SS Bremen Dinner Menu - 28 July 1937

Front Cover, SS Bremen Dinner Menu - 28 July 1937

Graphically Superior Cover Illustration of the Neuschwanstein Castle Adorns the Front Cover of This Vintage Dinner Menu From Wednesday, 28 July 1937 Onboard the SS Bremen of the North German Lloyd (Norddeutscher Lloyd Bremen). Menu Selections Featured Mignon Fillet Helder, Suprême of Chicken Armagnac, and Soufflé Camargo for Dessert. the Story of Neuschwanstein Castle Is Printed on the Back of the Menu. GGA Image ID # 1559fd8a77

Menu Items


  • Beluga Malossol Caviare with Blini and Sour Cream
  • Grape Fruit Vanderbilt
  • Ripe Olives
  • Celery with Roquefort
  • Salted Nuts


  • New Tomato Soup Carmen
  • Cream of Chicken
  • Savoy Plaza Russian Bortsch
  • Consommé Double Dame Blanche
  • Celery Essence, cold


  • Live Brook Trout blue, Creamed Herb Butter
  • Fillet of Sole in Champagne
  • Live Broiled lobster. Melted Butter (8 Minutes)

Special Dish Today

  • Glazed Coburg Ham in Burgundy, garnished


  • Mignon Fillet Helder
  • Suprême of Chicken Armagnac
  • Médaillons of Calf's Head Paganini
  • Edible Snails with Fine Herbs

Cold Dishes

  • Iced Asparagus Vinaigrette
  • American Prime Ribs of Beef Grand Hotel


  • Leg of Lamb à la Broche, Mint Sauce
  • Barded Bohemian Pheasant - Wild Rice Fritters
  • Philadelphia Capon


From the Grill (about 10 Minutes)

  • Lamb Chops Vert-pré
  • Chicken Liver en Brochette
  • Cherbourg Andouillettes


  • Lettuce, Endive, Cucumber, Caprice


  • St. Regis, Plaza, Roquefort, Lemon

New Vegetables

  • Celery en Branches Bordelaise
  • Green Peas with Mint
  • Cauliflower with Parmesan
  • Haricots Verts
  • Creamed Mushrooms       
  • Parisian Carrots
  • Stuffed Bermuda Onions
  • Sautéd White Squash

Vegetables and Pastes

  • Coeurs de Palmier Tyrolienne
  • Macaroni Milanaise
  • Steamed Rice


  • Baked Idaho, Candied sweet, Boiled, Anna,
  • Soufflé, Straw, Parisian, Cottage fried, French fried

Sweets and Compote

  • Soufflé Camargo (10 Min.)
  • Charlotte Viennoise
  • Crepes with Nougat Cream
  • Preserved Pears
  • Compote of Fresh Fruit


  • Cup Elizabeth
  • Orange Surprise
  • Tutti-frutti Ice-Cream, Almond Confect


  • Choice of Cheese
  • Fruits in Season
  • Nuts
  • Demi-Tasse
  • Sanka Demi-Tasse


  • Beluga Malossol Caviare with Bilini
  • New Tomato Soup Carmen
  • Live Brook Trout blue
  • Philadelphia Capon
  • Lettuce Salad, Lemon Dressing
  • Celery en Branches Bordelaise
  • Soufflé Camargo
  • Demi-Tasse

Menu Items, SS Bremen Dinner Menu - 28 July 1937

Neuschwanstein Castle

Between 1869 and 1886, King Ludwig II of Bavaria had the proud and romantic Neuschwanstein castle built on the ruins of an early château. This stronghold is surmounted on a mountain of rock which rises 1000 meters out of the plain amidst forested mountains, not far from Füssen near the Austrian frontier.

It is of Romanesque structure and was built to gratify the young King’s romantic fancy. Intended originally to be built along the lines of the Wartburg, when finished it was of much greater dimensions.

Stretching around the impressive courtyard are the actual manor-house and the ladies' apartments; in the center of the courtyard are the Knights' quarters.

The view of the precipitous Alps and into the plain on the Lech below affords a vista of rare beauty. The halls of the castle are beautifully frescoed depicting the Nordic Sigurd Saga and representations of the deeds of Tannhäuser and Lohengrin.

Beautiful paintings of Walther von der Vogelweide, the great German minnesinger and Hons Sachs the renowned Meistersinger of Nuremberg contribute to the interior splendor.

Besides Tristan and Isolde, the glorification of Parsifal, the Guardian of the Holy Graal, and at the same time symbol of pure German youth, enhances the magnificent interior decoration.

Back Cover, SS Bremen Dinner Menu - 28 July 1937

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