Our Navy Magazine 15 September 1959 The Attack Carrier

15 September 1959 Our Navy Magazine

The Voice of all Navymen
15 September 1959
Vol. 54 No. 8

OUR COVER: North America's shiny new A3J Vigilante streaks through the California skies. She is expected to replace the A3D Skywarrior as our biggest carrier-based warplane. Photo courtesy North American Aviation.


  • Washington Bulletin
    by Harold Helfer 3
    Latest from the Pentagon and Capitol Hill.
  • Bulletin Board of Naval Interest
    by Our Navy Reporters 10
    With bluejackets ashore and afloat.
  • Navy Sports Through the Long Glass
    by Fred Thornberry 30
    Who won what, when, where.


  • The Panama Canal
    by Capt. R. S. Fahle 23
    An appeal to improve our vital link.
  • The Attack Carrier
    by Charles Kapitzky, J01 24
    In fiction we won the trial; in truth we lost it.
  • French Frigate Fun
    by Steve Libby 26
    Keeping amused on a desert island.


  • Make A Swap, Take A Drink
    by Lcdr. George D. Cooke 29
    And a drink, and a drink, and .. .


  • Speaking of Cars 31
  • Swaps and Tacts 44
  • Our Reel Navy 32
  • Notes of Interest 45
  • Editorial 48

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