SS Alesia Passenger List - 19 June 1930

Front Cover, Cabin Class Passenger List from the SS Alesia of the Fabre Line, Departing Thursday, 19 June 1930 from New York and Providence, RI to Ponta Delgada (Azores), Madeira, Piraeus (Athens), Salonica (Thessaloniki), Constantinople (Istanbul), Constanza (Romania?), Jaffa (Haifa), Beirut, and Marseilles.

Front Cover, Cabin Class Passenger List from the SS Alesia of the Fabre Line, Departing Thursday, 19 June 1930 from New York and Providence, RI to Ponta Delgada (Azores), Madeira, Piraeus (Athens), Salonica (Thessaloniki), Constantinople (Istanbul), Constanța (Romania), Jaffa (Haifa), Beirut, and Marseilles, Commanded by Captain Edmond MacQuin. GGA Image ID # 131a8b4859


Senior Officers and Staff

  • Commander: Captain Edmond MacQuin
  • Chief Officer: P. Le Guen
  • Second Officer: E. Michel
  • Third Officer: J. Recous
  • Fourth Officer: P. Drouel
  • Assistant Officer: L.Hery
  • Assistant Officer: D. Bianchi
  • Chief Engineer: J. Dorier
  • Second Engineer: L. St. Amand
  • Third Engineer: F. Pera
  • Fourth Engineer: P. Siou
  • Fifth Engineer: B. Monnier
  • Assistant Engineer: L. Duplessis
  • Wireless Operator: C. Artillan
  • Wireless Operator: H. de Vries
  • Wireless Operator: E. Delaye
  • Surgeon: Dr. M. Pheline
  • Purser: P. Raymond
  • Assistant Purser: V. Ricodeau
  • Assistant Purser: H. de Vivies
  • Maitre d'Hotel: J. Alessandrini
  • Chef: L. Fels
  • Orchestra Conductor: E. Provost


