US Naval Institute Proceedings - July 1982

Front Cover, U. S. Naval Institute	Proceedings, Volume 108/7/953, July 1982.

Front Cover, U. S. Naval Institute Proceedings, Volume 108/7/953, July 1982. GGA Image ID # 1d07a6b603

On the Front Cover

The Intrepid comes to life again as she was in October 1944 during the battle of Leyte Gulf. The painting, done by Richard C. Moore, was commissioned by and reprinted through the courtesy of MPB Corporation, Keene, N.H. The print is available from the Intrepid Museum Foundation, which is described on pages 66-67


20 CVNs Forever! Forever?
By Captain Gerald O'Rourke, USN (Ret.)
We need a bigger and better Navy, but buying two CVNs at a time is not the way to do it.
27 Marriage in Limbo
By Edna J. Hunter
How does a woman get on with the business of living when, as the spouse of an MIA, she is neither wife nor widow?
33 Unification or Resignation
By Lieutenant Commander Hal Lawrence, RCN (Ret.)
For Canadian navymen it was the classic dilemma: a choice between two equally unsatisfactory alternatives.
36 The Missing Link
By Commander Miles A. Libbey III, USN
We must use small ships in offensive roles and have NATO
nations share in construction, operation, and control.
42 Whodunnit?
By Captain Ben W. Blee, USN (Ret.)
Historians have long quibbled over who killed the Wasp off Guadalcanal. There seems to be only one answer.
47 "Sink the Wasp" i-4/115P01446 pp lig e,
By Vice Admiral William R. Smedberg III, USN (Ret.)
50 Management of Change
By Captain M. (Max) Eckhart, USN (Ret.)
The Navy, upstaged in its ship acquisition role by the "Whiz Kids" in the 1960s, must now get its act together again.
58 Cuba: Moscow's Marionette
By Brigadier General Joseph E. Hopkins, USMC
Cuba must be persuaded to cut its Marxist ties and once again become a good neighbor to all North, Central, and South American nations.
76 58
Special 66
The Intrepid Lives On
Special 70
"Peace Has Her Victories"
Old Navy 74
At Long Last, Freedom
Leadership Forum 76
Closing the Gaps in
Naval Leadership
Book Reviews 93
Old Friends, New Enemies A Glorious Way to Die
The Battle of Hamburg Operation Gomorrah The Crossing of the
Professional Notes 100
ASUW: Getting a Run for Our Money
The Navy's Strategic Nuclear Role: Orphan or Legitimate?
The Good, The Bad, and the Best
LAMP I: Still Glowing Survivor's Choice
The Guerrilla Goes to Sea The Floating Shell Game
Humor Feature 123
A Fable for Our Time
Other Departments
Secretary's Notes 9
Comment & Discussion 12
Nobody asked me, but . 90
Books of Interest 97
Notebook 124

The opinions or assertions in the articles are the personal ones of the authors and are not to be construed as official. They do not necessarily reflect the views of either the Navy Department or the U. S. Naval Institute. The Proceedings is published monthly by U. S. Naval Institute, Annapolis, MD. 21402. Second-class postage paid at Annapolis, MD. and at additional mailing offices. Memberships, $21.00 one year/Subscriptions, $24.00 one year U.S.A. Copyright © 1982 U. S. Naval Institute. U. S. Naval Institute Proceedings (ISSN 0041-798X).

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