US Naval Institute Proceedings - March 1978

Front Cover, U. S. Naval Institute Proceedings, Surface Warfare Special Issue, Volume 104/3/901, March 1978.

Front Cover, U. S. Naval Institute Proceedings, Surface Warfare Special Issue, Volume 104/3/901, March 1978. GGA Image ID # 1d1089396a

On the Front Cover

Whether the 3,000-ton Rohr Industries surface effect ship depicted by Robert Watts will be built for the U.S. Navy remains to be seen. But the SES is one of several new types of technology which could have great impact on the surface navies of the future.

About this Issue

Forty years ago, the Proceedings published a special issue on the merchant marine and thereby unintentionally raised another issue—the Forum principle—which has always been of particular interest to Naval Institute members.

In the issue's Secretary's Notes, Captain G. V. Stewart, USN, lamented that many authors had asked him for anonymity "lest they find themselves deprived of employment or suffer bodily or financial injury for setting forth their beliefs."

In 1948, his duties as Secretary-Treasurer (and his 45-year naval career) behind him, Captain Stewart wrote the impassioned Proceedings article, The Admirable Servant," in which he urged all to speak their opinions and convictions in the Proceedings "without fear and without punishment by those who differ with us and who prefer us silent and acquiescent."

This present special issue would gladden Captain Stewart's heart; there was not a single request for anonymity. And our fragile Forum—occasionally threatened in the past—prevails on the following pages.

The Surface Navy: Meeting the Challenge By Vice Admiral James H. Doyle, Jr., USN 23 & 34 36 48 56 62
Technology and Future Warship Design By Reuven Leopold 68
Surface Reflections 76
By Commander John B. Bonds, USN 88 96 102
The Surface Navy: All Stop or All Ahead Flank? By Captain Henry C. Mustin, USN 131 133 137 139 146 148 150 154 159
Is it Time to Sink the Surface Navy? By William S. Lind 21 115 124 163 174
Pictorial—United States Ship Oliver Hazard Perry
The Path to Command
By Lieutenant Terrance J. McKearney, USN
Where Do the Gators Go From Here? By.Vice Admiral Frank W. Vannoy, USN (Ret.)
ASW for the Amphibious Task Group
By Lieutenant Commander William F. Mellin, Jr., USN
In the Navy's Future: the Small, Fast Surface Ship By Commander Ronald E. Adler, USN (Ret.)
Professional Notes
A Real Opportunity to Modernize
Containerized Weapons .. . and Merchant Warships The First Step Toward SWO Qualification Seakeeping—and the SWATH Design
Tactical ASW & Ocean Acoustic Forecasting FFG-7: The Concept and Design
The Navy's Newest Ship: FFG-7
The LAMPShip Team
Secretary's Notes
Comment and Discussion
Nobody asked me, but .. .
Books of Interest to the Professional

A Very Special Issue:

The Free and Open Forum


The opinions or assertions in the articles are the personal ones of the authors and are not to be con-tinted as official. They do not necessarily reflect the mews of either the Navy Department or the U.S. Naval Institute.

Proceedings is published monthly by U. S. Naval Institute, Annapolis, Md. 21402. Second-class postage paid at Annapolis, Md. and at additional mailing offices. Memberships/Subscriptions $15.00 One year U.S.A. Copyright © 1978 U. S. Naval Institute.

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