TSS Sant Anna Passenger List - 17 June 1913

Passenger List, TSS Sant Anna, Fabre Line, June 1913

Cabin Passenger List for the TSS Sant Anna of the Fabre Line, Departing 17 June 1913 from New York to the Mediterranean via Naples and Marseilles, Commanded by Captain François Pavy.

Fabre Line TSS Sant Anna

TSS Sant Anna of the Fabre Line

List of Officers

  1. Captain: François Pavy - Lt. de Vaisseau
  2. Royal Commissioner: Dr. Nicola Rana
  3. Second Captain: Louis Reig
  4. First Lieutenant: Emmanuel Canal
  5. Second Lieutenant: Louis Ilery
  6. Physician: Dr. Joseph Neyraud
  7. Physician: Dr. Carmine Barone
  8. Chief Purser: Edmond Autray
  9. Assistant Purser: Roger de Vallois
  10. Chief Engineer: Louis Menard
  11. Second Engineer: Jean Vaschetto
  12. Third Engineer: Georges Nauzieres
  13. Chief Wireless Operator: Louis Mascou
  14. Assistant Wireless Operator: Ange Garrec
  15. Maitre d'Hotel: Ater

First Class Passengers

  1. Miss Maud Adams
    16, Toledo, O
  2. Mr. Ugo Ara
    53, New York City
  3. Miss Edna Armstrong
    51, Columbus, 0
  4. Miss M. C. Bailey
    B 45, New York City
  5. Mr. James Basler
    71, Marseilles, France
  6. Mr. C. Batho
    3, Montreal, Can
  7. Mr. Louis F. Berry
    26, Stamford, Conn
  8. Miss Mary Blaikie
    9, Chicago, Ill
  9. Miss Charlotte Black
    63, Chicago, Ill
  10. Miss Emily R. Boger
    B 41, New York City
  11. Miss L. H. Boger
    B 43, New York City
  12. Mrs. J. F. Boyd
    S, Chicago, Ill
  13. Miss Kate Boyd
    19, Chambersburg, Pa
  14. Miss Mary Boyd
    19, Chambersburg, Pa
  15. Mr. W. W. Boyd
    27, Columbus, O
  16. Miss Marian R. Brokaw
    61, St. Louis, Mo
  17. Miss Edith H. Brown
    20, Boston, Mass
  18. Miss Elizabeth Brown
    23, Columbus, O
  19. Miss Lois Brown
    14, Indianapolis, Ind
  20. Miss L. H. Brown
    20, Boston, Mass
  21. Mrs. Simon Brown
    12, Chicago, Ill
  22. Miss Janet Buchanan
    4, Chicago, Ill
  23. Miss Mary Burhaus
    15, Hammond, Ind
  24. Miss Ruby Byers
    23, Columbus, 0
  25. Miss M. Maude Carlisle
    22, Hood River, Ore
  26. Mr. Henry S. Cattell
    50, Philadelphia, Pa
  27. Mrs. Cattell
    50, Philadelphia, Pa
  28. Miss Edith D. Cerkins
    57, Columbus, O
  29. Miss Isabel Colmery
    52, Columbus, O
  30. Miss Lillian Crethers
    21, Columbus, 0
  31. Miss Jennie L. Davies
    55, Columbus, 0
  32. Miss Mary Davies
    55, Columbus, 0
  33. Mr. Daniel Dinneen
    24, Washington, D. C
  34. Mrs. Dinneen
    24, Washington, D. C
  35. Miss Katherine Doerr
    63, Fort Madison, Iowa
  36. Miss Bertha M. Dow
    22, New York City
  37. Mr. Harvey R. Dow
    71, Geneva, Ill
  38. Miss Margaret C. DuBose
    29, Gadsden, Ala
  39. Miss Abbie Dunn
    7, New Haven, Conn
  40. Mr. Joseph Dunn
    B 34, New Haven, Conn
  41. Mr. Albert Ehrmann
    1, Cincinnati, O
  42. Mr. George Ehrmann
    1, Cincinnati, O
  43. Mr. Robert Ehrmann
    1, Cincinnati, 0
  44. Miss Caroline M. Fitzwater
    18, Norristown, Pa
  45. Mr. E. G. Frazier
    B 36, Rochester, N. Y
  46. Miss Nina Glenn
    56, Hillsboro, O
