Proceedings Magazine: United States Naval Institute

Proceedings exists to give voice to those with ideas or thoughts concerning the nation's defense, and the interest in sharing them in an open forum. No related subjects are off-limits, and the magazine is an honest broker, taking no position on issues or the ideas expressed, other than unrestricted support for those who serve, past and present.

Each issue is generally 100 pages with Commentary, Articles and Pictures about US Navy, Coast Guard and Marine Corps Current Affairs and Theaters of Operation, History, Technology (Watercraft, Aircraft, Weapons), Organization and Policy.


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1945-05 Naval Institute Proceedings


1945-05 Naval Institute Proceedings

Building A Seven Seas Navy; Desertion In Time Of War; The Obligation of Freedom; Bring 'em Back Alive - Navy Style. Whole No. 507 Vol. 71 No. 5 May 1945.


1945-11 Naval Institute Proceedings

The Carrier Task Force in World War II; Classification of Naval Vessels; Naval Gunfire: Scourge of the Beaches; The Naval Academy as Housekeeper; Matthew Fontaine Maury, Naval Scientist. Whole No. 513 Vol. 71 No. 11 November 1945.


1946-04 Part One Naval Institute Proceedings

Notes on Our Naval Future; Minesweeping; The Rehabilitation Needs of the Returning Veteran; The CVL's Success Story; The Sea Campaign from Australia to the Philippines; The Coast Guard in the Army. Whole No. 518, Part I Vol. 72 No. 4 April 1946.


1946-04 Part Two Naval Institute Proceedings

The Establishment of the Naval School at Annapolis; The Selection and Procurement of Better Candidate Material for the Naval Academy; The Naval Academy in Five Wars; Extracurricular Midshipmen Organizations and Activities. Whole No. 518, Part II Vol. 72 No. 4 April 1946


1946-05 Naval Institute Proceedings

The Decisive Battle of the Pacific War; The Role of Operations Research in the Navy; Typhoons in the North Pacific; Our Naval Attaché System: Its Origins and Development to 1917; Naval Policy for the Individual. Whole No. 519 Vol. 72 No. 5 May 1946.


1949-08 Naval Institute Proceedings

Naval Institute Proceedings, Destroyers to the Rescue. With the U. S. Carrier Bunker Hill Aflame From Two Crash Dives by Japanese Kamikazes During the Battle off Okinawa, a Destroyer Races to Intervene Against Further Kamikaze Attack... Official U. S. Navy Photograph. August 1949, Vol. No. 75, No. 8, Whole No. 558.


1949-10 Naval Institute Proceedings

Vulcan's Workshop—Manufacturing Giant Naval Cannon at the U. S. Naval Gun Factory, Washington, D. C. Official U. S. Navy Photograph. United States Naval Institute Proceedings, October 1949, Vol. 75, No. 10 Whole No. 560.


October 1949 Proceedings Magazine: United States Naval Institute



1951-01 Naval Institute Proceedings


1951-01 Naval Institute Proceedings

U. S. Steam Frigate Mississippi Leaving Vera Cruz, 1847. Going out to the rescue of the American steamer Hunter, a French bark, her prize, and an American pilot boat wrecked on Green Island near Vera Cruz, Mexico, March 21, 1847. United States Naval Institute Proceedings, January 1951, Vol. No. 77, No. 1, Whole. No. 575.


1953-04 Naval Institute Proceedings

The Issues We Must Teach; The Naval War College Today; The Basis of Sino-Soviet Accord; International Rules of the Road; Admiral Enomoto and the Imperial Restoration; New Approach to Cargo Handling Problems; More. April 1953 Vol. No. 79, No. 4, Whole No. 602.


1953-05 Naval Institute Proceedings

U.S. Marines Fight Off the Boxers, Peeking 1900; On Maritime Strategy; Japan After Independence; The NATO Defense College; The Mobilization of Shipping for War; Manila or Non-Manila; What is the Military Mind?; The Poor Man's Tugboat; The Q-Ship Cause and Effect; More. May 1953, Vol. No. 79, No. 5, Whole No. 603.


1953-06 Naval Institute Proceedings

How the Panay Was Sunk; Meditarreanean Theater: The Iron Curtain By-Pass; How The Navy Won Guantanamo Bay; The Choice of a Career Within The Navy; Napoleon On Board the Betterphon; Some Lessons of the War In Korea; Logistics: What Is It?; Whence Tomorrow's Aviators?; Salute to the NROTC; More. June 1953, Vol. No. 79, No. 6, Whole No. 604.


