US Naval Institute Proceedings - July 1979

Front Cover , U. S. Naval Institute Proceedings, Volume 105/7/917, July 1979.

Front Cover , U. S. Naval Institute Proceedings, Volume 105/7/917, July 1979. GGA Image ID # 167a815107

On the Front Cover

The missing faces in JOl Kirby Harrison's group shot taken on a carrier's deck symbolize the Navy's current difficulty in keeping its ships manned with trained personnel. See this year's Vincent Astor Leadership Contest essay, "Retention: Our #1 Goal," pages 82-85.

Issue Summary

The July 1979 issue articles include Soviet-Cuban Enterprises in Africa, ASW's Passive Trap, Needed: Heavy Firepower, Time to Put Our Maritime House in Order, The Origin of the Naval Research Laboratory, Pictorial—The Viking at Sea, and more.


  • Soviet-Cuban Enterprises in Africa
    By Robert T. Burnt
    The bitter memories of Vietnam have made national leaders hesitant to intervene elsewhere. This national timidity has emboldened our adversaries.
  • ASW's Passive Trap
    By Commander P. Taylor Lonsdale, USN
    In the deadly business of antisubmarine warfare, silence is often golden when it comes to use of active sonar. Alas, the gold may tarnish if the silence persists in the face of imminent attack.
  • We've Come a Long Way, But . . .
    By Commander Beth F. Coye, USN
    The catchy advertisements have noted the long way women have come, but many of today's unrestricted women line officers don't believe they have been allowed to come far enough.
  • Needed: Heavy Firepower
    By Commander Todd Blades, USN (Ret.)
    In the wartime amphibious landing, naval gunfire gave aid and comfort to the Marines by "softening" the beach. Today, however, it is our naval gunfire capability that seems to have softened.
  • Time to Put Our Maritime House in Order
    By Captain Alexander R. Larzelere. USCG
    Anyone who tries to sort out all the different government organizations which deal with maritime affairs is likely to conclude that there must be a better way of running things.
  • The Origin of the Naval Research Laboratory
    By David K. Allison
    Thomas Edison can be called the "inventor" of NRL. But if he had procrastinated as much with the incandescent bulb as he did with the research lab, we might still be reading by candlelight.
  • Pictorial—The Viking at Sea
    Photographs and Text by Robert L. Lawson
    Ever more capable are the Soviet submarines which cruise beneath the seas, and so too is the new breed of carrier-based antisubmarine aircraft—the S-3A Viking.


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