US Naval Institute Proceedings - January 1982

Front Cover, U. S. Naval Institute	Proceedings, Volume 108/1/947, January 1982.

Front Cover, U. S. Naval Institute Proceedings, Volume 108/1/947, January 1982. GGA Image ID # 1d0a1b84d6

On the Front Cover

R. G. Smith of McDonnell Douglas did the fine painting of the soon-tobe commissioned Carl Vinson (CVN-70) for the crew of the ship. A biographical article on the man for whom the ship is named begins on page 38 and the ship herself is discussed in "Tomorrow's Fleet," on 113.

26 The Gulf of Sidra Incident: A Legal Perspective
By Commander Dennis R. Neutze, Judge Advocate General's Corps, USN
The U. S. fighters that shot down two Libyan planes also shot holes in Libya's inflated territorial sea claims.
Guns vs. Butter—Without the Guns?
By Colonel John G. Miller, USMC, and Major H. W. Peterson, USMC. Naval guns can do much for the capabilities of the U. S. fleet, but only if they are procured and put on warships.
y Captain ohn F. Tarpey, USN (Ret.)
Carl Vinson never wore the uniform, but he served the Navy long and well during his 50 years in the House of Representatives.
46 The Offensive-Passive Ship
By Captain Robert C. Powers, USN
Traditional ship shapes will have to be pushed aside if we are to design a combatant difficult to detect by enemy sensors.
52 Should Naval Officers Be Strategists?
By Berend D. Bruins
For many years, the Navy did its own planning; now civilians do it for the Navy.
57 The Role of the U. S. Surface Navy in Nuclear War By Joseph D. Douglass, Jr., and Amoretta M. Hoeber
The Navy owns a lot of nuclear hardware but has very little in the way of doctrine for its use.
64" Forgotten Lessons of Riverine Warfare
By Lieutenant (junior grade) Christopher A. Abel, USCG
To have an effective capability for river operations, we must fight both on the water and from it; maybe the Marine Corps can help.
Departments 1)4*-z Fo-ietc2

uel Savers: Hull
Cha to a atus of
Ships: FY 81 123
Other Departments
Secretary's Notes 17
Comment and Discussion 20
Notebook 128
Index to Advertisers 128
Old Navy 50
You Can Lead an
Ensign to Water, but Nobody asked me, but 82
A New SWO Billet in
the Carrier
The Book of Entropy 84
Notable Naval Books 85
Professional Notes 90
The Matched Pair: A
Tactical Concept
Building the Guided Missile Frigates in the Todd Shipyards
FFG-7 Class Pre-Com: An Unusual Challenge
The SH-60B Seahawk:
A Pilot's Report
RAST Helps Get LAMPS III on Small Combatants
The Search for the FFX
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