1955-07 Naval Institute Proceedings

America's Farewell To John Ericsson 1890; A Military Danger: The Revelation of Secret Strategic Plans; Typhoon Doctrine; What of Japan; Loran Comes of Age; The Military as an Element of Soviet State Power; A Few Ideas of a Cruiser Skipper; Patriotism Through Knowledge; More. July 1955, Vol. No. 81, No. 7, Whole No. 629.


1955-12 Naval Institute Proceedings

The Need To Know; Letter To My Son; Hawaii Operation; Survivor Benefits - What are They?; Kasmir: Valley of Indecision; The Meaning of Naval Prestige; Hydro at 125; Charting the Seas (Pictorial Section); More. December 1955, Vol. No. 81, No. 12, Whole No. 634.


1956-01 Naval Institute Proceedings

The Ship and the Shore; American Foreign Policy: Patient Courage Pays Off; Nuclear Power and the Seaplane; The Japanese Military Mission to Italy In 1941; The Permanent Crisis of Soviet Communism; Bui Chu Means Valiant; The Sinking of the Scharnhorst; The Age of Continents; More. January 1956, Vol. 82, No. 1, Whole No. 635.


1956-05 Naval Institute Proceedings

The Birth of the Flat-Top; A Question of Arteries; International Law Is No Dead Letter; A World With Bulk Cargo Aircraft; An Old Weapon For A New Problem; Hitler and the German Officer Corps; Jet Age Carrier (Pictorial); The "Hammerlock" Moor; More. May 1956, Vol. No. 82, No. 5, Whole No. 639.


1956-08 Naval Institute Proceedings

The Spirit of Geneva; Time for Decision; Japan's Losing Struggle For Guadalcanal (Part 2); Communications and Remote Control; Experiment In Total War; Marine Raider?; The Scharnhorst-Gneisenau Team At Its Peak; Reflections On Taking A Pilot; Midshipman Cruise (Pictorial); More. August 1956, Vol. No. 82, No. 8, Whole No. 642.


1956-09 Naval Institute Proceedings

The Naked Warriors; Three Aces - Trumped!; The Challenge We Face; The Pre-1942 Singapore Naval Base; White-Out: A Polar Weather Phenomenon; Ericsson, Stockton, and the USS Princeton; Lost But Not Forgotten: The Final Resting Place of Heroes of the Barbary Wars; The Norwegian Merchant Marine Since 1945; More. September 1956, Vol. No. 82, No. 9, Whole No. 643.


1956-10 Naval Institute Proceedings

By The Shores Of Araby: The Persian Gulf Command; Background To Disarmament; Capros Not Convoy: Counterattack and Destroy!; The Jean Bart's Escape To Safety; Fish Can Be International; The Failure Of The Japanese Convoy Escort; Refinements in Mobile Support; More. October 1956, Vol. No. 82, No. 10, Whole No 644.


1956-12 Naval Institute Proceedings

The Operators; Needed: A Military Strategy of Mobility; The Law of the Sea and the Naval Officer; Hitler Versus His Generals in the West; YD-171 Hercules of the United States Navy; The Lost Merchant Fleet of Japan; One Hundred and Eighty Years of Naval Recruiting; The Dreadnought Era (Pictorial); More. December 1956, Vol. No. 12, No. 12, Whole No. 646.


1957-02 Naval Institute Proceedings

Why We Are Losing Our Junior Officers; Naval Construction On The Great Lakes; Security Is Just Good Business; Admiral Luce's Pontiac; Force In Readiness; Fram "Alfa" To "Inzanity" With The Small Ship Exec; German Surface Force Strategy In World War II; USCG In Review (Pictorial); More. February 1957, Vol. No. 83, No. 2 Whole No. 648.


1957-03 Naval Institute Proceedings

A Philosophy For Naval Atomic Warfare; Cruise Of The America Unterseeboot III; The Bombay Explosion; The Naval Officer's Fitness Report; A Trip To Pampanga; The Gamesman's Game; Operation Deepfreeze: A Seaborne Invasion of the Antarctic (Pictorial); The Legal Background To The Suez Crisis; More. March 1957, Vol. No. 83, No. 3, Whole No. 649.


1957-04 Naval Institute Proceedings

To Choose Peace or War; The Exercise of Broad Command: Still The Navy's Top Speciality; The Role of the Chief Petty Officer in the Modern Navy; Stalking The Takao in Singapore Harbor; The Army-Navy Club of Manila; Tanker Operations and Management; The Merchant Tanker Fleet (Pictorial); More. April 1957, Vol. No. 83, No. 4, Whole No. 650.


