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APPROACH: The Naval Aviation Safety Review

APPROACH is published monthly by the U.S. Naval Aviation Safety Center and is distributed to naval aeronautical organizations on the basis of 1 copy per 12 persons. It presents the most accurate information currently available on the subject of aviation accident prevention.

1961-01 Approach: The Naval Aviation Safety Review Magazine

Approach - Diverting Carrier Aircraft - January 1961

IN THIS ISSUE: Bingo Fuel, Fuel Computation For Diverting Carrier Aircraft To Landing Fields, 'C' Notes, Carrier Flight Operational Tips.

May 1961 Approach Magazine : The Naval Aviation Safety Review

Approach - VORTAC — One More Time - May 1961

This issue's featured articles include Remember How Much Fun Flying Used To Be?, Earosion, Panic!, Notes From Your Flight Surgeon, Tacan, VORTAC — One More Time, Tow Tractor Course, and More.

August 1961 Approach Magazine : The Naval Aviation Safety Review

Approach - Anti-G Suit - August 1961

The August 1961 Issue featured articles include Infrequent Instruments, Project Scan, Penetrating a Thunderstorm, Uncalculated Risk, Routine Night Flop, No Connection, Oxygen: It Will and It Won't, The Anti-G Suit, and More.

September 1961 Approach Magazine : The Naval Aviation Safety Review

Approach - Point of No Returns - September 1961

Two of the Navy's newest fighters, McDonnell F4Hs, streak through the blue. These Phantom 11s of VF-101 Det. Alfa are being maintained by a new maintenance system described in this issue.


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