US Naval Institute Proceedings - June 1998

Front Cover, U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings, Volume 124/6/1,144, June 1998.

Front Cover, U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings, Volume 124/6/1,144, June 1998. GGA Image ID # 1d02340752

On the Front Cover

The Proceedings highlights submarine and undersea warfare issues each June—here, on board the nuclear-powered attack submarine USS Miami (SSN-755) by Greg Mathieson/MAI.

Issue Summary

The June 1998 issue highlights submarine and undersea warfare issues. Articles include Subs Slip Through the Net, Undersea Warfare: We Can't Wish It Away, Carrier Hattie Group: Potent Weapon or Paper Tiger? and More.

Table of Contents

  • Subs Slip Through the Net
    By Rear Admiral William J. Holland, USN (Ret.)
    Several aspects of network-centric warfare can make life difficult for our submarines
  • Arctic ASW: Have We Lost?
    By Richard Boyle and Waldo Lyon
    Not yet—but we could lose big time by failing to develop an under-ice weapon for the littorals.
  • Undersea Warfare: We Can't Wish It Away
    By Captain George Galdorisi, USN
    Its day is coming—again.
  • The World Is Our Coastline!
    By Scott C. Traver
    Sometimes racing stripes can go where haze gray is not welcome.
  • What Is a Coast Guard Cutter Doing in Europe?
    By Captain John E. Crowley, Jr., USCG
  • Carrier Hattie Group: Potent Weapon or Paper Tiger?
    By Michael Cohen
    Don't let cost effectiveness become lost effectiveness.
  • Offense Catching Up with Defense
    By Rear Admiral Paul G. Gaffney II, USN, and Ronald R. Luman
    Changes may end mine warfare's days as a show-stopper.
  • The Smart Ship Is Not the Answer
    By Anthony DiGiorgio
    We need smart operators, who will use existing smart systems as designed.
  • Leadership Essay Contest: Winner Chance Second Chances
    By Lieutenant David A. Adams, USN
    The Navy needs to end the zero-defects game and return to its traditional moral standards.
  • Have You Seen the Light?
    By Captain T. Q. Donaldson V, USN
    Now we can track those glowing undersea wakes.



  • Replace the LHAs with LHDs

Naval Institute at 125

  • Colonel Harry G. Summers, Jr.. USA (Ret.)
  • Vice Admiral Alexander J. Krekich. USN

Nobody asked me, but

  • The Crops Can Wait for This
  • Learn to Accept Women at the Academy

Professional Notes

  • Troops Ashore Deserve Better Fire Support
  • Naval Fire Support Plans
  • Consolidate Our Mobile Command Centers
  • Rethinking Crew Coordination in F/A-18E/F Squadrons

Other Departments

  • Membership News
  • Comment and Discussion
  • Book Reviews
  • Books of Interest
  • The U.S. Navy
  • Oceans
  • Points of Interest
  • World Naval Developments
  • Combat Fleets
  • Notebook
  • Lest We Forget
  • Index to Advertisers

The U.S. Naval Institute is a private, self-supporting, nonprofit professional society which publishes this magazine as a forum for the Sea Services. The Naval Institute is not a part of the U.S. Government. The opinions and assertions herein are the personal ones of the authors.

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