1957-06 Naval Institute Proceedings

Offensive ASW: Fundamental To Defense; What Went Wrong In Hungary?; Wonsan: The Battle of the Mines; Let's Return To The Striker System; Where Are Our Seaward Boundaries?; The Confederate Midshipmen and the Treasure Train; Divine Wind Over Okinawa; U.S. Naval Training Center at Bainbridge (Pictorial); More. June 1957, Vol. No. Si, No. 6 Whole No. 652.


1957-07 Naval Institute Proceedings

There's No Substitute For Diplomacy, or for Power; Post Interdiction Carrier Operations in Korea; Military Planning At The Seat of Government; Algeria: A Case Study In The Evolution Of A Colonial Problem; The Soviet Union And Its Submarine Forces; Modern Triumph In The Northern Ice; The Evolution of Naval Bases In The British Isles; More. July 1957, Vol. 83, No. 7, Whole No. 653.


1957-11 Naval Institute Proceedings

Is US Aid To The Orient Working?; Recruits and Basic Leadership Opportunities; Toward A Nuclear-Powered Seaplane; The Coin of Individual Dignity; The Merchant Marine and National Defense; First Landing At The Pole; Middle East Challenge; Naval Aviation In The Jet Age (Pictorial); More. November 1957, Vol. No. 83, No. 11 Contents Whole No. 657.


1957-12 Naval Institute Proceedings

The Battle of Savo Island; A Single Service: Perennial Issue In National Defense; Weddell Sea: A Voyage To Nowhere; Soviet Diplomacy From Stalin To Suez; The Regimen of the Seas; Scapa-Flow 1913-1957; Lieutenant David Dixon Porter and His Camels; The Yeomanettes of World War I (Pictorial); More. December 1957, Vol. No. 83, No. 12 Contents Whole No. 658.


1958-02 Naval Institute Proceedings

Missile Navy; Mysterious Withdrawal from Kiska; The Battle of the PIPS; Shall We Junk The Joint Chiefs Of Staff?; Under The Polar Cap: A Voyage That Must Be Made; How The Royal Navy Met The Challenge; Beyond Suez: A New Dimension of Sea Power; Sea Power in Soviet Strategy; U.S Submarine Base at New London (Pictorial); More. February 1958, Vol. 84, No. 2, Whole No. 660.


1958-03 Naval Institute Proceedings

Task For Today: Security Through Seapower, Errors of the Korean War; Japanese Treasure Hunt In Manila Bay; LCT's In A Typhoon; Changing Trends in the Mediterranean Balance of Power 1935-1957; Leadership: A Case Study; The Advance of Naval Preventive Medicine; Royal Canadian Navy - Atlantic (Pictorial); More. March 1958, Vol. 84, No. 3, Whole No. 661.


1958-04 Naval Institute Proceedings

War: Always An Art; Flow Soucek Broke The Record; British Mines and the Channel Dash; Challenge of the Vertical Frontier; Buoyant Escape; Tactical Development; Seven Year Itch; A Flagship View of Command Decisions; Mystic Seaport (Pictorial); More. April 1958, Vol. 84, No. 4, Whole No. 662.


1958-09 Naval Institute Proceedings

“The Mississinewa Refuels the Saratoga” was especially painted for the Proceedings by Colonel Phillips Melville, USAF (Ret.). Ships specialists may note certain changes in the appearance of the Mississinewa resulting from work done during her yard overhaul last year. Launched in 1955, she is one of the Navy’s largest oilers. Vol. 84, No. 9, Whole No. 667, September 1958.


1958-12 Naval Institute Proceedings

Front Cover, Crusader Ship. The Cross of St. George on the Three-Forked Gonfalon Indicates That This Ship of the 13th Century Is English. She Flies the Red Battle Pennant From the Masthead and Blue Streamers From the Yardarm. The Black and White Banner on the Port Side of the Forecastle Is That of the Templars and the One on the Starboard Side Is the Flag of the Cinque Ports. Vol. 84, No. 12, Whole No. 670, December, 1958.


1959-01 Naval Institute Proceedings

USS Hornet at Hong Kong From the Water Color by Arthur Beaumont. Featured Stories Include The Middle East, Man-Made Air, McLintock's Calculated Risk, The First Watch, Oil and the New Japan, and The Polish Road to Socialism: Does It Lead Anywhere? Vol. 85, No 1, Whole No. 671, January 1959.


