US Naval Institute Proceedings - February 1978

Front Cover, U. S. Naval Institute Proceedings, Volume 104/2/900, February 1978.

Front Cover, U. S. Naval Institute Proceedings, Volume 104/2/900, February 1978. GGA Image ID # 1d10a4db66

On the Front Cover

The P-3C Orion, painted by Robert Bausch, courtesy of Commander Andrew C. A. Jampoler, is the subject of this month's cover. The P-3C was featured in a January Professional Note, "Where is Kedalion?" and is an important part of any discussion of ASW, which is the subject of this month's third article.

The Navy's Clouded Amphibious Mission
We can afford forward-deployed marine amphibious units and we can afford two-ocean amphibious forces ready to support a wartime sea control function. But, at today's prices, we can't afford both.
By Vice Admiral Robert S. Salzer, USN (Ret.)
Marines for the Future
The corps that has done so much for so long with so little now stands ready to do everything, everywhere for practically nothing. Isn't it time a grateful government set realistic mission priorities?
By Francis J. West, Jr.
ASW and the Naval Officer Oceanographer
The ASW task group commander doesn't have—but he should have—a man at his elbow who can translate scientific and climatological data into tactically useful information.
By Lieutenant Commander Edwin W. Shaar, Jr., USN
Naval Officers: Ours and Theirs
Which is the better navy? Whose are the better officers? With luck, we'll never know. But both superpowers know, at every state of this academic game, how much is riding on the answers.
By Captain James W. Kehoe, USN
South American Navies: Who Needs Them?
We do. Yet, fluctuating U.S. policy has raised the question, "To whom will these navies turn if we turn away?" One able and anxious naval arms merchant is the Soviet Union.
By Robert L. Scheina
An Eyewitness Account of the Battle of Lake Erie
Samuel Hambleton was a purser who kept a journal and thereby provided us with a record of a momentous day in the life of his captain and friend, Oliver Hazard Perry.
By Richard J. Cox
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