Our Navy Magazine

Our Navy Magazine was a magazine published for commercial distribution covering the activities of the U. S. Navy. It began publication in 1897 initially issued on the first and fifteenth of each month. It became a monthly publication beginning with its January 1960 issue.

Every issue of Our Navy contained a number of feature articles in addition to the news pertinent to personnel of the U. S. Navy, often dealing with Pay, Benefits, Clothing (changes to uniforms, etc.). During the war years (World War I and II), they would also list information for casualties reported by the Navy Department.

Our Navy Magazine Issues Available

Front Cover, 1 September 1941 Issue of Our Navy Magazine.

1941-09-01 Our Navy Magazine

How Uncle Sam Trains Under Water Sailors; Sailors Ain't Human; So You Want to Make Chief?; Air Power Has Come of Age; Steaming South for Trinidad; World's Plane-Carriers at a Glance; More. On the cover - Lorraine Gettman. 1 September 1941


Front Cover, 1 October 1942 Issue of Our Navy Magazine.

1942-10-01 Our Navy Magazine

Traditions of the Navy; National Service Life Insurance; Subject: Sea-Serpents; The Marines Have Landed; The Spearhead of Today's Sea Power; Bureau of Medicine and Surgery Marks 100th Birthday; More. Cover - USS Iowa. 1 October 1942


Front Cover, 15 October 1942 Issue of Our Navy Magazine.

1942-10-15 Our Navy Magazine

Traditions of the Navy; Navy cameramen Learn to Shoot the Fireworks; How to Speak Japanese; Box Score of World's Naval Losses; Insurance for Living; Last Hours of the Yorktown; More. Cover: Barbara Ashbourne and S1c Bill Webber. 15 October 1942.


Front Cover, 1 November 1942 Issue of Our Navy Magazine.

1942-11-01 Our Navy Magazine

The Importance of Melanesia; Sailors Have Sweethearts; Action in the Solomons; This is Why We Fight; Write Us a Letter; The Old Timer's Lament; More. Cover - The watch officer. 1 November 1942.


Front Cover, 15 November 1942 Issue of Our Navy Magazine.

1942-11-15 Our Navy Magazine

The Navy's Second Front—Part I; Get Off'n Me Paintwoikl; Make Yourself at Home, Sailor; From Merchantman to Carrier; Join the Navy—in London; Key to the South Atlantic; More. Cover: Thanksgiving Turkey. 15 November 1942 .


Front Cover, 1 December 1942 Issue of Our Navy Magazine.

1942-12-01 Our Navy Magazine

The Navy's Second Front—Part II; Men for the Job; Notes on the Japanese Fleet; Honolulu, December 7th; Them Were the Days; More. Cover: Pharmacist's mate. 1 December 1942.


Front Cover, 1 January 1943 Issue of Our Navy Magazine.

1943-01-01 Our Navy Magazine

"Official U. S. Navy Photograph"; Caribbean Attack; Regular vs. Reserve; Dive-Bombing-1898; Bone Island; Phantom Ships; Heap Big Chief; This Enlisted Man Made Good; More. 1 January 1943.


Front Cover, 15 January 1943 Issue of Our Navy Magazine.

1943-01-15 Our Navy Magazine

Is the Battleship Obsolete?; Knots to You; Jiggers, de Permanent Shore Patrol!; Yorktowns of the Past; The First Airplane Hits the Deck; Joshua Barney; Don't Ration Your Letters; More. Cover - Navy Fire Fighters on the job. 15 January 1943.


Front Cover, 1 April 1943 Issue of Our Navy Magazine.

1943-04-01 Our Navy Magazine

We Must Have Battleships; Glistening Lady; At Your Service, Sailor; Jungle Expedition; Two Survival Wars; This Global War; Official Navy Casualty List; Your Beauty Parade; More. Cover - Captain of a gun crew. 1 April 1943.


Front Cover, 1 June 1943 Issue of Our Navy Magazine.

1943-06-01 Our Navy Magazine

The Staff of Life - The Medical Personnel of the Navy; The Life of a Student Naval Aviator; History of the U.SS Constellation; War News, Awards, Commendations, and Promotions; Official Casualty List for the Period Ending April 15, 1943; Your Beauty Parade. 1 June 1943.


