US Naval Institute Proceedings - February 1994

Front Cover, U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings, Volume 120/2/1,092, February 1994.

Front Cover, U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings, Volume 120/2/1,092, February 1994. GGA Image ID # 1d033a47ee

On the Front Cover

Yes, it is a SEAL on the deck of the carrier Saratoga (CV-60) and there're more changes—Rangers and Marines on the bird farms. It's called adaptive force packaging. See "The Military After Next"—pp. 41-44. (Photo by Greg E. Mathieson / MAI.)

Issue Summary

The February 1994 issue articles include A Surface Warrior's Challenge, Training for the Fight, The Military After Next, Naval Strategy Is Dead, Retired—At the Navy's Request, Bikini 'Witch's Brew', Dangerous Mind Game Plays in Korea, and more.

Table of Contents

  • A Surface Warrior's Challenge
    By Commander Richard T. Rushton, USN
    We must sharpen the focus on high-tech war-fighting skills.
  • Interview: "We Can't Sit Still" With Rear Admiral Wayne Meyer, U.S. Navy (Retired)
    By Richard Lawson
    The Father of Aegis continues to call them—the future of Aegis and the Navy—as he sees them.
  • Training for the Fight
    By Lieutenant Commander Steve Burris, USN
    How Navy and Air Force fighter pilots can meet the threat that won't go away.
  • Harpoonski
    By Steven Zaloga
    Soviet-built missiles may yet come back to haunt us.
  • The Military After Next
    By Admiral Paul David Miller, USN
    The Joint Task Force-95 series will bring "capability flexing."
  • They Can Buy It, But . . .
    By Captain Ed Smith, USN
    . . . how well can second-rank nations use first-rank hardware?
  • Naval Strategy Is Dead
    By Jan S. Breemer
    —and living in ". . . From the Sea."
  • What Do You Do After the War?
    By Lieutenant Colonel Gregory Johnson, USMC (Ret.)
    It's time to give that second career a second thought.
  • Retired—At the Navy's Request
    By Lieutenant Commander Daniel B. Sheehan, USN (Ret.)
  • Gonna Happen Tonight
    By Major David M. Lengyel, USMCR
    From our Embassy in Saigon, the view of the 1968 Tet offensive differed from the media's.
  • Bikini 'Witch's Brew'
    By Jonathan M. Weisgall
    In 1946, the Navy found itself trying to control the uncontrollable.



  • Dangerous Mind Game Plays in Korea

Leadership Forum

  • The Leadership Triad

Nobody asked me, but

  • It's Time to Beach the NOAA Corps

Professional Notes

  • Star Wars to Star Fleet
  • Prescription for the Future
  • Somebody Has To Do the Paperwork


  • First Surface Strike on Japan

Other Departments

  • Secretary's Notes
  • Comment and Discussion
  • Book Reviews
  • Books of Interest
  • Russian Naval Views
  • The U.S. Navy
  • World Naval Developments
  • Combat Fleets
  • Notebook
  • Ship Profile
  • Index to Advertisers

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