SS Patria Passenger List - 11 February 1928

Front Cover, SS Patria Passenger List - 11 February 1928

Front Cover, First Class Passenger List from the SS Patria of the Fabre Line, Departing Saturday, 11 February 1928 from Marseilles to New York via Naples and Palerme, Commanded by Juste Tempesti.


Senior Officers and Staff

  • Commander: Captain Juste Tempesti
  • First Officer: G. Mehouas
  • Second Officer: R. Jazaret
  • Third Officer: F. Muselli
  • Fourth Officer: L. Hivière
  • Assistant Officer: L. Schmit
  • Chief Engineer: A. Liotier
  • Second Engineer: P. Vaux
  • Third Engineer: A. Varene
  • Fourth Engineer: F. Cavavagio
  • Fifth Engineer: F. Laty
  • Assistant Engineer: J. Pellet
  • Wireless Operator: A. Brunet
  • Wireless Operator: P. Monavan
  • Wireless Operator: A. Triscos
  • First Cabin Surgeon: A. Charazac
  • First Cabin Surgeon: C. Barone
  • Chief Purser, First Cabin: L. Vincent
  • Assistant Purser, First Cabin: G. Petitdivier
  • Assistant Purser, First Cabin: V. Ricodeau
  • Chief Steward: I. Otter
  • Second Steward: H. Caldini
  • Chief Cook: F. Dadure
  • Orchestra Conductor: A. Raynaud


First Class Passengers

  1. Mrs. Samuel Areuson
  2. Mr Samuel Areson
  3. Mrs. H. Franck Blackstone
  4. Sister Iosepha Battaglia
  5. Sister Carmela Busuttil
  6. Sister Borothy Burt
  7. Sister Ethel Burns
  8. Mrs. Buxton
  9. Mr Roberto Cavin
  10. Sister Maria Camilleri
  11. Countess Dorothy de Santeircu
  12. Mrs. Goncetta De Mattia C.
  13. Sister Mary Dowd
  14. Mr Daudon
  15. Sister Ruby Gibbs
  16. Rev. lolm McGarr
  17. Sister Emilie Hickey
  18. Mrs. Jacobson
  19. Miss Jacobson
  20. Mrs. Mary c. Lowes
  21. Mr Louis Lorenzi
  22. Miss Garrett Lancey
  23. Miss Helen Mouat
  24. Mr George Nail
  25. Mr John Parson
  26. Mr Pirro Paci
  27. Sister Angela Rademacher
  28. Sister Margaret o' Rourke
  29. Baron Jvar Rosenkrantz
  30. Baroness Jvar Rosenkrantz
  31. Mrs. E. Wood Schaffer
  32. Rev. Wiliiam Sheely
  33. Mrs. Emily Skeel
  34. Mr Franch N. Trevor
  35. Mr Margaret Trevor
  36. Miss Betty Trevor
  37. Mrs. Henry Waterson
  38. Mrs. Miriam P. Walley
  39. Mrs. Horace Wait
  40. Miss Betty Yates


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