1 August 1959 Our Navy Magazine

1 August 1959 Our Navy Magazine

Front Cover, A seaman prepares the port gangway for lowering as his ship enters port at dusk, Our Navy Magazine for 1 August 1959.

Our Navy: The Voice of all Navymen, Vol. 54 No. 5, 1 August 1959


  • Washington Bulletin
    by Harold Helfer
    Latest from the Pentagon and Capitol Hill.
  • Bulletin Board of Naval Interest
    by Our Navy Reporters
    Navy News from the Seven Seas.
  • Navy Sports Through the Long Glass
    by Fred Thornberry
    Who won what, when, and where.


  • Navy Men Deserve the Best
    by Son Haddon, JOC
    Here's how they chowdown on that showboat, the Northampton.
  • Chief, Duties, and Chores
    by Matt Heasley
    A critical review of chiefs and their place by an old timer.
  • The Monster
    by R. B. Foster
    A true adventure at Guantanamo with only mystery for an ending.


  • Moonshiner on The High Seas
    by Ben T. Traywick
    Saltwater McCoy is back again.


  • Speaking of Cars
  • Notes of Interest
  • Our Reel Navy
  • Contacts and Swaps
  • Slawering
  • Editorial

All photographs are official Department of Defense or Our Navy photos unless otherwise credited. All opinions expressed are those of the editors or contributors, and are not necessarily the official views of the Navy Department or the U. S. Government.

Entire contents copyrighted, 1959, by OUR NAVY, Inc.

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