US Naval Institute Proceedings - August 1980

Front Cover, U. S. Naval Institute Proceedings, Volume 106/8/930, August 1980.

Front Cover, U. S. Naval Institute Proceedings, Volume 106/8/930, August 1980. GGA Image ID # 1d0b719e1e



26 The Royal Navy
By Admiral Sir James Eberle, KCB, RN
Britannia no longer rules the waves, yet it still maintains a higher tempo of sea operations than does the U. S. fleet.
32 Iceland: Unique in NATO
By Lieutenant Commander Robert A. Fliegel, USN
U. S. defense forces in Iceland play an important role in NATO, but their welcome is hardly a warm one.
38 Is Mahan Still Valid?
By Thomas H. Etzold
A good many students of naval affairs toss Mahan's name about, but do they really know what he had to say?
44 Soviet Seapower in Light of Mahan's Principles
By Ensign Frank C. Pandolfe, USN
The Soviet Union faces many obstacles as it attempts to be a naval power, but national will could overcome many of them.
47 Omens and Oracles
By Lieutenant Colonel Joseph C. Arnold, USA
The handwriting was on the wall about the Battle of the Bulge, the
Korean War, and missiles in Cuba—but we weren't reading it Sidebar: On the Importance of Secret Intelligence
56 The Lake Nicaragua Naval Base Scheme
By Lieutenant Commander Daniel H. Wicks, USNR
In the late 19th century, it seemed possible for the U. S. fleet to serve two oceans. Alas, every silver lining has its cloud.
61 Pictorial—Weekends Are Work
By Commander Thomas M. Daly, USN
Much of the Navy's minesweeping capability lies in the "weekend warriors" of the Naval Reserve minesweeper crews.
66 Thinking About the Future of the Navy
By Admiral Stanfield Turner, USN (Ret.)
With a decrease in the number of large carriers, alternative means must be found for getting aircraft to sea.
The President's Address 20
Leadership Forum 72
Commitment . . . A Focus
for Leadership
Nobody asked me, but . . 80
The Public's Perception of
the Navy
Book Reviews 81
"The Gold Crew" "The United States in the 1980s"
"The Rise and Fall of the Singapore Naval Base,
Professional Notes 89
Tactical Standardization Cruise Missile Fire Power Sextant Angle Measurement Details vs. Crisis Management
Cargo Submarines
Time for the FFL
As I Recall 105
Vice Admiral W. P. Mack Rear Admiral K. L. Veth
Other Departments
Secretary's Notes 17
Comment and Discussion 23
Books of Interest 85
Notebook 107 Cover: William Ryan's painting "Rendezvous in the Strait" depicts the meeting of the USS Esteem (MSO-438) and another Naval Reserve Force minesweeper. The CO of the Esteem describes these ships' activities in a pictorial beginning on page 61.
The opinions or assertions in the articles are the personal ones of the authors and are not to be construed as official. They do not necessarily reflect the views of either the Navy Department or the U. S. Naval Institute. Proceedings is published monthly by U. S. Naval Institute, Annapolis, MD. 21402. Second-class postage paid at Annapolis, MD. and at additional mailing offices. Memberships/Subscriptions $18.00 one year U.S.A. Copyright © 1980 U. S. Naval Institute. Copyright is not claimed for editorial material in the public domain. U. S. Naval Institute Proceedings (ISSN 0041-798X)

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