Our Navy Magazine - 1 November 1942

Front Cover, 1 November 1942 Issue of Our Navy Magazine.

Front Cover, 1 November 1942 Issue of Our Navy Magazine. GGA Image ID # 134dc666bf

Vol. XXXVII No. 11



"You may proceed, sirl" The watch officer framed in the porthole of this U.S. Navy examination ship, anchored well outside a United States port, gives orders, hails vessels and determines whether they shall be permitted to enter or leave the harbor. Here the officer is using a public address system to talk to nearby skippers. Official Navy Photo.

Table of Contents : * THE LOG *

  • Traditions of the Navy
    By C. W. Windas
  • Our Naval Views and Comments
    By The Editor
  • The Importance of Melanesia
    By Howard Snyder
  • Sailors Have Sweethearts
    By Clyde Mitchell
  • Stand by, Davy Jones!
  • Sailors' Snapshots
    By Paul Watson
  • Scuttlebutt Scandals
    By Bozo
  • Action in the Solomons
  • Foreign Naval News
    By Jay Launer
  • How to Speak Japanese
    By Hallack McCord
  • What's in a Name?
    By Richard A. Shafter
  • This is Why We Fight
    By Doug Wilson
  • Write Us a Letter
    By Clyde Lee Jenkins
  • For Seventeen Days
  • Roundup on the War
    By Fletcher Pratt
  • Naval Cancels and Cachets
    By Marshall R. Hall
  • Salt Shakers
    By Walt Munson
  • Bulletin Board of Naval Interest
  • Sports News
  • Personnel Information
  • The Old Timer's Lament
    By Harry Dwyer
  • Book Reviews
  • Notes of Interest
  • Lay Aft on the Fantail
  • The Skipper and the Boot
    By Jack Watson
  • USS Arcturus

Written By and For All Navymen.

EDITOR : Cliff Alderman


  • Myron Eddy
  • C. M. Hatcher
  • R. C. Fay


  • C. J. Lund


  • A. R. Bosworth
  • J. E. Jones
  • Walt Munson
  • Lillian Thomas
  • Harry Dwyer

Member Audit Bureau of Circulations

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Entire contents copyrighted 1942 by OUR NAVY, INC.

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Table of Contents, 1 November 1942 Issue of Our Navy Magazine.

Table of Contents, 1 November 1942 Issue of Our Navy Magazine. GGA Image ID # 134de46b9d

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