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Our Navy Magazine 1 September 1943

Front Cover, 1 September 1943 Issue of Our Navy Magazine.

Front Cover, 1 September 1943 Issue of Our Navy Magazine. GGA Image ID # 13590d4258


Eternal vigilance is the price of lifel On our cover we show a scene that should strike every Navy man with the importance of the Navy's Night Vision program. See page 4. The original painting was obtained through the courtesy of the General Cable Corporation. Additional data in "Lay Aft on the Fantail."

Bruce Baylor Walt Munson Lillian Thomas Harry Dwyer Cedric W. Windas
R. C. Fay
C. M. Hatcher
John B. Penfold
Chester Maury
C. J. Lund
Robert Buchanan


I Hanson Place—Brooklyn
New York

Vol. XXXVIII No. 7

Table of Contents: * THE LOG *

  • Eyes Through the Night
    By Robert C. Fay
  • There's Always a Way
    By Jack Todd
  • Tin Fish Away
    By William H. Adams
  • Salty Rhymes
  • Abandon Ship
    By G. B. Savitsky as narrated by Herbert Fowler
  • Turkey—Enigma of the Middle East
    By Howard Snyder
  • What's in a Name?
    By Richard A. Shafter
  • Foreign Naval News
    By Walton L. Robinson
  • Fly Four
    By Chester Maury
  • Roundup on the War
    By Fletcher Pratt
  • Naval Cancels & Cachets
    By Marshall R. Hall
  • Salt Shakers
  • This Global War
    By Garret Smith
  • Bulletin Board
  • Awards, Commendations and Promotions
  • Personnel Information
  • Your Beauty Parade
  • Notes of Interest
  • Lay Aft on the Fantail
  • Traditions of the Navy
  • The Skipper and the Boot
    Third Cover

All photographs are Official Navy Photos unless otherwise identified.
Published the 1st and 15th of each month by OUR NAVY, INC., Owen Watson. president and publisher; Paul R. Watson, Gen. Mgr. Office of publication, Editorial and Executive offices, 1 Hanson Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. A request for additional reentry of publication at Brooklyn, New York, with an additional entry at Philadelphia, Penna. is pending.

Entered as second class matter at the post office, Philadelphia, Pa.. under the act of March 3, 1879. Single copies 25 cents. One year subscription (24 issues) $5.00. Subscribers should notify prompt change of address; both old and new addresses should be given,

Contributions to OUR NAVY'S editorial column should be addressed to 1 Hanson Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. Material intended for the 1st of the month issue should be in the hands of the Editor by the 1st of the month preceding date of issue; material for the 15th of the month issue by the 15th of the month preceding.

Assertions or opinions of contributors are those of the individual and do not reflect the official view s of the Navy Department or the Government. Entire contents copyrighted 1943 by OUR NAVY. INC. More Net Paid Circulation in the Navy than Any Other Publication.

Written By and For All Navymen. Member Audit Bureau of Circulations


USS Langley (CVL-27) was an Independence-class light aircraft carrier

USS Langley (CVL-27) was an Independence-class light aircraft carrier that served the United States Navy from 1943 to 1947, and French Navy as La Fayette from 1951 to 1963. GGA Image ID # 1358773cbc

Table of Contents, 1 September 1943 Issue of Our Navy Magazine.Table of Contents, 1 September 1943 Issue of Our Navy Magazine. GGA Image ID # 1358ab0755

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