US Naval Institute Proceedings - September 1980

Front Cover, U. S. Naval Institute Proceedings, Volume 106/9/931, September 1980.

Front Cover, U. S. Naval Institute Proceedings, Volume 106/9/931, September 1980. GGA Image ID # 1d0b553f12

On the Front Cover

The danger of an expanding Soviet Navy cutting the sea lines is the jacket illustration of the book, "The Bear at the Back Door," by General Sir Walter Walker, and is discussed by Congressman Mickey Edwards, beginning on page 46.



34 The State of the Navy
By Commander William S. Hoffman, USN
Many have argued for a larger Navy of smaller, less costly ships. What has been lacking is the resolve to implement the idea.
40 Planning for the Navy of the 1980s By Vice Admiral M. Stater Holcomb, USN
To enable the Navy to do its job, Congress ought to appropriate an additional $4-8 billion annually for people and "things."
46 Soviet Expansion and Control of the Sea-Lanes By Mickey Edwards
In the view of this congressman from a landlocked state, the United States should turn its attention to Soviet adventurism.
52 Sixth Fleet Update
, By Commander Brent Baker, USN
The replacement of the Sixth Fleet flagship is symbolic of the old giving way to the new in the Mediterranean.
60 Looking to the Long Run
By Commander Gordon G. Riggle, USN
"PPBS" stands for the Planning, Programming, and Budgeting System, but the first "P" has too often been silent.
66 Building Warships in Peacetime By Lieutenant James L. George, USN (Ret.)
One solution to the current shortage of warships is to build now and equip later—gradually upgrading each vessel's capability.
71 A Gentlemen's Agreement
By Admiral James L. Holloway, Jr., USN (Ret.) with Jack Sweetman
Formulating the Navy's post-World War II education plan was a heady experience for the author, who graduated close to the anchorman in his Naval Academy class.
Old Navy 78
North to Alaska
Leadership Forum 86
Moral Leadership
Nobody asked me, but .. 90 Civil Service Reform,
Who Needs It?
Book Reviews 95
"The Real War"
"White House Years"
"A Most Fortunate Ship" Professional Notes 103
Is Parity Possible in Female Billets?
Is the Draft Our Only
The Right Aircraft at the Wrong Time?
Soviet Mine Warfare: Intent and Capability
Images from an Arabian Sea Diary
Near-Term Preposistioned
Ship Force
The U. S. Navy 121
Naval Aircraft, Part I
P. R. C. Navy Goes To Sea . .142 Other Departments
Comment and Discussion 9
Books of Interest 99
Secretary's Notes 133
Notebook 137

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