Cabin Class Passengers

  1. Rev. A. Ackerman
  2. Miss E. J. Allison
  3. Dr. Bennett F. Avery
  4. Mrs. M. K. Bacon
  5. Miss L. Baker
  6. Miss Mildred Banks
  7. Mrs. S. Baracat
  8. Miss Baracat
  9. Mrs. George C. Bartman
  10. Mr. Kenneth J. Bartman
  11. Mrs. S. L. Bean
  12. Mrs. Lucile Belue
  13. Dr. A. W. Blackwood
  14. Mr. James Blackwood
  15. Mrs. Esther Blankenstein
  16. Miss Aurelia Boim
  17. Miss Maria Boim
  18. Mr. J. W. Boorum
  19. Rev. Paul Braitling
  20. Miss Ella Lee Briders
  21. Mr. Charles T. Bridgeman
  22. Mrs. Charles T. Bridgeman
  23. Rev. E. W. Bridges
  24. Mrs. E. W. Bridges
  25. Miss D. Brown
  26. Miss Lulu Brown
  27. Miss Grace Brown
  28. Mrs. E. Brown
  29. Mr. R. H. Browning
  30. Rev. Charles D. Brokenshire
  31. Miss Mildred A. Bryant
  32. Prof. Douglas L. Buffman
  33. Mrs. Douglas L. Buffman
  34. Mr. Iinbrie Buffman
  35. Rev. Leonard W. Buschman
  36. Mrs. Leonard W. Buschman
  37. Mr. R. T. Campbell
  38. Rev. A. S. Caughell
  39. Mrs. S. Cavuah
  40. Miss H. Cavuah
  41. Miss Rose Chuduof
  42. Mr. Herbert E. Clark
  43. Mrs. R. W. Clark
  44. Miss Sallie F. Clower
  45. Mr. S. Cole
  46. Mrs. S. Cole
  47. Miss Jessie Cox
  48. Mrs. C. Crandall
  49. Mr. G. A. Creekmore
  50. Mr. D. R. Cruise
  51. Miss Margaret Crutcher
  52. Dr. Samuel H. Cuff
  53. Mrs. Samuel H. Cuff
  54. Mr. W. T. Damon
  55. Miss Ellen Davies
  56. Miss Helen M. Day
  57. Mr. O. A. Dobbins
  58. Mrs. O. A. Dobbins
  59. Mrs. E. P. Dodge
  60. Mrs. Hazel Douglas
  61. Miss Katherine Douglas
  62. Miss Dorothy Douglas
  63. Miss Suzanne Douglas
  64. Miss Marjorie Douglass
  65. MissSarena E. Dunton
  66. Miss Rita Dyson
  67. Mrs. H. H. Ellett
  68. Mrs. Mary B. Elloett
  69. Miss M. Elrod
  70. Miss Margaret L. Engle
  71. Miss Jeanne Faunon
  72. Dr. H. A. Fisk
  73. Mrs. H. A. Fisk
  74. Mr. Samuel Fisk
  75. Mrs. Louise A. Fitzpatrick
  76. Mr. Walter A. Foster, Jr.
  77. Rev. Paul Freeland
  78. Miss Ethel M. Freeland
  79. Miss Mary Galloway
  80. Miss Eleanor Galloway
  81. Mr. W. K. George
  82. Mrs. W. K. George
  83. Mr. Willard George
  84. Miss Dora Gholson
  85. Miss Florence Gilman
  86. Mrs. Eva Gordon
  87. Miss Esther Gordon
  88. Mrs. Mary Gouvcia
  89. Miss Irma Groves
  90. Miss Marie J. Guttcrman
  91. Miss Abby Gwathmey
  92. Mrs. Haddad
  93. Mrs. Naifc Hamady
  94. Mr. S. H. Hamady
  95. Mr. John F. Harbeson
  96. Miss Dorothea Hamden
  97. Mr. John S. Harris
  98. Mrs. R. L. Harris
  99. Mr. W. Carlton Harris
  100. Mrs. Mary Haskamp
  101. Rev. William Henry Hastings
  102. Mrs. William Henry Hastings
  103. Mrs. Margaret Hayes
  104. Mr. M. Henaine
  105. Mrs. M. Henaine
  106. Rev. R. P. Henderson
  107. Mrs. S. M. Henderson
  108. Miss Lilly Heuser
  109. Mrs. L. M. Hinton
  110. Mr. E. E. Hostettler
  111. Mrs. E. E. Hostettler
  112. Miss Anita Howard
  113. Miss Loese Howard
  114. Mr. John Hunter, Jr.
  115. Mr. W. H. Hunter
  116. Mrs. W. H. Hunter
  117. Miss Anna M. Jepson
  118. Miss Lydia Jepson
  119. Mrs. Libby M. Keller
  120. Dr. H. E. Kelly
  121. Mrs. H. E. Kelly
  122. Miss M. Kelly
  123. Miss M. Kelly
  124. Dr. Harry C. Kline
  125. Mrs. Harry C. Kline
  126. Miss I. M. Kling
  127. Mrs. Mary E. Knight
  128. Miss Mary Koelble
  129. Mrs. Martha D. Kollen
  130. Mr. Harry C. Krowl
  131. Miss Erling L. Larson
  132. Mr. Clarence McK. Lewis
  133. Mr. Clarence McK. Lewis, Jr.
  134. Miss Barbara Lewis
  135. Mr. E. R. Little
  136. Mrs. E. R. Little
  137. Miss Mary E. Low
  138. Miss Nell E. Low
  139. Mrs. Cornelia MacPherson
  140. Mrs. A. Magruder
  141. Mr. Clair Malcomson
  142. Mrs. Clair Malcomson
  143. Mr. O. D. Manes
  144. Mr. Robert L. McArthur
  145. Mrs. Robert L. McArthur
  146. Dr. Thomas O. McCaul
  147. Mrs. E. M. McDivitt
  148. Miss Florence M. McDuffie
  149. Mrs. F. W. McFarlanc
  150. Mr. George M. McKitrick
  151. Mrs. Joanna McNamara
  152. Miss Elizabeth Miller
  153. Miss Dorothy Miller
  154. Mr. T. Minyard
  155. Mr. D. P. Mitchell
  156. Mrs. D. P. Mitchell
  157. Mrs. M. Mitzel
  158. Mr. E. Mogabgab
  159. Miss L. Mosher
  160. Mrs. Mossessohn
  161. Rev. John Muntz
  162. Mrs. Emma Murphy
  163. Rev. E. M. Nesbit
  164. Mr. J. W. Nuel
  165. Miss Grace Olson
  166. Mrs. John Otter
  167. Mrs. M. E. Parke
  168. Mr. D. W. Perry
  169. Rev. O. M. Polhemus
  170. Mrs. O. M. Polhemus
  171. Dr. Frank M. Purser
  172. Mrs. Frank M. Purser
  173. Miss Mary Elizabeth Purser
  174. Mrs. A. M. Roberts
  175. Mrs. John L. Robertson
  176. Mr. Henry S. Rorer
  177. Dr. W. O. Ross
  178. Mrs. W. O. Ross
  179. Mrs. E. L. Russell
  180. Mr. R. L. Ryerse
  181. Mr. A. Sabe
  182. Miss Adele Schember
  183. Mrs. Max Schiller
  184. Miss Mabel Schrodt
  185. Mr. H. E. Scott
  186. Miss Gertrude Sharp
  187. Mrs. Rachel Shenker
  188. Mrs. Simonovitch
  189. Dr. James Allen Smith
  190. Mrs. James Allen Smith
  191. Miss Sue R. Smith
  192. Miss Frankie Smith
  193. Miss Anna W. Sohns
  194. Mr. B. F. Solomon
  195. Rev. W. H. Stewart
  196. Mrs. W. H. Stewart
  197. Mrs. Marian H. Stewart
  198. Miss Sommers Tarlton
  199. Miss Elizabeth K. Thompson
  200. Dr. H. W. Tribble
  201. Mrs. H. W. Tribble
  202. Master H. Tribble
  203. Rev. S. Tsabaki
  204. Miss Katherine Uhler
  205. Mrs. J. N. Vasseley
  206. Captain B. W. Venable
  207. Mrs. B. W. Venable
  208. Miss E. Vinall
  209. Mr. Henry C. Wahking
  210. Mrs. Henry C. Wahking
  211. Mr. A. J. Walker
  212. Miss Lois Wauchope
  213. Miss Violet S. Weeks
  214. Miss Crystal H. Wellborn
  215. Miss Anna I. Wells
  216. Miss Mary Frances Wesson
  217. Mrs. John P. White
  218. Miss Stella M. Wiley
  219. Mr. Albert M. Wilson
  220. Mrs. Albert M. Wilson
  221. Miss Lulu G. Winston
  222. Miss Daisy B. Winston
  223. Mrs. H. V. Woods
  224. Rev. R. P. Woodson
  225. Mr. Theodore Yoder
  226. Mr. Fred Allen Yoder
  227. Mrs. D. P. Yoder


