander: Captain Juste Tempesti



New S. S. "Patria" Largest Fabre Liner Launched - 1914

The New Fabre Line S. S. "Patria" was launched in November, 1913, at Toulon, and will make her first trip from Naples on April 24th, and from New York on April Fourth, 1914. She will run on the New York-Algiers-Naples-Nice-Marseilles line eastbound and on the Marseilles-NaplesPalermo line westbound.

The length of the "Patria" is 540 feet and her beam is 61 feet. The navigating bridge is 80 feet above the keel. She will have seven decks, four of which are for the exclusive use of first class Passengers. Her horsepower is 12000 and her speed is 18% knots, making her the fastest steamer regularly engaged in the Mediterranean trade.

For safety, speed, comfort and luxury, the "Patria" will be unsurpassed by any of the Mediterranean liners, besides being one of the largest steamers flying the French flag.

- SS Canada Passenger List, 16 April 1914.


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