  47. Miss Faith Glenn
    56, Hillsboro, O
  48. Miss Clara Goe
    12, Chicago, Ill
  49. Mr. M. Gomberg
    B 31, Ann Arbor, Mich
  50. Miss Sophie Gomberg
    14, Ann Arbor, Mich
  51. Miss Jennie M. Greenwood
    61, St. Louis, Mo
  52. Mrs. Donald Haller
    17, Chambersburg, Pa
  53. Miss Lillian Hanchett
    65, Fort Madison, Iowa
  54. Mrs. S. P. Hallowell
    65, Fort Madison, Iowa
  55. Mr. Arthur Hamilton
    26, Baltimore, Md
  56. Mr. H. L. Hartman
    11, Chicago, Ill
  57. Mrs. Hartman
    11, Chicago, Ill
  58. Miss Helen Hartman
    11, Chicago, Ill
  59. Mr. Harry L. Hunting
    71, New York City
  60. Mr. Eugene S. Ives
    5, Tucson, Arizona
  61. Miss Clara Jacobs
    16, Toledo, O
  62. Miss Fannie Johnson
    73, Chicago, Ill
  63. Mr. Edmund A. Jones
    28, Westerville, O
  64. Mrs. Jones, Westerville
    28, O
  65. Miss Margaret E. Jones
    75, New Rochelle, N. Y
  66. Miss Mary R. Jordan
  67. Miss Hazel Kennedy
    65, Fort Madison, Iowa
  68. Miss Grace Kerns
    30, New York City
  69. Mrs. Andrew Kramer
    9, Chicago, Ill
  70. Miss Ruth Kramer
    9, Chicago, Ill
  71. Mr. Daniel Langan
    10, Chicago, Ill
  72. Miss Marie F. Maloney
    73, Marchfield, Ore
  73. Prof. G. M. McCoard
    27, Columbus, O
  74. Miss Virginia M. McComb
    6, Chambersburg, Pa
  75. Miss Emma McKinley
    52, Columbus, O
  76. Mrs. Virginia B. Merion
    57, Newark, O
  77. Mr. Donata Molta
    59, New York City
  78. Miss Anna Morris
    23, Columbus, 0
  79. Mrs. Edward Evans
    B 42 Moyer, Norristown, Pa
  80. Miss Moyer
    B 44, Norristown, Pa. Norristown, Pa
  81. Master Edward Evans Moyer, Jr.
    B 46, Norristown, Pa
  82. Miss Mary H. Neal
    2, Newark, O
  83. Miss Mary Nelson
    15, Hammond, Ind
  84. Miss Mattie Palmer
    21, San Francisco, Cal
  85. Dr. J. H. Phillips
    25, Birmingham, Ala
  86. Mrs. Phillips
    25, Birmingham, Ala.
  87. Miss Anita Rau
    75, New York City
  88. Miss M. L. Regault
    54, New York City
  89. Miss Sarah C. Roler
    29, Staunton, Va
  90. Miss Katherine Simonds
    2, Columbus, 0
  91. Miss Alice B. Smith
    21, Delaware, O
  92. Miss Helen Speer
    17, Chambersburg, Pa
  93. Miss Anna Stewart
    63, Fort Madison, Iowa
  94. Mr. Philip H. Treacy
    71, Chicago, Ill
  95. Miss Ella Tustan
    18, Norristown, Pa
  96. Miss Eleanor M. Tyler
    73, St. Louis, Mo
  97. Rev. F. G. Urbano
    B 26, New York City
  98. Mrs. Urbano
    B 28, New York City
  99. Mrs. E. W. Van Deusen
    73, New York City
  100. Prof. Claude H. Van Tyne
    B 25, Ann Arbor, Mich
  101. Mrs. Van Tyne
    B 33, Ann Arbor, Mich
  102. Master Claude Van Tyne
    B 29, Ann Arbor, Mich
  103. Master David Van Tyne
    B 27, Ann Arbor, Mich
  104. Miss Evelyn Van Tyne
    B 35, Ann Arbor, Mich
  105. Miss Jocelyn Van Tyne
    B 37, Ann Arbor, Mich
  106. Miss Caroline Wendt
    51, Columbus, O
  107. Mrs. E. DuBois White
    12, Chicago, III
  108. Mrs. Ferdinand Wieber
    67, Houghton, Mich
  109. Miss Katherine J. Wieber
    67, Houghton, Mich
  110. Mrs. C. H. Williamson
    30, New York City