Front Cover, 1 September 1943 Issue of Our Navy Magazine.

1943-09-01 Our Navy Magazine

WAVE's - Here to Stay? Submarine Torpedos; Turkey - Enigma of the Middle East; Promotions; Your Beauty Parade; War News. 1 September 1943.


1 August 1944 Issue of Our Navy Magazine

1944-08-01 Our Navy Magazine

Rough Riders - Hunting Submarines in the Atlantic; Weather In Invasions; The Last of the Seabees; Tough Little Tug Boat - Story of the USS Choctaw; Awards, Commendations and Promotions; Official Casualty List (From May 1 to May 31, 1944); Your Beauty Parade. 1 August 1944.


15 March 1945 Issue of Our Navy Magazine

1945-03-15 Our Navy Magazine

"I Sing Their Praises" - Hospital Corpsmen; Men Below Decks; The Story of the USS Saint Lo; War Information; Awards, Commendations and Promotions; Your Beauty Parade. Mid-March, 1945.


1 February 1946 Issue of Our Navy Magazine

1946-02-01 Our Navy Magazine

Peeping Tom - The important Part in Winning the War played by Aerial Photography; First Views of Proposed New Uniform; The Kipper Fleet; Dogface Carrier; The Story of the USS Houston, Awards, Commendations and Promotions; Civilian Airline Jobs; Your Beauty Parade. 1 February 1946.


1949-08-15 Our Navy Magazine

1949-08-15 Our Navy Magazine

Featured Story: Operation Student by Lee E. Roach. Lee, currently working with PIO, took his first trip on a submarine with some of the students and faculty of the Armed Forces Staff College of Norfolk. 15 August 1949.


1 June 1959 Issue Of Our Navy Magazine

1959-06-01 Our Navy Magazine

The Fleet That Nobody Knows - MSTS; How To Stay Out Of Trouble With Women; The Submarine Service; Jeanne Crain. 1 June 1959.


15 June 1959 Issue Of Our Navy Magazine

1959-06-15 Our Navy Magazine

This is not the world's most controversial submarine. For that story, see page 23. This is the Growler (SSG-577) from which the Regulus I missile was fired successfully just 3,000 yards off the Roosevelt Roads Naval Station. 15 June 1959.


1 July 1959 Issue of Our Navy Magazine

1959-07-01 Our Navy Magazine

Old Glory rises of the flagstaff of the carrier Oriskany. Picture, provided courtesy the San Francis° Naval Shipyard "Drydocker," was taken at the Oriskany's recommissioning following a two year yard period. 1 July 1959.


15 July 1959 Issue of Our Navy Magazine

1959-07-15 Our Navy Magazine

The USS Staten Island (AGB-5) being shown the way by a few of the native guides as she breaks through the ice of the Antarctic.15 July 1959.


1 August 1959 Issue Of Our Navy Magazine

1959-08-01 Our Navy Magazine

A seaman prepares the port gangway for lowering as his ship enters port at dusk. 1 August 1959.


15 August 1959 Issue of Our Navy Magazine

1959-08-15 Our Navy Magazine

A kind of telephone madness that happens every month of the year: the dime and the smiling voice. 15 August 1959.


1 September 1959 Issue of Our Navy Magazine

1959-09-01 Our Navy Magazine

Carol Douglas of Corpus Christi Miss Texas of 1959. a first class singer. The bell she is ringing is from tie old USS Enterprise (CV-6). 1 September 1959 issue articles include: This Man, Arleigh, Submarines, Disaster at Point Honda, Coxswain of the Barge, Control Tower Tales, Bulletin Board of Naval Interest, and More.


15 September 1959 Issue of Our Navy Magazine

1959-09-15 Our Navy Magazine

North America's shiny new A3J Vigilante streaks through the California skies. She is expected to replace the A3D Skywarrior as our biggest carrier-based warplane. 15 September 1959 issue articles include: The Panama Canal, The Attack Carrier, French Frigate Fun, Make A Swap, Take A Drink, Our Reel Navy, Bulletin Board of Naval Interest, and More.


