Our Navy Magazine - January 1969 - Master Chief Of The Navy

January 1969 Our Navy Magazine

The Navy Man's Magazine Founded 1897
Vol. 64, No. 1
January 1969

The Cover: This month's cover is a portion of "The Ocean—Highway of All Nations,” an oil painting by Edward Moran. Property of the U.S. Naval Academy Museum.

Table of Contents

News Department

  • Pentagon Report
  • Atlantic Report
  • Pacific Report
  • Yard Report
  • Washington Briefs
  • Inland Report

Regular Features

  • Liberty Port—Tampa, Fla
  • Shipmate Of The Month
  • Crossword Puzzle
  • Pass The Word
  • Laff Lines
  • Book Report
  • Editorial
  • Picture of the Month 68

January Features

  • OUR NAVY ’s “Ship of the Year” Award for 1968
  • Fighting Bob To The Rescue
    By Harold Waters
  • Scuttled P.O.D.
    By Theo. H. Tennant
  • Your Science IQ — Have You Heard?
    By L. Mack Menser
  • Brokenbow
    By Sid Sand
  • PG-88, One Of The Nation’s Newest
    By George T. Mills
  • The Pogevbait Pitch
    By Herbert E. Smith
  • Covers and Cancels
    By Desmond D. Yagyi
  • Exclusive Interview—Master Chief Of The Navy
    By Harold Helfer
  • Samoan Hurricane
    By Harold Waters
  • My Get-Up-And-Go Has Went
    By Bob Loeffelbein
  • John Paul Jones Wasn’t Alone
    By Ray Young

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JANUARY, 1969 1

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