US Naval Institute Proceedings - January 1980

Front Cover, U. S. Naval Institute Proceedings, Volume 106/1/923 28, January 1980.

Front Cover, U. S. Naval Institute Proceedings, Volume 106/1/923 28, January 1980. GGA Image ID # 1d0cb71e0f

On the Front Cover

The large-deck carriers' future was hotly debated in 1979. Now that CVN-71 seems almost assured, the next step will be to keep these fighting ships combat ready for many years, a problem which is discussed in "An Alternative to Rotating Radars for Aircraft Carriers," pages 98-101. (Painting by Vincent J. Piecyk, courtesy RCA.)


Tactical Nuclear Weapons: The Forgotten Facet of Naval Warfare
By Captain Linton F. Brooks, U. S. Navy
Tactical nuclear weapons are to modern warfare what barbed wire and machine guns were to warfare two generations ago: advances to be acknowledged and accepted, not ignored.
34 Fitness Report Finesse By George Haering
If your officers are truly water-walkers, make sure their fitness reports describe more than just their wet feet.
39 Coaching the Fighters
By Barrett Tillman
It wasn't often in World War II that the Navy picked candidates for a particular type of training on the basis of civilian income. But it was done for fighter direction officers, and it worked.
46 Military Aspects of the Panama Canal Issue
By Lieutenant Colonel Jack Child, U. S. Army
Things have changed a lot since the days of the "U. S. Lake" and the "good neighbor policy." Now we have a "cooperative military arrangement" which may or may not prove to our benefit.
52 Escalation Control
By Commander Robert C. Powers, U. S. Navy
How much force should we use or threaten to use in a crisis? Just enough to win. But determining how much is enough and when it should be used are important elements of naval strategy.
57 Pictorial—California Maritime Academy By William M. Powers
The "school of the ship" used to be virtually the only way of training officers for a sea career. It is still a dominant training factor in the Golden Bear's state.
66 Canada's Future in NATO By Joel J. Sokolsky
Now that the conservatives are back in power in Canada, there's a chance for them to build a stronger defense force and to make it more useful to NATO.
11 Secretary's Notes
15 Comment and Discussion 74 Old Navy
76 Leadership Forum
88 Nobody asked me, but . 90 Notable Naval Books 96 Professional Notes
112 U. S. Navy: Attack Submarines
114 Notebook
117 Tomorrow's Fleet

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