1 October 1959 Issue of Our Navy Magazine

1959-10-01 Our Navy Magazine

Miss Andy Tilton, Director of Professional Models Inc. in Garden City, New York poses while visiting the USS Albert T. Harris (DE-447). The Harris is one of the Reserve ASW ships in New York. 1 October 1959 issue articles include: The Sailor and The Starlet, There's No Such Thing, The Navy's Top Tour Director, Russian and Other Naval Missiles, A Mighty Fine Club, and More.


1 November 1959 Issue of Our Navy Magazine

1959-11-01 Our Navy Magazine

Pilot's-eye view of the Bon Homme Richard while coming aboard. 1 November 1959 issue articles include: Lo, The Poor Brown Bagger, The Best Communication Gang, Night Bailout, The World's Biggest Sewing Bee, Bulletin Board of Naval Interest, and More.


15 November 1959 Issue of Our Navy Magazine

1959-11-15 Our Navy Magazine

Plastic motor boat of the USS Bridget (DE-1024) holds alongside the warship underway. 15 November 1959 issue articles include: Conscience of The Navy, Permanent Shore Patrol, Recognition of Good Service, CPO Goes to The Top, Riviera Rivalry, Bulletin Board of Naval Interest, and More.


1 December 1959 Issue of Our Navy Magazine

1959-12-01 Our Navy Magazine

Mary Lou Baker, TD2, now at NAS Memphis, is shown at the control board of Link Trainer. The soft voice of a woman is a welcome relief to student after the harsher words of airborne instructors. 1 December 1959 issue articles includes: The Best Bean Soup in The Navy, The Future of the WAVES, In the Air Reserve, Red Sweeney, The Right Combination, Lesson in Humility, At Ease, Sleeping Beauty-San, and More.


January 1960 Issue of Our Navy Magazine

1960-01 Our Navy Magazine

The strange shape of our cover is the nuclear-powered submarine USS Skipjack (SSN-585), silhouetted against the evening sun at Newport, RI. The January 1960 issue articles include: Tomorrow's Navy, Saga of The Ill-Starred USS Keokuk, Britain's Newest Sea Fighters, Paul Revere Rides Again, The Pineapple Squadron, Weapons Reliability Report, and More.


February 1960 Issue of Our Navy Magazine

1960-02 Our Navy Magazine

Radioman Gary Tatum poses on the USS Brinkley Bass (DD-887) with Noell, the orangoutang from the San Diego Children's Zoo. The February 1960 issue articles include: Why Pro Pay Laid an Egg, Norfolk — About Face, USS Hancock (CVA-19), The Really Quite American, Seabees Play at War, Frozen, Lonely Continent of Death, Special Sea Detail, and More.


March 1960 Issue of Our Navy Magazine

1960-03 Our Navy Magazine

A highline transfer when the weather is like this calls for the very best in seamanship. Photo, taken from the Yorktown, shows the destroyer Orleck (DD-886), with her bow tossed clear of the sea. The March 1960 issue articles include: Officer Leadership: Its Diseases and Cures, USS Canberra (CAG-2), Pacific Fleet's Guided Missile Submarines, "Playing War" Pays Off, The Philadelphia Naval Base, and More.


April 1960 Issue of Our Navy Magazine

1960-04 Our Navy Magazine

Swimming in silently from the sea, a frogman attaches a bomb to an anti-boat obstacle on a hostile beach. The April 1960 issue articles include: Do Our Officers Know How to Lead?, The Navy Exchange, Seavey Made Clear, The Tunney Fish, The Military Plays Cupid . . . And Bungles, Lad with A Future, USS Ramsden (DER-382), and More.


May 1960 Issue of Our Navy Magazine

1960-05 Our Navy Magazine

Americans visit the East, where "no man is his brother's keeper" (see article beginning on Page 3). The May 1960 issue articles include: Where No Man Is His Brother's Keeper, Set Assistant, The Alaskan Patrol (Part I), The Crisis, USS Spikefish (SS-404), Career Man, The Day the Navy Used A Wing Walker, and More.


September 1960 Issue of Our Navy Magazine

1960-09 Our Navy Magazine

Polaris away! First firing from submerged submarine. See page 3. The September 1960 issue articles include: USS George Washington: Father of Polaris, The Dignity of The Uniform, Collision, The Forager, One Service and You, This Too Was Our Navy, Sexual Behavior in The Human Sailor, and More.