1959-02 Naval Institute Proceedings

Cover Painting From the Peabody Collection Is the Earliest Known Painting of an Identified American Vessel, the Ship Bethell, a Privateer During King George’s War, 1745-48. Two Views of the Ship, a Common Device of Artists in the Age of Sail, Are Shown in the Oil Painting of About 1748 by an Unidentified Artist Which Is Reproduced on the Cover of This Issue of the Proceedings. Vol. 85, No. 2, Whole No. 672, February 1959.


1959-06 Naval Institute Proceedings

The Submarine “George Washington” the First Submarine Designed to Provide the Polaris Ballistic Missile With a Mobile Underwater Launching Platform. Designated SSB(N)-598, the George Washington Will Be Launched by the Electric Boat Company at Groton, Connecticut, on June 9, 1959 and Is Scheduled to Become Operational in 1960 When the Polaris Missile, Now Undergoing Extensive Tests in Its Development, Will Also Become Operational. Vol. 85, No. 6, Whole No. 676, June 1959.


1959-07 Naval Institute Proceedings

The July 1959 issue featured articles included Air Reconnaissance--Great Silent Weapon, Our Tongue-Tied Navy, US Alliances East of Suez, Speed in Fog, The Armored Cruiser, and more. Vol. 85, No. 7, Whole No. 677, July 1959.


1959-08 Naval Institute Proceedings

The August 1959 issue of Proceedings featured articles included A Crisis in Communications, The Lesser Deterrent, The New Fleet Marine Force, Antisubmarine Defense Group ALFA, Know Thine Enemy, and more. Vol. 85, No. 8, Whole No. 678, August 1959


1959-12 Naval Institute Proceedings

The December 1959 issue of Proceedings featured articles included Africa: The Next Great Area of Crisis, Search and Rescue--And You!, More and Better Geography Needed, The Future of Our "Alliance" with Spain, and more. Vol. 85, No. 12, Whole No. 682, December 1959


1959-12 Naval Institute Proceedings



1960-01 Naval Institute Proceedings


1960-01 Naval Institute Proceedings

The January 1960 issue of Proceedings featured articles included Sinking the Haguro, The Helicopter in the Fleet, The Cold War Power Spectrum, The Story of the Holland Submarine, and more. Vol. 86, No. 1, Whole No. 683, January 1960.


1960-02 Naval Institute Proceedings

The February 1960 Issue Featured Articles Including the Fatal Virus of a Static Strategy, HNMS Tjerk Hiddes, the Disarmament Delusion, "Sweethearts and Wives," and More.


1960-07 Naval Institute Proceedings

The July 1960 Issue articles include USS Northampton (CLC-1), Overseas Bases—How Long for This World? Norway's Role in U. S. Defense, After Communism, What? The U. S. Navy's People-to-People Program, The Man Who Hid the Cruiser Dresden, and More.


1960-08 Naval Institute Proceedings

The August 1960 Issue articles include Command and the Intelligence Process, The U. S. Coast Guard and the Civil War, Today: The Soviet Empire; Tomorrow: The Solar System, Navy Men in the Olympic Games, The Destruction of Zeppelin, and More.


1960-09 Naval Institute Proceedings

The September 1960 Issue articles included Communist China and the Arab-African Area, The Naval Academy of Today and Its Mission, Collective Security in the Pacific: Nine Years of the Anzus Pact, The U. S. Navy's Hurricane Hunters, and More.


1960-10 Naval Institute Proceedings

The October 1960 Issue articles included Africa: The Blessings of Colonialism, The Strategic Danish Straits, Who Is in Command? Safety in Numbers, and More.



1962-09 Naval Institute Proceedings

The September 1962 Issue included The Baltic Sea Campaign 1918-20, The Strange Assignment of USS Lanikai, Sentinels Under the Sea (Pictorial), and more.



1962-12 Naval Institute Proceedings

The December 1962 Issue included Lessons of Mine Warfare, Cuba's Place in US Naval Strategy, A Study In Divided Loyalties, and More.


1964-04 Naval Institute Proceedings

The April 1964 Issue of Naval Proceedings Magazines featured articles include The Unfaced Challenge, Submarine Versus Free World, The Suez Operation, The First American Oceanographer, and Patrol Guerrilla Motor Boats. The Clipper Ship, Flying Cloud is on the Cover.



1966-02 Naval Institute Proceedings

The February 1966 issue of Proceedings Magazine, Volume 92, Number 2, Whole No. 756, featured articles included Surface Ship Overhauls, The Law of—and Under—the Sea, and USS Guam (LPH-9) (Pictorial). Cover: U. S. Coast Guard icebreaker.


1966-03 Naval Institute Proceedings

The March 1966 issue of Proceedings Magazine, Volume 92, Number 3, Whole No. 757, featured articles included The Submarine's Long Shadow, Needed: A Credible Presence, and The Genesis of the Modern Navy. Cover: Marines passing in review at Twenty-nine Palms, California.


