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RMS Franconia Farewell Dinner Menu - 6 September 1933

Front Cover, Pirate Farewell Dinner Menu, RMS Franconia, Cunard Line, September 1933

Front Cover of The "Pirate" Farewell Dinner Menu from the Wednesday, 6 September 1933 Depression Era Cunard Line RMS Franconia featured Tournedos -- Tourangelle, Calf's Head, Prime Sirloin & Ribs of Beef, and Roast Quail. GGA Image ID # 155839b2de

Menu Items

Front Cover, Pirate Farewell Dinner Menu, RMS Franconia, Cunard Line, September 1933

  • Cantaloupe Glacé
  • Westphalia Ham
  • Smoked Salmon
  • Hors d'Œuvres Variés
  • Tortue Claire au Xeres
  • Crème St. Germaine
  • Consommé en Tasse
  • Supreme of Haddock—Sauce Hollandaise
  • Fillets of Bluefish—Meunière


  • Mousse de Foie Gras en Aspic
  • Tournedos—Tourangelle
  • Calf's Head—Valoise


  • Prime Sirloin & Ribs of Beef—Horseradish Cream
  • Roast Quarters of Lamb—Mint Sauce
  • Roast Long Island Duckling—Savoury & Apple Sauce


  • Garden Peas
  • Fried Egg Plant
  • Artichokes farcis
  • Asparagus - Ravigote
  • Boiled, Roast, Snow, & Garfield Potatoes
  • Sorbet au Rhum
  • Roast Quail—Straw Potatoes—Bread Sauce
  • Salads—Lettuce & Tomatoes Grand Duchesse
  • Bagatelle

From The Grill

  • Devilled Cumberland Ham & French Beans


  • Soufflé au Moka
  • Plums—Imperatrice
  • Crème au Chocolat
  • Coupe Aloha
  • Pâtisserie
  • Petits Fours
  • Glace Française
  • Devilled Sardines on Toast


  • Dessert
  • Coffee

Passengers on Special Diet are especially invited to make known their requirements to the Head Waiter

Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives Reference Number 1108.1688.9570 2012-03-03

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