Second Class Passengers

  1. Mr. Joseph Albanese
    144, Brooklyn, N. Y
  2. Mr. Matteo Avallone
    90, Chicago, Ill
  3. Mr. Tullio Benedina
    146, Philadelphia, Pa
  4. Mr. Antonio Branco
    51, Brooklyn, N. Y
  5. Miss Elizabeth Buhlman
    70, New York City
  6. Mrs. Rosale Campora
    78, New York City
  7. Mr. Guiseppe Cantarella
    114, New York City
  8. Mr. John Capra
    118, St. Louis, Mo
  9. Mrs. Capra
    74, St. Louis, Mo
  10. Mr. Edmond S. Carr
    64, New York City
  11. Miss Agnes Cary
    52, New York City
  12. Miss Mary Cary
    54, New York City
  13. Miss Charlotte Cary
    56, New York City
  14. Mr. Paolo Cenci
    65. Providence, R. I
  15. Miss Margherita Cenci
    67, Privodence, R. I
  16. Miss Beatrice Cenci
    69, Providence, R. I
  17. Miss Adelina Cenci
    71, Providence, R. I
  18. Mr. Guiseppe Cirelli
    92, New York City
  19. Mr. Guilio Colucci
    109, New York City
  20. Mrs. Anna Coscia
    134, Philadelphia, Pa
  21. Mrs. Rosa De Campora
    78, New York City
  22. Mr. Gaetano Filloso
    102, Chicago, Ill
  23. Mr. J. D. George
    60, Philadelphia, Pa
  24. Mr. F. M. Grant
    98, Chicago, Ill
  25. Mr. Angelo Grizzo
    135, New York City
  26. Mr. Oscar A. Hamilton
    84, New York City
  27. Mr. L. Hirsch
    100, Chicago, Ill
  28. Mrs. Hirsch
    106, Chicago, Ill
  29. Mr. C. Johnston
    88, New York City
  30. Mrs. Johnston
    50, New York City
  31. Mr. Francesco Lacara
    55, Woodhaven, N. Y
  32. Mr. Giuseppe Materi
    49, Brooklyn, N. Y
  33. Mr. Gaetano Moscariello
    113, New York City
  34. Mrs. Moscariello
    136, New York City
  35. Mr. Thomas P. Nash
    82, New York City
  36. Rev. F. Perguis
    96, Trochu, Can
  37. Mr. Alfonso Pisani
    116, New York City
  38. Mrs. Filomena Pullo
    138, Philadelphia, Pa
  39. Mr. Girolanio Rallo
    115, St. Louis, Mo
  40. Mr. Nicola Reale
    111, Brooklyn, N. Y
  41. Rev. Thomas Burroughs Roberts
    142, New York City
  42. Mrs. Roberts
    72, New York City
  43. Miss Ida Rubino
    80, New York City
  44. Miss Adele Salze
    108, New York City
  45. Mr. Giovanni Saragara
    143, New York City
  46. Mr. Herman S. Shaw
    86, New York City
  47. Mr. Pietro Sireno
    150, New York City
  48. Mrs. Sireno
    152, New York City
  49. Miss Guiseppina Sireno
    154, New York City
  50. Miss Giovannina Sireno
    156, New York City
  51. Miss Elena Sireno
    156, New York City
  52. Mr. Chas. Silvio
    122, Brooklyn, N. Y
  53. Mrs. Silvio
    124, Brooklyn, N. Y
  54. Master Joseph Silvio
    126, Brooklyn, N. Y
  55. Master Frank Silvio
    128, Brooklyn, N. Y
  56. Master Franches Silvio
    130, Brooklyn, N. Y
  57. Master John Silvio
    132, Brooklyn, N. Y
  58. Mr. John M. Smith
    104, Union City, Ind
  59. Mr. Luigi Spigardi
    120, St. Louis, Mo
  60. Mrs. Spigardi
    76, St. Louis, Mo
  61. Mr. Salvatore Tata
    93, New Britain, Conn
  62. Miss Vincenzina Tata
    95, New Britain, Conn
  63. Miss Michelina Tata
    95, New Britain, Conn
  64. Hippolyte Texier
    148, New York City
  65. Miss Marie Texier
    110, New York City
  66. Miss Leontine Texier
    112, New York City
  67. Prof. E. J. Williamson
    58, Geneva, N. Y
  68. Mr. John Wolf
    62, New York City
  69. Mr. Cosimo Zotti
    53, New York City