1966-04 Naval Institute Proceedings

April 1966 issue of Proceedings Magazine, Volume 92, Number 4, Whole No. 758, featured articles included Sea Power and the Sea Bed, The Pentagon's Whiz Kids, and The Tanker Charter Market. The USS America (CVA-66) is on the cover.


1966-09 Naval Institute Proceedings

The September 1966 issue of Proceedings Magazine, Volume 92, Number 9, Whole No. 763, featured articles included Sovereignty and the SLBM, MLF: A German Point of View, and, Naval Gunfire Today and Tomorrow. Cover: Polaris submarine Francis Scott Key (SSBN-657).


1966-10 Naval Institute Proceedings

The October 1966 issue of Proceedings Magazine, Volume 92, Number 10, Whole No. 764, featured articles included Divided We Fell, Naval Forces in River War, and The Cruise of the U-53. Cover: Painting of the 165-ton brig Rambler.


1966-12 Naval Institute Proceedings

The December 1966 issue included Limited War—Limited Peace?, The Atlantic Alliance, Problems and Prospects, and Operation Green Turtle, and more.



1968-09 Naval Institute Proceedings

The September 1978 Issue included Trawler!, The Geneva Conventions in the Shadow War, Progress and Problems in the War Colleges, and more.


1968-10 Naval Institute Proceedings

The October 1978 Issue includes Sea Power and the Superpowers, The Navy's Stake in Antarctica, Soviet Beachhead in the Third World, and more.


1968-11 Naval Institute Proceedings

The November 1978 Issue includes The Corsair II As I See It, The Latin American Military, Gunboats in the Desert, Needed: Shallow Thinking, and more.


1968-12 Naval Institute Proceedings

The December 1968 Issue includes How Young We Were, A Mistaken War, Postscript to Palomares, The Great Stone Fleet, and more.



1969-02 Naval Institute Proceedings

The February 1969 issue articles include The Military in the Free Society, A Master's Degree Program for Student Naval Aviators, Space Oceanography, The Logical Paradox, The Newsman in Vietnam, Our Russian War of 1918-1919, and more.


1969-03 Naval Institute Proceedings

The March 1969 issue articles include a Prize Essay—The Encircling Sea, Collective Security and the Defense of Shipping, Military Aid and Comfort to Dictatorships, The Vietnamese Naval Academy, Welcome to the War, and more.


1969-05 Naval Institute Proceedings

The May 1969 issue articles include The Paper Torpedo, Bomber Navigation—The Blind Led the Blind, The Emancipated, Aggravated, Indispensable American Seaman, The Tanks of August 1968, and more.


1969-06 Naval Institute Proceedings

The June 1969 issue articles include Victory in Limited War, Seapower and Soviet Foreign Policy, Of Robotry and Readiness, Justice in the Battle Zone, Campus Unrest, The Character of Collingwood, Pictorial—The Mobile Riverine Force, and more.


Front Cover, U. S. Naval Institute Proceedings, Vol. 95/6/796, June 1969.



Front Cover, U. S. Naval Institute Proceedings, Volume 96/1/803, January 1970.


1970-01 Naval Institute Proceedings

The January 1970 issue articles include The Art, Science, and Innocence, The Soviet Merchant Marine, Retention: The High Cost of Leaving, The U. S. Coast Guard: Where Do We Go From Here, Prepare to Sweep Mines, and more.


1970-10 Naval Institute Proceedings

The October 1970 issue articles include A Doctrine for Limited War, 1960: A Vintage Year for Submariners, The Other Revolution, Vice Admiral Chuichi Hara: Unforgettable Foe, The Helicopter: Hazardous at Any Height, and more.


1970-12 Naval Institute Proceedings

The December 1970 issue articles include The Vulnerable Homelands, The Service Force in Action, Safer, Saner Seaways, A Soviet Carrier on the Horizon, Me and My Dam Neck, Pictorial—The French Navy: 1870-1890, and more.


1971-01 Naval Institute Proceedings

The January 1971 issue articles include Vital Interests and Volunteer Forces, Shipboard Habitability: Restricted Areas, Naval Aviation: The Beginning, Tomorrow's Warships, Battle Management for Strategic Weapons Systems, and more.


1971-02 Naval Institute Proceedings

The February 1971 issue articles include The Blue Water Soviet Naval Officer, Modernization of the Midway, The Silent Vote, Ocean Surveillance: New Weapon of Naval Warfare, Navy Medicine: A New Prescription, Amelia Earhart's Final Flight, and more.


