SS President Jackson Dinner Menu - 27 October 1930

Dinner Menu, SS President Jackson, American Mail Line, 27 October 1930

Front Cover of a Vintage Dinner Menu from Monday, 27 October 1930 on board the SS President Jackson of the American Mail Line featured Poached Black Cod, Normande Sauce, Prime Ribs of Beef au Jus with Browned Potatoes, and Cottage Pudding, Lemon Sauce for dessert. The back of the menu includes a route map for the ships of the American Mail Line.

SS President Jackson

John Griffith, U.S.N.R. Commanding

M. B. Conway, Chief Steward

Menu Items

Dinner Menu, SS President Jackson, American Mail Line, 27 October 1930

  1. Lobster Cocktail
  2. Deviled Ham Canape
  3. Queen Olives
  4. Salted Almonds
  5. India Relish


  6. Cream of Cauliflower
  7. Consommé Sago


  8. Poached Black Cod, Normande Sauce


  9. Brisket of Beef, Horseradish Sauce


  10. Corned Beef with Potato Salad


  11. Veal and Ham Cromeskies à la Russe
  12. Salmi of Partridge
  13. Apricot Fritters, Cream Sauce


  14. Prime Ribs of Beef au Jus with Browned Potatoes
  15. Leg of Lamb with Mint Jelly


  16. Boiled Potatoes
  17. Mashed Potatoes
  18. Buttered Beets
  19. Cauliflower in Cream


  20. Sliced Tomatoes with Mayonnaise Dressing


  21. Cottage Pudding, Lemon Sauce
  22. Barttlett Pear Pie
  23. Vanilla Cream Pie
  24. Lady Fingers
  25. Vanilla Ice Cream
  26. Assorted Pastry
  27. Toasted Crackers
  28. Nuts & Raisins
  29. Layer Figs & Dates
  30. Fruit in Season
  31. Cheese : American, Edam, Roquefort
  32. Café Noir
  33. A. D. Mints (After Dinner Mints)

Coffee will be served on Deck as well as in the Smoking Room at 8:00 P.M.

Note: The Menu opens from the Center and forms the leaves on each side with the menu selections in the center after opening as shown below.

Menu Items


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