US Naval Institute Proceedings - October 1978

Front Cover, U. S. Naval Institute Proceedings, Volume 104/10/908, October 1978.

Front Cover, U. S. Naval Institute Proceedings, Volume 104/10/908, October 1978. GGA Image ID # 1d0d6fc2fd



Air Force Maritime Missions 28
Since World War II, the Mayaguez incident stands as the only case in which the Air Force was called upon to perform its collateral maritime mission, but such seagoing duties are more likely in the future.
By Hamlin A. Caldwell, Jr.
Tactics 37
Too often, we think of tactics as a set of procedures—when we should really view it as a thought process of which procedures comprise only a relatively minor part.
By Lieutenant Christopher H. Johnson, USN
Women in Warships: A Right to Serve 44
Now that women are about to take their places as crew members of fleet auxiliaries, it is time for Congress to grant full equality by putting them aboard combatants as well.
By Captain James F. Kelly, USN
Coast Guard Vessel Traffic Systems 54.
Traffic control on the nation's streets and highways has long been a commonplace feature of American life, but only recently has it become so on our crowded waterways.
By Lieutenant Michael R. Adams, USCG
We Rode the Covered Wagon 62
Present-day U.S. carrier aviation traces its heritage from a funny-looking ship which was the Navy's first aircraft carrier. One of the Langley's fliers recalls the early years.
By Rear Admiral Jackson R. Tate, USN I Ret
Pictorial—From Collier to Carrier 70
The quaint photos of several decades ago serve to remind us how far the Navy has come in putting aircraft to sea on board flat-topped ships. The first one had humble beginnings indeed.

The USCGC Polar Star (WAGB-10) plows through ice in the Bering Strait during the first Arctic ice tests in 1975. The Polar Star and her sister ship, the Polar Sea, are the subject of a special section of Professional Notes dealing with the new icebreakers. (Photograph by PA2 Rod Kirby, USCG)

Secretary's Notes 19
Comment and Discussion 23& 81

Old Navy 76

Nobody asked me, but . . . 92

Book Reviews 95

Books of Interest to

the Professional 99

Professional Notes 103

Changes in Status of Ships 119

Notebook 123
The opinions or assertions in the articles are the personal ones of the authors and are not to be construed as official. They do not necessarily reflect the views of either the Navy Department or the U.S. Naval Institute.
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