1971-03 Naval Institute Proceedings

The March 1971 issue articles include Prize Essay—A United States Navy for the Future, Junior Officer Retention -- A Lot of Little Things, The Royal Hellenic Navy, The Merchant Marine Act of 1970, Pictorial—U. S. Navy Medical Corps, and more.


1971-04 Naval Institute Proceedings

The April 1971 issue articles include The Only Option, The Frustration Factor, Ships at Sea; Maritime Facts of Life, Command Leadership and the Black Serviceman, From Cockpit to Conn, Early Russian Shipboard Aviation, and more.


1971-05 Naval Institute Proceedings

The May 1971 issue articles include The Defense of Northwest Europe and the North Sea, Japan and Her Maritime Defense, Marine Aviation in Vietnam, 1962-1970, The Naval War in Vietnam, 1950-1970, Destroyers, 1971, and more.


1971-06 Naval Institute Proceedings

The June 1971 issue articles include Eisenhower at the Naval War College, Trends in World and Domestic Fisheries, Professionalism: The Hard Choice, Sundowner Par Excellence, Pictorial—The U. S. Coast Guard Academy, and more.


1971-07 Naval Institute Proceedings

The July 1971 issue articles include P.O.W. Treatment: Principles versus Propaganda, A "New" China Policy, The Case for the Carrier, N.J.R.O.T.C Diary, Authority: The Weakened Link, Merchant Marine Licenses: Tickets Worth Having, and more.


1971-08 Naval Institute Proceedings

The August 1971 issue articles include Major Command, The Royal Navy and the Continuing Commitments, The Andrea Doria-Stockholm Disaster: Accidents Don't Happen, A Future for the Destroyer, Operation Deep Channel, and more.


1974-05 Naval Institute Proceedings

The May 1974 issue articles include Naval Aircraft in the Next Decade, The Coast Guard Approaching the Century's End, To the Limit of Our Vision—And Back, Seaborne and Airborne Power in Europe, The Soviet "Aircraft Carrier" and more.


1974-07 Naval Institute Proceedings

The July 1974 issue articles include On Hugging a Bear, Take Care; The Politics of Oil in the Wake of Yom Kippur; Design for Change: Present and Future; Skimmer Ops; The Military and the Media; Navies in War and In Peace; and more.


1974-10 Naval Institute Proceedings

The October 1974 issue articles include Command and Control: Changeless—Yet Changing, The Military and Politics, Navies in War and in Peace, The Sultan's Submarines, "Blackbeard!" and more. The first woman in any of the armed services to be commissioned a Chaplain, Lieutenant Florence Pohlman, USN, is portrayed in this painting by Margaret Holland Sargent, for the Navy's Combat Art Center in Washington, D.C.


1975-11 Naval Institute Proceedings

The November 1975 issue articles include The Marine Corps as a Separate Service, "First to Fight"—Belleau Wood, The Marine as an Instrument of Sea Power, Pictorial: Iron Men in Wooden Ships—and Iron Ships, and more.


1976-05 Naval Institute Proceedings

The May 1976 issue articles include The Role of the Services in Support of Foreign Policy, The PRC Navy—Coastal Defense or Blue Water, Thinking About Soviet ASW, The U. S. Coast Guard and the Control of Oceanic Pollution, and more.



1978-12 Naval Institute Proceedings

The December 1978 Issue Included Through-Deck Cruiser: The New Capital Ship; Pearl Harbor Aftermath; Pictorial—The Sea of the Midnight Sun; and more.


1979-01 Naval Institute Proceedings

The January 1979 issue articles include The Recovered Sunken Warship: Raising A Legal Question, The Role of High-Speed Ships in the U. S. Navy, Time Out for Tactics, Surface Ship Command Qualification: Who Needs It, and more.


1979-02 Naval Institute Proceedings

The February 1979 issue articles include The Politics of Parity, Setting Shipboard Priorities, Toward a National Merchant Marine Policy, Bring Back the Corps, Misuse of the Fast Battleship in World War II, and more.


1979-03 Naval Institute Proceedings

The March 1979 issue articles include Destroyers for the 21st Century, The Soviet Navy and Forward Deployment, The New Breed of Sailor, Improving Weapons in the Fleet, Pictorial—Building the Tridents' Home, and more.


1979-04 Naval Institute Proceedings

The April 1979 issue articles include U. S. National Strategy: Outward Bound . . . with Inadequate Charts, Tactical Complacency: Change Now or Fail Later, Counterinsurgency: Corrupting Concept, Fighter Crews: You Fight the Way You Practice, and more.


