April 1968 Approach: The Naval Aviation Safety Review Magazine

April 1968 Approach: The Naval Aviation Safety Review Magazine

Approach No. 10

Our product is safety, our process is education and our profit is measured in the preservation of lives and equipment and increased mission readiness.


  • Safety and the TACCO
    By LTJG W. T. Smith
  • Of Poker Odds and Aviation Safety
    By LCDR M. Z. Haggard
  • Keep Current on Emergency Procedures
  • Minimum Flying Speed—Minus Ten 16. GxWT.=Caution
  • What to do Until the Helicopter Comes
    By CDR W. A. Ellsworth
  • ASO Safety Coloring Book
    By LT T. A. Myers
  • Hypoxia, Hyperventilation and Anxiety
    By C. I. Barron, M.D., W. E. Evans, Ill, M.D., and Thomas J. Cook
  • Nomex
  • To Waste or Waist
    By LCDR Joseph Pursch, MC
  • Crunch Causes and Cures
  • Handle With Care


  • What's New
  • On the Glide Slope
  • Flight Surgeon's Notes
  • Murphy's Law
  • Maintenance Notes
  • Letters
  • IBC Lift and Drag
  • NavAir 00-75-510


  • Cover Painting by Mr. Marion Ward, staff artist, Bell Helicopter Company
  • Page 2, 4 (top) Photos courtesy the author
  • Page 3 Photos by Mr. Ed Holm, courtesy U. S. Naval Institute Proceedings.
  • Page 4 (bottom), Photo by PHAN D. A. Wilding, VP-21
  • Page 45 Diagram courtesy McDonnell-Douglas
  • IBC Contributed by LT T. A. Myers, VT-23

Purposes and policies: Approach, published monthly by the U. S. Naval Aviation Safety Center, is distributed to naval aeronautical organizations on the basis of 1 copy per 10 persons.

It presents the most accurate information currently available on the subject of aviation accident prevention. Contents should not be considered as regulations, orders or directives and may not be construed as incriminating under Art. 31, UCMJ.

Photos: Official Navy or as credited. Non-naval activities are requested to contact NavAvnSafeCen prior to reprinting APPROACH material. Correspondence: Contributions are welcome.

The right to make editorial changes to improve the material without altering the intended meaning is reserved. Reference to commercial products does not imply Navy endorsement. Views of guest written articles are not necessarily those of NavAvnSafeCen. Distribution: if you are receiving the magazine free because of military or commercial contract status with the Navy .

Requests for distribution changes should be directed to NavAvnSafeCen, NAS, Norfolk, Va. 23511. Phone: Area Code 703, 444-4279 (days), 444-3520 (Nights, weekends, Holidays) Att: Safety Education Dept., IF YOU ARE A PAID SUBSCRIBER, address all renewals and address changes to Division of Public Documents, Washington, D. C. 20402.

Subscriptions: Single copy 35 cents; 1-year subscriptions $3.50; 2 yrs., $7.00; 3 yrs., $10.50; $1.00 additional annually for foreign mailing. Printing: Issuance of this periodical approved in accordance with Department of the Navy Publications and Printing Regulations, NAVEXOS P-35. Library of Congress Catalog No. 57-60020.

RADM Paul D. Buie, Commander, U. S. Naval Aviation Safety Center
CDR J. B. McDaniel, Editor
LT R. F. O'Connor, Managing Editor Robert Trotter, Art Director
J. H. Reinburg, Military Editor J. C. Kiriluk, Maintenance Editor J. A. Bristow, Aero-Medical Editor
Blake Rader, Illustrator
DMC F. L. Smith, Production Control PHC Harry Culbertson, Photographer

Next Month So That We Will Not Be Out and other items of interest to the Naval Aviator.

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