RMS Berengaria Dinner Menu - 16 August 1930

Front Cover, RMS Berengaria Dinner Menu - 16 August 1930

An Illustration of the RMS Berengaria Adorns the Front Cover of This Vintage Tourist Class Dinner Menu From Saturday, 16 August 1930, on Board the RMS Berengaria of the Cunard Line. Menu Selections Featured Boiled Halibut—Sauce Duglere, Roast Haunch of Mutton—Onion Sauce, and Diplomat Pudding for Dessert. GGA Image ID # 155a8470ad


Menu Items

  • Smoked Salmon
  • Croûte au Bloater
  • Salads—Potato—Russian
  • Hareng au Vin Blanc
  • Liver and Mortadella Sausage
  • French and Spanish Olives
  • Croûte -au-Pot       
  • Crème Germiny


  • Boiled Halibut—Sauce Duglere
  • Roast Haunch of Mutton—Onion Sauce


  • French Beans
  • Roast and Boiled Potatoes

Cold Meats

  • Roast Beef   
  • Ox Tongue   
  • Leicester Brawn


  • Tomatoes
  • Beetroot and Onion
  • Diplomat Pudding   
  • Layer Cake
  • Ice Cream    
  • Wafers


  • Dessert
  • Rolls and Butter
  • Coffee


Menu Items, RMS Berengaria Dinner Menu - 16 August 1930



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