1979-05 Naval Institute Proceedings

The May 1979 issue articles include The Future of U. S. Sea Power, How Will We Man the Fleets, The Potential Battle of the Atlantic, The Central Issues of Sea-based Aviation, Speed in Warships, Surface Warships Against Submarines, and more.


1979-06 Naval Institute Proceedings

The June 1979 issue articles include SALT and the Navy, The Drift Toward the Draft, The All-Volunteer Force in 1798, Andrew Irwin McKee: Naval Constructor, Countering Soviet Imperialism, Warships Should Look Warlike, and more.


1979-07 Naval Institute Proceedings

The July 1979 issue articles include Soviet-Cuban Enterprises in Africa, ASW's Passive Trap, Needed: Heavy Firepower, Time to Put Our Maritime House in Order, The Origin of the Naval Research Laboratory, Pictorial—The Viking at Sea, and more.


1979-08 Naval Institute Proceedings

The August 1979 issue articles include Seapower in the Indian Ocean: A Requirement for Western Security, Soviet Naval Policy in the Indian Ocean, Maritime Egypt: An Island in a Sea of Sand, Lawrence of Arabia's Debt to Seapower, and more.


1979-09 Naval Institute Proceedings

The September 1979 issue articles include Strategic Deterrence In the Age of Détente, Strategic Metaphors, The Naval Officer/Medical Officer Quandary, Jim Crow in the Navy (1798-1941), The Underwater Sabotage Threat, and more.


1979-10 Naval Institute Proceedings

The October 1979 issue articles include Planning for the Navy's Future, How to Improve a Great Navy, Inflation Versus the U. S. Navy, Integration of the Navy (1941-1978), Navy Pilots are Bailing Out, and more.


1979-11 Naval Institute Proceedings

The November 1979 issue articles include Charged Particle Beam Weapons, Defense of the Depths, "He Served on Samar," Pictorial—The Navy's Civilian Ships, The Coast Guard's Retention Problem, A New Law of the Sea; and more.


1979-12 Naval Institute Proceedings

The December 1979 issue articles include Bear Claws and Dragon Teeth, A New Focus On Antarctica, The Last Battleship, The Big Ship in My Life, Let's Salvage the Salvage Force, Rusty Hand of Steel: the Naval Raid, and More.


Front Cover, U. S. Naval Institute Proceedings, Volume 105/12/922, December 1979.



Front Cover, U. S. Naval Institute Proceedings, Volume 106/1/923 28, January 1980.



1980-06 Naval Institute Proceedings

An SH-3A Sea King hovers as it uses its active dipping sonar in the Pacific. This capability is in danger of being lost if a replacement for the SH-3 and its ASW offense is not found immediately. For more details on the Sea King, see page 99. Photo by R. L. Lawson. Proceedings, United States Naval Institute, June 1981, Vol. 107/6/940.



1980-12 Naval Institute Proceedings

The December 1980 issue articles include Degrees of Naval Warfare; Maneuver in Naval Warfare; The War Powers Resolution; The AVF—Making It Work; The Birth of Guided Missiles; Fish Stories; Pictorial—The Quest for Ancient Gold; and more.


1981-04 Naval Institute Proceedings

The April 1981 issue articles include Thinking Offensively; Peacetime Admirals, Wartime Admirals; Neither Navy was Ready; The Bismarck Lesson; Justice in the Soviet Navy; Building a Fleet to Suit the Market and the Military; and more.


1981-06 Naval Institute Proceedings

The June 1981 issue articles include Needed: Flying Squadrons For Flexibility, The Worldwide Soviet Threat, Combat Engineers: Obstacles to Overcome, A Return to Military Smartness and Discipline, America's Working Heritage, and more.



1984-06 Naval Institute Proceedings

The June 1984 issue articles include Castles, Knights, and Bishops in Naval Strategy, The Not-too Forgotten War, Cutters and Sampans, Their Torpedo Tactics, Confessions of a Flesh Peddler, "Silver Bullets" and Coups de Grace, and more.



1988-04 Naval Institute Proceedings

The April 1988 issue articles include The Maritime Strategy and the Next Decade, Satellites and Naval Warfare, Stalking the Tactical Continuum, Vietnam: Two Views, Blind Hunt for the Thresher, The Lobos Get Hornets, and more.



August 1988 Proceedings Magazine: United States Naval Institute



June 1991 Proceedings Magazine: United States Naval Institute



1992-08 Naval Institute Proceedings

The August 1992 issue articles include ASW Is Still Job One, Future of Force in Maritime Europe, NATO: Today and in the Future, Conduct Unbecoming, Sexual Harassment In Our Navy, Exocets, Air Traffic, and the Air Tasking Order, and more.


