US Naval Institute Proceedings - June 1983

Front Cover, U. S. Naval Institute	Proceedings, Volume 109/6/964, June 1983.

Front Cover, U. S. Naval Institute Proceedings, Volume 109/6/964, June 1983. GGA Image ID # 1d0797fd12

On the Front Cover

Unlike their namesake, the Oliver Hazard Perry FFGs have not yet met the enemy—but they are coming under a lot of fire from disappointed friends who envisioned them as the be-all, end-all frigates. Fred Maroon shot one of them. See ". . . Square Pegs," pp. 38-43.


21 The Return of Tactical Thought By Captain Robert C. Powers, USN
We must now outthink the Soviet Navy; the day is past when we can deter or defeat the Soviets with overwhelming naval forces.
28 Sealift
By Admiral James L. Holloway III, USN (Ret.)
One who has headed our Navy, as the author has, has special insights as to what the Merchant Marine can do for our country.
38 FFG-7s: Square Pegs?
By Lieutenant Commander Bruce R. Linder, USN
Surface warfare officers must find the true niche for this, our largest class of warships.
44 In Defense of the Homeland
By Benson D. Adams
Having lost nuclear superiority and parity to the Soviets, our ongoing rearmament program must provide for the common defense.
51 Scuttle the Graf Spee!
By Carmen S. Cambareri
Faced with almost certain death at the hands of the British, the ship was ordered to commit suicide by Hitler himself.
55 The Flying Frigates?
By Robert Artigiani and Lieutenant Commander Gregory P. Harper, USN
If we give wings to our imagination—and to our frigates—we can create a "warship" unlike anything ever seen.
59 Sea Mistress in Distress
By Robert W. Fausel
Book Reviews 79
Soviet Military Power
Korea: The Untold Story of the War
Sea Change: The Battle for
the Falklands and the
Future of Britain's Navy
Professional Notes 89
More Changes to the Rules of the Road
The Naval War College:
The Right Way NPostscriptsked me, but 96
Nuclear Officer Manning:
Falklands Poscrip 99
The Fascinating Falklands Campaign
Reflections on the Falklands The Argentine Navy's Third Attack Squadron •
The Falklands and the Long Haul
Sealift, British Style Falklands (Malvinas) Campaign: A Chronology Other Departments
Secretary's Notes 9
Comment and Discussion .. 16
Books of Interest 85
Notebook 127
Index to Advertisers 128 Cover:
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