November 1960 Issue of Our Navy Magazine

1960-11 Our Navy Magazine

USS Decatur (DD-936), shown visiting New York City, is of the "Forrest Sherman" Class. She was commissioned Nov. 30, 1956. The November 1960 issue articles include: Conquering Inner Space, The ASROC Showboat, Fagins of The Fleet, The Duty Section, Keelhauling Revisited, Ship of The Month: USS Compass Island, Science and Space Report, and More.


December 1960 Issue of Our Navy Magazine

1960-12 Our Navy Magazine

E. F. Zimmerman, AN, holds a sleepy guest at the Yokosuka Naval Base, Japan. Close friendliness between sailors and people of other countries is becoming a new Navy tradition. The December 1960 issue articles include: Sailors Work for Peace, The Inspirator, Old Joe Fyffe, The Navy Turkey Mystery, Hurricane!, Mosquito Boat Navy, The Capsule Catchers, Ship of The Month: USS Proteus (AS-19), and More.


1963-01 Our Navy Magazine

1963-01 Our Navy Magazine

The unique super structure of the USS Enterprise is framed by the wing of a A5A Vigilante. The antennae protruding from the dome will distort enemy radar. The January 1963 issue articles include: OUR NAVY'S Ship of the Year, Ship of the Year Honorable Mention, Cargo Subs, Tiny's Tale, Ships of the Sky Again?, Tranquilizing Men-of-War, They Brought Then Up Alive, Pentagon Interview, and More.


1963-06 Our Navy Magazine

1963-06 Our Navy Magazine

Antarctic explorers collecting samples of marine life found in the Daley Island region during the summer support season of operation deep freeze. The June 1963 issue articles include: The Other Nuclear Navy, The Wake of the Wahoo, Olympia Restored, Doomed to Die, Tech Training Instructors, Ship of the Month, Did the Vikings Discover America?, Over the Fence is Out, and More.


1968-11 Our Navy Magazine

1968-11 Our Navy Magazine

An RA-5C Vigilante reconnaissance aircraft is launched from the flight deck of the Atlantic Fleet aircraft carrier USS FORRESTAL (CVA-59). The November 1968 issue articles include: The First Eight Carriers, The Reluctant Saint, "Tursy", Your Science IQ—The Big Bang, Ship Of The Month — USS Shasta, The Wooden Gift, Underwater Demolition Raid, Keelhauling, Modern Style, and More.


1968-12 Our Navy Magazine

1968-12 Our Navy Magazine

Firefighters on the deck of the battleship New Jersey. Featured Articles: Exclusive Interview—Lieut. Brimmage and Navy-1968 In Review. The December 1968 issue articles include: "Navy-1968" In Review, The Indians, The Nuclear Santa, Bombs Away! (of life), Your Science IQ—The Moon Race, Ship of the Month, The Saga Of The Seagoing Camels, Exclusive Interview—Lieut. Brimmage, and More.


1969-01 Our Navy Magazine

1969-01 Our Navy Magazine

This month's cover is a portion of "The Ocean—Highway of All Nations,” an oil painting by Edward Moran. Property of the U.S. Naval Academy Museum. The January 1969 issue articles include: “Ship of the Year” Award for 1968, Fighting Bob To The Rescue, Scuttled P.O.D., Your Science IQ — Have You Heard?, Brokenbow, PG-88, One Of The Nation’s Newest, The Pogevbait Pitch, and More.


1969-02 Our Navy Magazine

1969-02 Our Navy Magazine

This month's cover is artist Bill Rutledge's concept of the submarine aircraft carrier proposed in the article on page 2. The February 1969 issue articles include: The Case For The Submarine Aircraft Carrier, Shark! Shark!, The Voice Of Moffett, At Word's Point, The World's Biggest Cannon, Your Science IQ—Tsunami, Ship of the Month USS Kitty Hawk (CVA-63), and More.


1969-03 Our Navy Magazine

1969-03 Our Navy Magazine

Signalman aboard dock landing ship USS Alamo (LSD-33) runs signal flags up hoist as ship steams in South China Sea off coast of Vietnam. Photographer W. M. Powers, PH1. The March 1969 issue articles include: Red Menace On The High Seas, Brandy, He Took To The Tuba, Lost or Misplaced, Your Science IQ—The New Moon, Ship Of The Month USS Bon Homme Richard (CVA-31), The Lily Pond, and More.