Cruising Along the Mediterranean

Cruise along the Mediterranean — the sun-kissed azure sea—Can one picture a greater delight, a more glorious prospect? A trip to Europe, attractive in itself, is made doubly enjoyable by following the ever verdant, laughing shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Fabre Line is particularly well equipped to take you over this route and to öfter you a glorious passage amid the most favorable conditions. Its steamers are built expressly with a view to this service and embody all the comforts and appliances suggested by a long experience in this trade.

Of its Fleet of passenger steamers, the Fabre Line has several liners with three classes. They each have seven decks, two of which are sheltered promenade decks. All their installations have been carried out with impeccable taste, with the object of conveying to their passengers the fullest impression of home comfort during their stay on board.

With few exceptions, all the first-class cabins are on the outside, bright and roomy, receiving ventilation and light directly from the promenade decks, and are provided with wardrobes, running water, telephone, and table lamps.

There are, moreover, numerous private and general bathrooms, commodious writing and reading saloons, an elegant smoking room, two café balconies, and ample deck space for either exercise or rest on deck chairs in sheltered spots.

Excellent French cooking, copious, and choice menus, with free table beverages. Orchestra, moving pictures, wireless with the world’s news daily. These vessels have monthly sailings between New York, Boston, Azores, Lisbon, Palermo, Naples and Marseilles, and vice-versa.

Travelers wintering cither on the Riviera or in Italy have the choice of disembarking or embarking at Palermo, Naples or Marseilles, within easy reach of their place of sojourn. A regular service is thus assured to the Riviera and Naples and Palermo, a feature that will be appreciated by all travelers making winter tours in Southern France, Italy, and Sicily.

Intending to meet the wishes of patrons of limited means, the Fabre Line has organized a service of single-class ships, corresponding to the cheaper first-class and providing real comfort at significantly reduced rates.

The highest possible care is given on these boats, to the cooking and general service; the cabins are roomy, airy, and all outside. This service is suggested as eminently suitable for tour groups, pilgrims, and families.

These steamers run from New York to Marseilles via the Near East. They thus provide a round trip in the Eastern Mediterranean, which is sure to appeal strongly to the tourist affording a splendid journey in the south-east Mediterranean, under most comfortable conditions, and at exceedingly reasonable rates.

Every Winter, the Fabre Line organizes cruising trips with its best liners. The starting point of these cruises is New York, but due to specialized facilities, passengers visiting Europe may also embark either at Marseilles or at Naples, or in fact any of the ports of call, to join the cruising vessel before the commencement of her trip in the Eastern Mediterranean.

At all ports of call, the Company has organized excursions of most breathtaking nature and most carefully planned, which includes a delightful stay in the Holy Land and Egypt.

As a general summary, the service to the Mediterranean of the Fabre Line includes all of the principal ports — the Azores, Madeira. Lisbon, Algiers. Palermo. Messina. Naples. Monaco, Marseilles, Alexandria, Haifa, Jaffa, Beirut, Piraeus, Salonica, Constantinople, Constanza, with regular sailings to and from the United States throughout the year.

Inscriptions from Passenger

Off at last. The boat is very nice but crowded with tourists for the Holy Land. Have had several arguments in French already.

The coffee is vile but I'll get used to it. We enjoyed our visit with you all more than we can eveer tell you and the send off was perfect.

Love to all,

??? & Ben

So far -- so good. I'm still on my legs -- don't see how anybody could be seasick in this kind of weather. So one poor lady left the table very suddenly tonight.

We never could tell you what a good time we had with you all. Hope we didn't wear out our welcome. The books look awfully good - I know the're going to be ??? ??? as most of the books look French.

Tell Lucy Dent not to forget my letter -- O'll be looking for it.

Love ???

Dick, don't forget to disconnect the battery in my car, please if no one wishes to use it. BW


Track Chart and Memorandum of Log (Unused), SS Alesia Cabin Class Passenger List - 19 June 1930.

Track Chart and Memorandum of Log (Unused), SS Alesia Cabin Class Passenger List - 19 June 1930. GGA Image ID # 131b3f1cd1


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