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June 1968 Proceedings Magazine: United States Naval Institute

June 1968 Proceedings Magazine: United States Naval Institute

Proceedings This U. S. Naval Observatory photograph, made through the 61-inch astrometric telescope at the Observatory's facility at Flagstaff, Arizona, traces the path of an artificial satellite across the Milky Way. [See page 35.]
June 1968
The U. S. Naval Institute is a private, professional society for all who are interested in naval and maritime affairs. It is a self-supporting, non-profit organization and is not a part of the U. S. Navy Department.
The opinions or assertions in the articles are the personal ones of the authors and are not to be construed as official. They do not necessarily reflect the views of either the Navy Department or the U. S. Naval Institute.
All photographs, unless credited, are official Department of Defense releases.
Editorial and Business Offices: Annapolis, Maryland 21402. Telephone: 301-263-4952.
Published monthly by the U. S. Naval Institute. Second-class_postage paid at the Post Office in MENASHA, WISCONSIN, and at additional mailing office, under act of August 24, 1912. Acceptance for mailing at the special rate of postage provided for in section 1103, Act of October 3, 1917, authorized March 13, 1922.
Membership dues for the U. S. Naval Institute (including PROCEEDINGS), $6.50 a year for the United States and possessions, including FPO and APO addresses. $7.50 for foreign addresses.
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Copyright ©1968 by U. S. Naval Institute.
The Case for the Oceanic Strategy 26
by George E. Lowe
The Communications Satellite
"A Faint Flutter of Wings" 35
by Cdr. John J. Dougherty, USN (Ret.)
Our Other War in Korea 46
by William M. Leary, Jr.
The FDL Surfaces Again 54
by Lt. Cdr. Richard L. Madouse, USN
Reserve Officers and Promotion 67
by Lt. G. D. Saunders, USNR (Ret.)
The Six-Day War of 1967 72
by Capt. W. J. Kotsch, USN
"The Seat of Your Pants Told You . . . " . • 82
by Maj. W. Geoffrey Moore, O.B.E., D.S.C.
Pictorial—The San Diego Naval Complex . . . • 95
by Robert de Gast and Lt. Robert La Tourette, USN
Comment and Discussion 109
Book Reviews 119
Professional Reading 123
Professional Notes 128
The Old Navy 138
Progress 140
Notebook 142
Book List 146
Secretary's Notes

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