Proceedings Magazine - June 1959

June 1959 Proceedings Magazine: United States Naval Institute

Front Cover, the Submarine “George Washington” the First Submarine Designed to Provide the Polaris Ballistic Missile With a Mobile Underwater Launching Platform. Designated SSB(N)-598, the George Washington Will Be Launched by the Electric Boat Company at Groton, Connecticut, on June 9 and Is Scheduled to Become Operational in 1960 When the Polaris Missile, Now Undergoing Extensive Tests in Its Development, Will Also Become Operational. The Cover Picture, Prepared Especially for the Naval Institute Proceedings by Henry Brezel, Indicates How the George Washington Might Appear When Operating Under the Polar Icecap. Nuclear-Powered, 380 Feet in Length, and Displacing 6,700 Tons When Submerged, She Carries Vertical Lubes for the Solid-Fueled Polaris, Conventional Tubes for Attacking Surface Ships or Other Submarines, and the Most Advanced Electronic Equipment. United States Naval Institute Proceedings, Vol. 85, No. 6, Whole No. 676, June 1959. GGA Image ID # 170a21c8bf

For the advancement of professional, literary, and scientific knowledge in the Navy


Is the Versatile Line Officer Obsolete?
By Captain W. D. Brinckloe, USN

Let's Change the Rules
By Lieutenant John E. Wesler, USCG

Seapower and Geopolitics in the Missile Age
By Lieutenant Roy L. Beavers, Jr., USN

Future Concepts of Mobile Logistic Support
By Commander Robert C. Disher (SC), USN

The Role of the Navy in Cold War
By Captain Daniel J. Garrison, USN

Sino-Soviet Power in the West Pacific
By O. Edmund Clubb

A Snug Harbor for Naval Memorabilia
By Captain Scarritt Adams, USN

Lightships: Dimming Sentinels
By Lieutenant James L. Degnan, USNR

Pacific Missile Range
By Lieutenant Commander E. E. Mouton, USN

The Story of Coast Guard Aviation
By Lieutenant Colonel Robert H. Rankin, USMC, and Norman X. Rubin

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A Page From the Old Navy

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They do not necessarily reflect the views of either the Navy Department or the United States Naval Institute.

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