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U.S. Naval Institute June 1992 Volume 118/6/1,072
The U.S. Naval Institute is a private, self-supporting, nonprofit professional society which publishes this magazine as a forum for the Sea Services. The Institute is not a part of the U.S. Government. The opinions and assertions herein are the personal ones of the authors.
28 Regional Conflict Requires Naval Forces
By Captain Roger W. Barnett, USN (Ret.)
Protecting worldwide interests is what navies do best. 34 Let's Avoid Another Stark
By Senior Chief Donald G. Freeman, USN
There are three ways: training, training, and training. 40 Fraternization
By Captain Louis J. Puleo, USMC
Leadership imposes a higher standard of conduct.
42 Remembering the Magic
By Captain Arthur K. Cebrowski, USN
A glorious history, somewhat unfocused.
43 Tomorrow's Fleet: Part I
By Scott C. Truver
Floor becomes ceiling; the numbers don't look good.
67 The Desert Five Can Score Again
By Lieutenant Commander Robert E. Norris, USN
. . . if the Navy takes the lead in a purple-suit venture to do more with less.
71 Dreadnought Farewell—Again
By Paul Stillwell
Seeking a peace dividend, we are mothballing prime deterrents of conflict.
52 Submarine Warfare—It's A-Changing 40
By Vice Admiral Roger F. Bacon, USN
And the more things change, the more they stay the same.
55 Seawolf: The Reasons Why By Joseph I. Lieberman
Don't scrap the idea of a seagoing silver-bullet force. 60 Combat Care—Fleet Hospitals Could Be Better
By Lieutenant Commander Dana C. Covey, MC, USNR
Smaller, more mobile, and more versatile, that is.
64 Combat Care—Nurse Selection Could Be Better
By Lieutenant Kathleen A. Brooks, NC, USNR, and Lieutenant Nancy H. Fraser, NC, USNR
Reserve nurses need specialty codes, too.
65 Total-Quality: A Postscript
By Rear Admiral Maryanne T. Ibach, NC, USNR
34 43
74 50 Years Ago . . . Midway
By Jack Sweetman
For Japanese naval aviation, the beginning of the end.
GFinding the Kido Butai By Captain Joseph .1. Rochefort, USN (Ret.) Locating the striking force required code breakers and mind readers.
C79 Prange's Midway By Peter Slavin After 40 years of researching both sides of the story, the
historian died unpublished.
80 Tomahawk Tactics—The Midway Connection
By Rear Admiral Walter M. Locke, USN (Ret.)
Over-the-horizon targeting was the key.
TQL Forum 85 Ship's Status Changes 97 Notebook 110
The Only Way Ahead Other Departments Index to Advertisers 112
Nobody asked me, but 87 Secretary's Notes 7
Enlisted Pilots: It's time To Bring Comment and Cover: The Battle of Midway was fought
Them Back Discussion 14 50 years ago. New stories from that action
Professional Notes 88 Book Reviews 99 continue to surface and lessons learned still
Designing the Deutschland Books of Interest 103 contribute to current operations. See pages
Has Naval Air Missed an Opportunity? The U.S. Navy 105 74-84. Painting by R. G. Smith.
Measuring Drug-interdiction World Naval
Effectiveness Developments 107
Keeping Aegis Ships Combat-Ready Combat Fleets 109
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