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SS Europa Dinner Menu - 15 June 1932

Front Cover, SS Europa Dinner Menu - 15 June 1932

Front Cover of a Vintage Dinner Menu from Wednesday, 15 June 1932 on board the SS Europa of the North German Lloyd featured Yorkshire Ham in Rhine Wine Metternich, Suprême of Chicken Maryland, and Nesselrode Pudding, Currant Sauce for dessert. The Menu was printed in both German and English.

Menu Items


  • Malossol Caviare    
  • Table Celery
  • Californian Fruit Cup


  • Velouté Mac Mahon
  • Cocky-Leeky
  • Chicken Broth Xavier
  • Consommé Double en Tasse


  • Brook-Trout Blue, Mousseux Butter with Creamed Horse-Radish
  • Fillet of Mackerel Montebello
  • Fried Scallops with Ketchup


  • Saddle of Lamb, French Style


  • Yorkshire Ham in Rhine Wine Metternich
  • Suprême of Chicken Maryland
  • Calf’s Kidney with Fresh Champignons en Casserole
  • Timbale Agnes Sorel


  • Smoked Ox-Tongue Macédoine
  • Pâté de Foie Gras de Strasbourg, Butter and Toast



  • Tenderloin of Beef with Gravy
  • Bresse Poularde from the Broche
  • Long Island Duckling with Apple Sauce

FROM THE GRILL (10—15 Minutes):

  • Sirloin Steak with Glazed Shallots
  • Brochettes Turque
  • Special "Europa”


  • Lettuce, Tomato, Endive, Elizabeth, Westinghouse


  • Russian, Parmesan, French Escoffier


  • Champignons Maître d’Hôtel       
  • Lima Beans
  • Stuffed Bermuda Onions   
  • Fried Egg-plants
  • Celery en Branches Bordelaise
  • Green Peas Française
  • Stuffed Green Pepper       
  • Cauliflower Hollandaise


  • Cœurs de Palmier Colbert
  • Greencom Fritter
  • Steamed Rice


  • Baked Idaho
  • Baked Sweet
  • New Malta
  • Royal
  • Bénédictine
  • Continental
  • Fondantes
  • Columbine


  • Nesselrode Pudding, Currant Sauce
  • Crêpes Mancelle
  • Woodroof Cream
  • Austria Charlotte
  • Compote of Peaches
  • Mixed Compote
  • Compote of Fresh Fruit


  • French Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Pineapple Parfait
  • Marchpane Macaroons
  • Coupe Stephani
  • Assorted Cheese
  • Fruit In Season       
  • Nuts, Raisins, Figs
  • Demi-Tasse 
  • Sanka Demi-Tasse



  • Malossol Caviare
  • Cocky-Leeky
  • Brook-Trout Blue, Mousseux Butter with Creamed Horse-Radish
  • Long Island Duckling with Apple Sauce
  • Champignons Maître d’Hôtel
  • Pineapple Parfait
  • Marchpane Macaroons


If desired, special dishes for diet may be ordered

Mocha will also be served in the Social Hall

Menu Items, SS Europa Dinner Menu - 15 June 1932

Back Cover, SS Europa Dinner Menu - 15 June 1932

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