An Unusual Seascape. a U.S. Navy Photograph Provided by the Chief of Naval Information. Photographer, Date, and Locale Not Identified

1970-01 Our Navy Magazine

The January 1970 issue of Our Navy is devoted to the Ship of the Year for 1969, the USS Iwo Jima (LPH-2). Other featured articles include Shopping at Sea Is Tough Work, Interview of Vice Admiral Charles K. Duncan, USN, and The Survivors.


February 1972 Issue of Our Navy Magazine

1972-02 Our Navy Magazine

Navy PC-3 Orion plane on Anti-Submarine Warfare Patrol. Photographer not identified. The February 1972 issue articles include: Orion and Viking Revolutionize ASW, The Omaha Class Cruisers, Black Sam, And Then There Was Only One, A Moment of Madness, Lead Your Target, Patternmaking; An Ancient Trade for a Modern Navy, and More.


March 1972 Issue of Our Navy Magazine

1972-03 Our Navy Magazine

A CH-53 Stallion helicopter tows a Mark 105 minesweeping unit in a recent Helicopter Mine Countermeasures exercise. Photographer not identified. The March 1972 issue articles include: Helos Revolutionize Minesweeping, Airdales and Black Shoes Sweep Mines, "Now Hear This", British Naval Recruit — 1898, The Come-Uppance of Lead Pipe Rice, The Haunted Battleship, and More.


April 1972 Issue of Our Navy Magazine

1972-04 Our Navy Magazine

An original painting by Teledyne-Ryan artist Robert Watts shows RPVs in action. The April 1972 issue articles include: RPV — The Ultimate Pushbutton, The "Treaty" Heavy Cruisers, A Hot Time in the FAA, They Sent A Battleship to My Door, The Silent War, How A Female Sailor Can Get Some Work Done, and More.


May 1972 Issue of Our Navy Magazine

1972-05 Our Navy Magazine

A typical torpedo recovery operation on the Navy's 1000 fathom proving ground off Andros Island in the Bahamas. Photograph by Erich Hartmann of RCA. The May 1972 issue articles include: AUTEC: The Navy's 1000 Fathom Proving Ground, Cruiser Hulls and Flight Decks, Saved by the Bell!, Hot Coffee, From YN 3 to the Smothers Brothers, Enterprise's Operation Wildcat, The Language of the Sea, and More.


June 1972 Issue of Our Navy Magazine

1972-06 Our Navy Magazine

The U.S. Navy's world famous demonstration flying team, the Blue Angels, wins countless friends and admirers for the Navy through its incredibly expert, thrilling and beautiful performances. The June 1972 issue articles include: The Nautilus at Midway, USS Oklahoma Top Gun Off Vietnam, Yokosuka's Bomb Squad, Strong Radar, John Paul Jones; The Humanity Behind His Greatness, Medical Care as a Service Benefit, and More.


July 1972 Issue of Our Navy Magazine

1972-07 Our Navy Magazine

Sailors Stand Fast -- Less Money, Men, and Ships. The July 1972 issue articles include: Less Money, Men and Ships, A Night in the Slot, The Royal Navy of the Seventies, Shore Patrol in Memphis, Herman the German, Orleck Visits Dunedin, NZ, Submarine Garbage is a Weighty Problem, and More.


August 1972 Issue of Our Navy Magazine

1972-08 Our Navy Magazine

The August 1972 issue articles include: In The Vanguard of Tomorrow's Navy, USS Guam — Interim Sea Control Ship #1, The End of Kelly, The Unemployed Warrior, A Night on the River, One Navy Job the Marines Couldn't Handle, and More.


October 1972 Issue of Our Navy Magazine

1972-10 Our Navy Magazine

The USS New Jersey (BB-62) cruises serenely through Gaillard Cut during her transit through the Panama Canal and was the first battleship in American history called on to serve in three wars. Photograph by JOC Case. The October 1972 issue articles include: The Panama Canal and the U.S. Navy, The CSS Stonewall, Your Seagoing Vocabulary, What a Break!, Stamps Ahoy!, Seagoing Pussy Cat, Liberty Port — Copenhagen, USS Roark (De-1053), and More.


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