US Naval Institute Proceedings - August 1998

Front Cover, U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings, Volume 124/8/1,146, August 1998.

Front Cover, U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings, Volume 124/8/1,146, August 1998. GGA Image ID # 1d01ed793f

On the Front Cover: Marines from the Chemical Biological Incident Response Force recently participated in a Biological Warfare Exercise in Washington, D.C. For more on the threat, see pages 39-44. (Photo by S. Schaeffer/MAI)

The August 1998 issue articles include Five and Out? The Chiefs Are Not Happy, Ship-to-Objective Maneuver: Will This Dog Hunt? Trident Can Fire More than Nukes, No Democracy Can Feel Secure, Russia's Navy Remains in Decline, and more.

Table of Contents

  • Five and Out?
    By Captain E. Tyler Wooldridge III, USN
    If we restore adventure and fun to sea duty, our good surface warfare officers will stay.
  • The Chiefs Are Not Happy
    By Master Chief Machinist's Mate Mark Butler, USN
    Cuts in promotion opportunities and retirement pay make nobody smile.
  • Ship-to-Objective Maneuver: Will This Dog Hunt?
    By Major Jeffrey P. Davis, USMC
    Probably—but we still have a long way to go.
  • Trident Can Fire More than Nukes
    By Captain James H. Patton, Jr., USN (Ret.)
    . . . such as intelligence and communications satellites.
  • No Democracy Can Feel Secure
    By Lieutenant Colonel Raymond S. Shelton, USMC
    Our deployed forces will encounter biological agents—sooner, not later.
  • Sulfur, Serpents, and Sarin
    By Captain Stuart D. Landersman, USN (Ret.)
  • Russia's Navy Remains in Decline
    By Richard F. Staar
    Its dreams of being a blue-water navy belong to the past.
  • Will Our Forces Match the Threat?
    By Robert Callum
    We cannot pick the most convenient threat.
  • I Found My Rainbow
    By Journalist First Class Julius Evans, USN
    But the coins in the pot of gold were collected along the way.
  • Navy Blue Goes Green
    By The Honorable Steven S. Honigman and Captain John P. Quinn, JAG, USN
    We must seize and retain the environmental initiative.
  • We Are Products of 1898
    By Colonel James W. Hammond, Jr., USMC (Ret.)
    The Spanish-American War moved our country on stage as a world power.
  • Redefining Coastal Warfare
    By Captain Marke R. Shelley, USNR, and Commander Wayne C. Dumas, USCGR
    Don't rely on old models; stretch for new solutions.
  • Vincent Astor Leadership Essay Contest: Second Co-Honorable Mention Use Technology . . . BUT DON'T TRUST IT!
    By Captain James T Jenkins, USMC
    Its promise may exceed its performance.



  • Answers Are on the Waterfront
  • Headline Blues: Ethical Crisis at CNN

Naval Institute at 125

  • RAdm. Thomas A. Brooks, USN (Ret.)
  • Dr. John Allen Williams

Nobody asked me, but

  • Don't Wear that D.C. Jacket
  • Embrace the Challenge

Professional Notes

  • Electric Propulsion: Commonality Is the Only Way
  • Rate of Fire Beats Tonnage During Operational Maneuver
  • The National Institute of Military Justice: A Status Report
  • Cyclones Enter the 21st Century

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  • Membership News
  • Comment and Discussion
  • Another View
  • Book Reviews
  • Books of Interest
  • The U.S. Navy
  • Oceans
  • Points of Interest
  • World Naval Developments
  • Combat Fleets
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The U.S. Naval Institute is a private, self-supporting, nonprofit professional society which publishes this magazine as a forum for the Sea Services. The Naval Institute is not a part of the U.S. Government. The opinions and assertions herein are the personal ones of the authors.

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