1992-11 Naval Institute Proceedings

The November 1992 issue articles include Building Blocks of Naval Power, Keeping the Coast Clear, Let's Abolish the Corps, The Marine Corps' Computer Problem, 50 Years Ago — Fork to Victory, ComAirSols: A Real Joint Command, and more.


1994-02 Naval Institute Proceedings

The February 1994 issue articles include A Surface Warrior's Challenge, Training for the Fight, The Military After Next, Naval Strategy Is Dead, Retired—At the Navy's Request, Bikini 'Witch's Brew', Dangerous Mind Game Plays in Korea, and more.


1994-04 Naval Institute Proceedings

The April 1994 issue articles include Is There a Doctrine In the House?, Integrity Is Up To You, It's More Than Ships, It Begins With Recruiting, Commitments and Intervention, New Leader of the Pact, and more.


1998-02 Naval Institute Proceedings

The February 1998 issue articles include Leave a Legacy, There's Value in Diversity, Innovation for the Interwar Years, Often the Only Option, When Lethal Force Won't Do, Two Admirals for an Ensign, Psychological Operations ... From the Sea and more.


1998-04 Naval Institute Proceedings

The April 1998 issue articles include Counterbattery from the Sea, New Tools for New Jobs, Old Joint Team Needs a New Approach, Beware of Geeks Bearing Gifts, Malachite Subs Post Proud Tradition, TBMD Could Backfire, and more.


1998-05 Naval Institute Proceedings

The May 1998 issue featured articles on The Sailor & the State, Building Surface Warriors, Landmines, Lies, and Other Phenomena, The (R)evolution of Mine Countermeasures, Navy after Next: Past Is Prologue, Annual Reviews, and More.


1998-06 Naval Institute Proceedings

The June 1998 issue highlights submarine and undersea warfare issues. Articles include Subs Slip Through the Net, Undersea Warfare: We Can't Wish It Away, Carrier Hattie Group: Potent Weapon or Paper Tiger? and More.


1998-07 Naval Institute Proceedings

The July 1998 issue articles include War Isn't a Rational Business, Is American Military Professionalism Declining? Paperless Navy . . . Pshaw!, It's Time to Face the Gender Paradox, Obligations of the Citizen-Soldier, Let the Fleet Design the Carrier, and more.


1998-08 Naval Institute Proceedings

The August 1998 issue articles include Five and Out? The Chiefs Are Not Happy, Ship-to-Objective Maneuver: Will This Dog Hunt? Trident Can Fire More than Nukes, No Democracy Can Feel Secure, Russia's Navy Remains in Decline, and more.


1998-09 Naval Institute Proceedings

The September 1998 issue articles include Network Centric Works for Marines, Centers of Gravity Are a Myth, You Can't Fool the Troops, Training for Measured Response, Cracking the Nuclear Club, Admiral with Wings, and more.


1998-10 Naval Institute Proceedings

On 9 October 1998, the U.S. Naval Institute will celebrate its 125th anniversary. To commemorate this milestone, a 32-page special section takes the reader through the best of our articles, books, and seagoing images over the years.


1998 11 Naval Institute Proceedings

The November 1998 issue is focused on the USMC. Articles include Bottom Line: It's Infantry, Don't Forget the Fleet, The Price of 'Marine Green' Still Is High, What Was Nimitz Thinking? Until Death Do Us Part? and more.


1998-12 Naval Institute Proceedings

The Coast Guard is center stage in this issue, featuring contributions from the Commandant and the winners of the Coast Guard Essay Contest including The Coast Guard Is Maritime Security, Coast Guard Is Joint, and more.


1999-01 Naval Institute Proceedings

The January 1999 issue featured articles include The Silence of the Admirals, Moving the Navy Into the Information Age, Nuclear Weapons in the Info Age: Who Needs 'em? Tomorrow's Fleet: Part I, and more.


1999-02 Naval Institute Proceedings

The February 1999 issue featured articles included Let's Fix Retention Now, Gender Integration: What's Next? The A-12 Legacy: It Wasn't an Airplane—It Was a Train Wreck, Tomorrow's Fleet: Part II, and more.


1999-03 Naval Institute Proceedings

The March 1999 issue marks the 19th consecutive year Proceedings has featured the world's navies. Articles Included End of the Continental Century, A French Expeditionary Force Without Conscripts, and More.



Front Cover, U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings, Volume 125/4/1,154, April 1999.


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