US Naval Institute Proceedings - January 1979

Front Cover, U. S. Naval Institute Proceedings, Volume 105/1/911, January 1979.

Front Cover, U. S. Naval Institute Proceedings, Volume 105/1/911, January 1979. GGA Image ID # 167b768d9e

On the Front Cover

As the destroyer is designed to employ the Aegis Ship Combat System, the DDG-47 (shown here firing an SM-2 missile) will serve as the lead ship for a 16-ship class. The DDG-47 and her Aegis capabilities are discussed this month in a Professional Note and Tomorrow's Fleet. (Painting by Ed Ramstead.).

Issue Summary

The January 1979 issue articles include The Recovered Sunken Warship: Raising A Legal Question, The Role of High-Speed Ships in the U. S. Navy, Time Out for Tactics, Surface Ship Command Qualification: Who Needs It, and more.


  • The Recovered Sunken Warship: Raising A Legal Question
    By Lieutenant Roger D. Wiegley, JAGC, USN
    "Finders keepers, losers weepers" doesn't apply when the lost-and-found item is a warship sunk in international waters.
  • The Role of High-Speed Ships in the U. S. Navy
    By Rear Admiral George G. Halvorson, USN (Ret )
    Speed presents tantalizing options to the naval planner and tactician as they contemplate new ships for the 21st century. Finding the money in tight budgets to pay for them is more difficult.
  • Marlinspike Diplomacy: The Navy in the Mediterranean, 1904
    By William J. Hourihan
    Teddy Roosevelt's symbolic "big stick" had a naval version which might be termed a "marlinspike." He used it to good effect in 1904 when the natives were restless and he was seeking reelection.
  • Time Out for Tactics
    By Lieutenant Commander Miles A. Libbey, III, USN
    In sports, all the training and practice are pointed toward winning the game. In today's Navy, though, we seem so intent on the chalk talks and playbooks that we may win the practice but end up losing the game.
  • Surface Ship Command Qualification: Who Needs It?
    By Commander Leon P. Brooks, Jr., USN
    It seems that the Navy has a checklist for everything, and command qualification is yet another example. There should be a way to make a skipper truly well qualified—not just checked off.
  • Pictorial—San Diego's Tuna Fleet
    By Williams M. Powers
    In recent years, the business of fishing for tuna has undergone a technological revolution, but legal problems which have followed in its wake could imperil the whole industry in this country.


  • Secretary's Notes
  • Comment and Discussion
  • Special
  • Nobody asked me, but . .
  • Notable Naval Books
  • Professional Notes
  • Tomorrow's Fleet
  • Notebook

The opinions or assertions in the articles art the personal ones of the authors and are not to he construed as official. They do not necessarily reflect the views of either the Navy Department or the U.S. Naval Institute.

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