August 1968 Proceedings Magazine: United States Naval Institute

August 1968 Proceedings Magazine: United States Naval Institute

Proceedings One of the most
August 1968 elaborate examples of the bow ornaments
VOLUME 94, NUMBER 8, WHOLE NO. 786 which graced warships at the turn of the
century was that on the protected cruiser
USS Cincinnati (C-7). This colorful era is
recalled in this month's Pictorial on pages
88-103. Photograph from the National Archives.
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Secretary's Notes
The Mystique of Command Presence 26
by Capt. R. E. Slivers, USNR
• • and a few Marines" 34
Eby Li. Col. William G. Leftwich, Jr., USMC
Poseidon and Minuteman 46
by Capt. Dominic A. Paolucci, USN
Moonlighting Toward a Master's 59
by Lt. T. W. Goad, USN
"For Sugar Boats or Submarines?" 66
by Lt. Gen. Masatake Okumiya, JASDF (Ret.)
The Challenge of the Challenger 74
by Edward H. Shenton
A Hat in the Ring . • . . 83
by Capt. Ben W. Blee, USN
Pictorial—Remembrance of My Cruise 88
by Charles A. Focht
Comment and Discussion
Book Reviews
Professional Reading
Professional Notes
The Old Navy
Book List
104 120 129 136 147 150 152 162
Board of Control
Admiral Thomas H. Moorer, U. S. Navy
Rear Admiral James F. Calvert, U. S. Navy
Commander R. T. E. Bowler, Jr., U. S. Navy (Retired)
Rear Admiral Henry L. Miller, U. S. Navy Rear Admiral W. P. Mack, U. S. Navy Brigadier General Herman Poggemeyer,
U. S. Marine Corps
Captain Lawrence Heyworth, Jr., U. S. Navy Captain Albert A. Heckman, U. S. Coast Guard Captain Raymond A. Komorowski, U. S. Navy
Past Presidents
Admiral David D. Porter 1873
Rear Admiral John L. Worden 1874
Rear Admiral C. V. R. Rodgers 1875-78,1882-83 Commodore Foxhall A. Parker 1878-79
Rear Admiral John Rodgers 1879-82
Rear Admiral Thornton A. Jenkins 1883-85 Rear Admiral Edward Simpson 1885-87 Rear Admiral Stephen B. Luce 1887-1902 Rear Admiral Wm. T. Sampson 1898-1902 Rear Admiral H. C. Taylor 1902-1904
Rear Admiral C. F. Goodrich 1904-1909 Rear Admiral Richard Wainwright 1909-11 Rear Admiral Bradley A. Fiske 1911-23 Vice Admiral William L. Rodgers 1923-24 Admiral Henry B. Wilson 1924-26
Admiral Hilary P. Jones 1926-28
Rear Admiral Edward W: Eberle 1928-29 Admiral S. S. Robison 1929-31
Rear Admiral M. L. Bristol 1931-33
Admiral William H. Standley 1933-35 Admiral David Foote Sellers 1935-37 Fleet Admiral William D. Leahy 1937-40 Admiral H. R. Stark 1940-42
Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz 1942-43,1946-48 Fleet Admiral E. J. King 1943-46
Admiral Louis E. Denfield 1948-50
Admiral Robert B. Carney 1950-52.11r. Admiral William M. Fechteler IOU *•4 Admiral Arleigh A. Burke 1956-59, 19no el Admiral Jerauld Wright 1960.40
Admire, George W. Andetwra, it iqni as Admiral David I. Minnisald 19ni at
U. S. Naval Institute Staff
Executive Editor
Cdr. R. T. E. Bowler, Jr., U. S. Navy (Retired)
Editorial Director Roger C. Taylor
Cdr. Robert P. Brewer, U. S. Navy (Retired)
Assistant Editors Clayton R. Barrow, Jr. Katherine McInnis
Ed Holm
Joel E. Truitt
Associate Editors
Capt. W. S. DeLany, Jr., U. S. Navy
Prof. C. P. Lemieux, U. S. Naval Academy Robert A. Lambert, U. S. Naval Academy
Lt. Cdr. Arnold S. Lott, U. S. Navy (Retired) Assistant Editors
Louise Gerretson
Mary Veronica Amoss
Kenneth G. Walsh
Frank Uhlig, Jr.
Editorial Aisistant Christine R. Ulrich
David Q. Scott
Gerard A. Valerio Delroy Kiser
Melbourne Smith Nick Kirilloff
Promotion Alanaor Fred Stoney
(AlftiSM Williams
Ihiarmartilmilimr. Its Akortradji &pertinent
tit r4.4 ^••••naw . Pow N.Y. 10017
%so I 1.0o. • ponessilm..
•tain 160•0,. bawd. Imo Anodes, Calif. 90069
For the advancement of professional, literary, and scientific knowledge in the Navy

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