New S. S. "Patria"

Keel of Largest Fabre Liner Laid

The keel of the new Fabre Liner "Patria" was laid April 15th, 1913, at Toulon, France, at the shipbuilding yards of Les Forges et Chantiers de la Mediterranee.

The new steamer, which will be the last word in safety, comfort and luxury, will be of 15,000 tons, 525 feet in length and 60 feet wide, and will be the fastest steamer in the trade between New York and the Mediterranean, making the voyage from New York to Naples in less than ten days and a half. She will have two separate sets of machinery developing 12,000 horsepower, giving a minimum speed of 21 miles an hour.

The "Patria" will be constructed along entirely new lines, and one progressive feature in particular, which is being kept secret, will constitute an innovation which will be greatly appreciated by the traveling public.

The "Patria" is being constructed alongside of the super-dreadnaught "Paris" and she will be built in record time, as delivery of the steamer ready to go to sea has been promised for February 15th, 1914. It will be the first time in history that a steamer of such large dimensions has been constructed in so short a time.

"FORTY-FIVE Hundred Miles of DELIGHT"

Among the unique and attractive features presented by the Fabre Line 's service may be mentioned the fact that all accommodations are amidships, where the vibration of the powerful engines is least noticeable. It will be immediately apparent that this arrangement greatly limits the carrying capacity of each steamer, which is a notable feature inasmuch as it prevents entirely the disagreeable overcrowding of dining rooms and decks and greatly enhances the "homelike" and "yachtlike" air which prevails during the voyage. "Like a cruise in a private yacht" has become the cognomen of the Fabre Line and was originally suggested many times by patrons of this line.

Services of The Fabre Line

New York to Naples—Nice—Marseilles
New York to Algiers—Naples—Nice—Marseilles
New York to Azores—Lisbon—Marseilles
Providence to Naples—Marseilles
Providence to Azores—Lisbon—Marseilles
Marseilles—Naples—Palermo to New York
Marseilles—Naples to Providence—New York
Marseilles—Naples to New York
Marseilles—Almeria—Lisbon—Azores to Providence—New York
Marseilles—Lisbon—Azores to Providence—New York
All points in the Near and Far East by direct connection.

The Paris Office of The
Fabre Line

Fabre Line

The First Cabin Service maintained by the Fabre Line between New York and Providence and the Azores and Lisbon and the Mediterranean ports, Algiers, Naples, Villefranche (port of Nice, Riviera) and Marseilles is without doubt the most unique and attractive afforded by any regular Mediterranean Line. The steamships which comprise the present express passenger fleet have all been constructed since 1902 with special regard to the requirements of Mediterranean travel and are all staunch, trim and fast and equipped with all modern safeguards.

Since the inauguration of this line in 1881 (it is one of the oldest in the Mediterranean trade) there has not been a single loss of life or injury to any passenger due to accidents of the sea, the Company's steamers or the officers in charge. In fact the success and present popularity of the Fabre Line has been entirely due to the interest exerted at all times by the administration toward its patrons and the high standing attained has been realized only upon the actual quality and merit of the service rendered.

For many years the only advertisement of the Fabre Line was its many pleased and satisfied patrons, who lost no opportunity to relate to their friends their pleasant experiences on the Company's steamers, and it has always been the constant er.deavor of the Fabre Line to deserve this praise and to give to its new patrons the same impressions received by their friends.

Implicit instructions have been given to all the servants of the Company in furtherance of this idea and the whole organization, both aboard and ashore, has always this one idea in mind and each lends his best efforts toward its perfection. Therefore, the administration now feels that its efforts have met with success, and its rapidly growing popularity proves that its timely ideas have been understood and appreciated.

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